Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 138: Love is a War on Destruction (Part II)

"Wow haha! Hi-hi-no... Hi-ha-ha..."

When Kirchheim bursts into laughter with his fingers pointed, Krull dyes his face bright red and absurds his voice.

"Temeye, what's wrong! I'll kill you!"

"No, because isn't it? This morning, I was suddenly summoned to visit, and he said," I want to see my sister "with a serious face, so I was wondering what kind of natural mutation precursor it was."

Kirchheim laughs with his belly in his arms.

"You'll laugh when a dialogue (line) comes out of the mouth of a war freak (warmonger) saying, 'Remember him, you'll have to laugh, normally."

"Holy shit......!


Unexpectedly, the sofa I was sitting on was so powerful that I could retreat and get up, Krull.

The next moment, however, she is struck by a severe chill to stop her movement in a pittance.

"Hmm? Krull... who's going to kill who?

Christensen looked up when Krull turned his face toward the voice in a motion that looked like an oiled machine, where he pasted a smiling smile on the (...) table (...) surface (...) of his face (...).

Krull knows.

When my sister looks at this face, under the skin that is shaping that smile, Shura is breathing.

Too intensely slaughtered, a snug sweat erupts from all over the body of the Krull at once.

Once again, in front of Krull, it's Kirchheim sitting on the couch across the street.

And there's no way she cares about her sister's eyes, and Christensen is lying on her lap as she crawls her lips on her husband's neck.

In addition, Tesla, sitting next to Kirchheim, crept onto his shoulder sweetly and crawled her fingers to love him on his chest.

It's like if we leave, we'll die. But three men and women who stick together.

Only, in addition to that sight of wanting to turn away, lethal amount of killing.

Where did Kurl go with the two names of war freak (Warmonger)? It broke my heart lightly.

"Yes, no, sister. It's a joke, my pretty sister's, it's a tea joke..."

"Nah, are you kidding me?"

When Christensen says so and laughs, Krull inadvertently exhales in relief.

But at the next moment, once again, the unbearable killer makes the kurl a rare prick.

"And 'hey'... who did you go to? You didn't tell my dear husband... No way, Krull, you're not such an idiot."

Christensen's eyes toward Krull don't see the bottom.

Just looking at the black-eyed part, it's like being dragged into Naruto, feeling desperate.

"Oh, oh, su, excuse me. My brother-in-law made a mistake."

Frightened, the kurl that shivers your body in small pieces.

"Dear Chris, if Krull were to call her husband, it would be cuter to call her a more intimate cage."

Tesla, who kept quiet until then about what she thought, abruptly burns Chris.

On a good look, I could see behind her eyes, a suspicious light of abuse shaking.

"Right! Tesla, you're right. Neh! Krull, from now on, call your husband 'brother Occasion'."

"Brother Occasion!?

Kurl with a stunned look on his face.

Kirchheim also gets a troubled look at the boulders for this.

"Oh, sister...... isn't that already smashing the familiarity cage or the level of saying so?

"............... you don't like it?

My sister, who foments lethal quantities of killing.

My sister's life is already on the bottom.

"I don't... not"

Christensen looked up to his sister, who was drooling with a desperate look on her face, satisfied that

"You, too, about Krull, teasing 'Meh!' That's why ~"

And, with cute lips pointed, I followed Kirchheim's cheek.

"Well... Krull finally showed up with someone destined for you, sister, I'm glad to hear it"

"No, sister, I still suspected this might be a distraction..."

Kirchheim smiles at the shy, mouth-watering Krull.

"Ha ha, a maiden in love is a novelty."

The one word was hard to stand for a krull who was looking down on the inside, a man named Kirchheim. The fundus worm spit runs.

"Who's the maiden in love! Temeh, if you're kidding me, you're gonna stick your arm in my ass hole and you're gonna rattle my back teeth!

Without being able to learn, reactions around here are close to spinal reflexes.


Again, the moment he hears a voice like he pushed to death, Krull understands his failures.

"So you're going to stick your arm in a hole in your ass? Where's Krull?

"Yes, no, sister. My name is Aya, but I didn't mean to say anything bad about my brother-in-law..."

"Brother Occasion"

"... I didn't mean to say anything bad about your brother occasionally"

But in a word like that, there's no sign that Christensen's killing will subside.

She distorts her face to intimidate by poking her finger at the tip of Krull's nose.

"Kurl, brother, it's just a coincidence - Isuki! Yes, Repeat After Me"

"What!? K... kulu... brother, gu..., ai suki no..."

Krull really wanted to die.

Now I can curse people to death with shame. I felt that way.

"Yeah, yeah, well, I'll give honest Krull some great advice from your sister"

For once, did something fit inside her, Christensen said, pointing his index finger up when he went back to his grinning smile earlier.

"Basically, it's the same Krull as always. The point is nature, nature."


"Yes, if you have eyes and eyes and you're annoyed, you can kill them, and if you have eyes and eyes and you come cum, grab (...) eh (...) eh (...) eh (...) eh (...) eh (...)"

In Kurl's eyes, Kirchheim and Tesla looked at each other and saw him clasp his shoulders.

Yes, Christensen was this (...) I (...) I (...) woman.

A mutation of the Merclius Uncle family, which has produced numerous battle fanatics (Battlemania). He protruded in his history and was the owner of a nasty personality.

"Princess Calamity"

This is what everyone who knows her calls it.

It is vividly engraved in people's memories that she sank Erastenes, the fortress of the manoeuvre castle, by herself, destroying it by no time she could even go for a walk.

One day, when she ran away from Merclius with a man, the inhabitants of the castle were astonished and shouted with pleasure.

That should have frightened everyone.

If she had succeeded to the position of uncle Merclius, it would not be difficult to imagine that the inner walls of Merclius were overflowing with blood.

That's why everyone says this.

Some ma (...) si (...) is more of a war freak (warmonger) than I am.

"That's what my husband and I were like at the beginning."

Put your hands on your reddish cheeks, and noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Christensen

"Every day I met you and I lay my hands on each other. Those heart-shaking days of love."

Christensen stares at Kirchheim with a lucid look.

Oh, here we go again. This is a long time...

Krull puts a raunchy look on his face and hurries to fix his smile.

The story that should follow from here is one that has already been heard many times from her mouth.

At the time, Kirchheim, who was in an organization that listed anti-Merclius uncle, approached Princess Calamity without fear as part of his intelligence efforts.

But as a result of being flirted with by fate mischief, the two fell into a situation no one could have imagined. - I fell in love.

Shortly before the decision on the plot to assassinate Lord Merclius, Kirchheim took Christensen and two of his samurai, Tesla, to escape the motorized castle fort Merclius.

Kirchheim is not sneaky to show his loved one where his father dies.

That's what I thought, but the assassination turned out to be a failure.

Only Kirchheim, who ran away, ended up surviving on a single piece of paper.

This time, however, Kirchheim spoke at the beginning.

"Hey... I remember. I told Chris to say goodbye just before your father's assassination plot, but I was stunned at some point, and he grabbed me by the root and pulled me through the middle of the desert, so I was surprised."

Hmm, is that it?

Much different from what I was hearing.

Perhaps this one is more true.

Christensen's story so far must have been hung by a thick, falling in love maiden filter.

"... you, too, have a pretty hard life ahead of you. Cancer."

Krull crushed sympathetically as he accidentally pulled his cheeks.

But Christensen, he doesn't miss even a word of it.


"Brother, it's occasional!

An unintentionally stretching krull with Shan.

Kirchheim embarrasses Kristensen while watching with a frightening expression.

"Chris, please don't burn weird. Let's grab it... Once you get your hands on him, Merclius will be in total battle with Saratoga and Pericles."

Tesla opens her mouth, trying to hold Kirchheim's head in with her chest like that.

"Well, isn't it, sir, the spring has finally arrived for Master Kulu, so if you remove your wings a little bit, you won't be able to hit the bees?"

"Yes, Tesla, that's a good thing."

Kristensen nods Yeah yeah satisfied, he turns back to Krull.

"Okay, Krull, love is a war of extermination."


"Yes, the extermination battle. Worst case scenario, I should just kill all the women in the world. Take it, but grab it, but the last one left to win. Whatever hands you use, the last person you let say you love is the winner."

Elsewhere (approx.) Kirchheim unwittingly causes his face to cramp, Tesla niggles, and Christensen smiles innocently.

"... love is a battle for annihilation"

Krull, in his mouth, rolls the word.

It smelled a little sweet, I felt that way.