Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 137: Love is a War on Destruction (Part I)

Mobile Castle Fort Saratoga.

Boulevard straight through its center.

The two characters walk down a path that can be overflowing with cluttered people, mixed with powerful merchants, ladies interested in rumours on the side of the road, and even mercenary-inspired men looking for servants.

One walking in front is quite white as a person in this country, with a nervous face.

On a slightly lower nose is Kirchheim, Saratoga's First Secretary, with a slightly ridden nose glasses.

And the other one.

The person walking behind Kirchheim is quite eye-catching.

Sometimes, in the heat of the day (or so), the robe is softly worn from the head, but the biggest factor is that the person keeps releasing too much darkness from earlier.

Corner, you say you're hiding your face, but you're ruined because of that killing.

It's terrible.

Kirchheim looks back and squeezes his shoulders small.

"My sister-in-law, aren't you a little frightened? Well, it's like we got into enemy territory."

"Am I scared? But for me, it must be the enemy land, but here (here) it is."

It was like a man, but the voice was a girl's sole.

Hiding in the back of the hood is how carefree you look.

A masculine girl with deep brown skin and an atmosphere reminiscent of a carnivore.

Her name is Krull.

She was an extremely dangerous girl with two names: Warmonger.

"You say a great deal when you just ask your real sister. You wouldn't have brought an Interceptor under that robe, would you?

Krull laughs with his nose at Kirchheim's suspicious gaze.

"Relieved. I'm not even wearing the iron. If Temé wants to kill me, now is a good time. But at least a hundred people will take you on the road, so get more heads than that."

"I don't want to kill you anything else. How much is the world in your eyes trying to kill..."

When Kirchheim shrugged his shoulder even smaller and muttered so, Kurl pointed his mouth and poisoned him with "uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh."

It was just then.

The children who were running around sewing in the crowd slid through the sides and crotch of the krull, raising their voices as if they were (from) without fear.

It was Kirchheim who panicked.

Kurl reflexively exhaled when he saw a slight grin in her mouth, not surprisingly, holding the children hostage.

"Busy, here's cancer."

"That's right. Saratoga is free."

With that said, Krull uncomfortably distorts his mouth as he narrows his eyes to the appearance of the children as Kirchheim runs away.

It's like saying to Merclius, "There's no freedom."

"At least there was no freedom in Merclius when I was there."

"Ha, that's ridiculous. If I were free, I'd give it to you."

"How about calling it giving back some of what you've taken? Sister-in-law."

As soon as Kirchheim said that, Krull stuffed him like he was bounced, he threaded up his chest and poked at his crooked face as he caught him.

"... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu left (...) roll (...) ki (...). Are you getting booked? The fools can't use it. Let them have it. It's only poison."

Shivering a voice like the one that Krull had pushed to death, Kirchheim quietly closed his eyes for a moment after coming to a face with something to say.

After that, they did not even speak to each other, and turned to the left about two blocks in front of the castle of Saratoga, passing by the side of the large park, the hustle and bustle until earlier exited into a quiet area (area), as if it were a lie.

It looks like a relatively wealthy neighborhood (neighborhood), with quite a few houses lined up, and a lot of big stuff.

As Krull follows Kirchheim, who just walks away, without looking back, he eventually sees a relatively large gardened mansion, even in that single painting.

"That's it."

There is a reason why Krull decided it was his destination.

In Saratoga, where there are many flat roofs, only its buildings have heterogeneous sharp corner roofs.

And its sharp-angled roof was Merclius' standard architectural style.

"Ha, no matter what I say, Temee missed her hometown too......"

"Well, if you look away, you can see quite a bit of dirt."

Kirchheim throws up and throws up so as to block Krull's words.

For a moment, after opening his mouth with Pokan, Krull glanced at Kirchheim with a flashing expression.

"I'm home."

Kirchheim knocks at the gate early enough and when he opens the front door, he calls into the house.

As soon as I was in the back of the house, I heard rushing footsteps.

"Anataaa! Welcome back. Yikes!

A small woman runs out, shouting loud enough to echo through the front hall blowout.

When I was in my late twenties, a woman wrapped in relatively dark brown skin with black hair and a relaxed and gentle atmosphere.

When it jumps to Kirchheim with an unusual amount of bouncing power, whilst wearing a white piece, it rains a mouthful on his cheek with no questions asked.

"Ha, what's wrong, did you miss me?

"Yeah, I missed you!

The two of us look at each other with love.

The sweet air fills the surroundings all at once, creating a pale pink world for just the two of us at some point.

... what the heck.

Whether Krull had vain eyes at the doorstep or not, the two of them were fine.

In the middle of it,

"Welcome home, sir, you're early today."

And there's no way to care about that air, and the other one from the back, a woman, walks over.

A woman with an up-and-coming, pitiful atmosphere.

Kirchheim smiled gently as he turned to her.

"Oh, Tesla. I'm home."

Individual personalities are far apart, but these two women are the wives of Kirchheim together.

His name is Christensen and Tesla.

"Chris, Tesla. I have a visitor for you."

"Mr. O'Geek?


That said, as they turned to the person standing outside the door, Kristensen, who remained on the lookout for Kirchheim, said, "Well!" and raise a voice of surprise.

"Well! Well! Krull, long time no see!"

"Long time no see. Sister."

Christensen is Krull's real sister.

When Krull bows her head with a tense face, she waves with joy, judgment. However, the bare gesture of moving away from Kirchheim did not even show this appearance.

"Dear Kurl, you've come a long way"

"Tesla, you seem to be the same."

Krulu's interaction with Tesla, on the other hand, was too superficial for each other.

Each other, there is no emotion caged.

That too should be true, Tesla is originally a samurai with Christensen.

If you look at it from the Krull, the reason you have to be humble is because it doesn't look like this either.

"But, but, Krull, what's the sudden matter?

In things like intrigue, Kristensen talks to Krull, but Krull leans over in trouble for the place of his eyes.

"Sister... it would be more foolish..."

Because as always, Christensen still clings to Kirchheim perfectly and, on the contrary, still turns his hand around Kirchheim's neck and sticks to his cheeks perfectly.

I don't really want to see my body flirting.

"Huh? Why, why? You always do, don't you?"

"Oh... right"

A sister with a decent look.

I guess Kirchheim doesn't think it's normal to have such a troubled look on his face.

"Krull will find out soon enough, because those who love each other want to stick together all the time."

Kurl's body bounces picklessly at his sister's casual words.

To his sister, who looks at such a curious look at the Krull, Krull said with a serious look.

I begged my sister to teach me how to love each other.