A scorching desert that stands on a masculine flame.

A luggage truck was running while leaving two new pieces on the sand.

There is no wheel when going with the luggage truck, and the front carriage is towed behind the two donkeys (loba). Supporting it are two blades like sleighs.

"It's good to have cooled down."

"Uhm, this is comfortable!

"Who, is cooling…"

Inside the front, two girls in housekeeper (maid) clothes nodded with pleasure, and further behind them, at the rear of the carrier, a silver-haired girl put her arms together with a musty look.

The boy who manipulates the donkey horse (Roba) on the platform feels a disturbing cold air on his back, yet is dazed and sweaty.

That, of course, wasn't because of the heat.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Retrospectively (retroactively) for only a moment.

I saw a white bird flying around the bridge window on the other side.

There's no reason to be a herd, but with the tall squeal of "coo," he's so fragmented, each trying to draw a circle of his own accord, and he's flying around.

Rarely, Schmelvi opened his mouth, smiling at Nanashi, who followed the bird's drawn trajectory with his eyes.

"It's called a seagull."

"Is that a seagull?

"Yes, birds living by the sea. I think maybe the ocean's already close. Wow."

"Sea...... umi"

Nanashi tries to roll that unfamiliar word in his mouth, as he rebels (soldering) Shumelvi's words.

- The sea.

It's not the first word I've ever heard.

In fact, the word ocean appears more than once in the oral history of the desert people.

But in Nanashi, the sea is so unpleasant.

From Malane the other day, it's like a big lake on the other end of the desert.

That's what I was taught.

But even if they say the desert runs out, if you try to make it a nanashi, it's the same skin feeling they say there is heaven on the other side of the sky and hell on the bottom of the earth.

I just don't have a grasp, I just have a superstitious feeling.

"There was also a sea in my hometown. It was a harsh sea of drifting ice..."

Suddenly, the whining of the Silver Ridge sword princess descends to the top of Nanashi's head.

Unexpectedly looking up directly, Nanashi snaps his neck as if he had given up.

Why did this happen...... and.

Now Nanashi is sitting down in the so-called (so-called) lord's seat.

Of course, I'm not sitting in such a great place hoping.

Naturally, I'm forced to sit down, but more than that, the problem is behind that chair.

The seven men, Schmelvi, the sword princess of Silver Ridge, the sword princess of Red Lotus, Miriam, Malane, Tricia and Xalaghi, are in arms, lined up in a sloppy line, as they refrain behind Nanashi.

It's like, all I'm saying is, Demon King and his delivery.

In fact, Nanashi said that the chair she is sitting in will also be replaced with something more troublesome and throne-like in the near future.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of each of the four kings here was still pulling its tail.

They look like they're seriously trying to tailor Nanashi to the Demon King.

Of course I'm serious about being alone with the Silver Ridge sword princess and I guess I'm just simply amused later......

Anyway, I guess it's because one of them is releasing a constant cold air that they're surprisingly cool that they're standing in a remarkably narrow space sandwiched against the lord's chair and wall by a bunch of cubs.


Nanashi's thoughts elsewhere (approx.), when Malane snaps at Bosoli, one of the bridge crew (bridge crew) recites it and the motorized castle fort Pericles slowly begins to slow down and eventually stops the movement while leaving a small vibration of the standby state.

"What's wrong with you? Mr. Malene."


"Yeah, it looks like the ocean is close."

"It's not."

To Nanashi's inquiry, the tall housekeeper (maid) immediately beside him begins to speak for himself when Maraine waves her head small.

"The southernmost 'port city of Bergen' of Escalis-Meemil is close by. That's what the lady says."

That's what they say, Nanashi looks around the window.

Into view is, as always, a sea of continuous cotton and ensuing sand.

I don't see anything different about it.

Apparently, that 'port city of Bergen' is not yet within sight.

Once again, looking toward Maraine, she looked toward the front of the bridge with some pleasant expression.

"Has Mr. Malene ever been to a town called Bergen?

Marlene snorts, shaking her colorless hair.

"... chi"


Tricia speaks for herself as Nanashi twists her neck.

"Just once when I was little. They say."

"... that's not a level of representation, is it?"

Tricia laughed furiously at the tip of her nose and said, "If you can't preface your daughter's poor vocabulary, you don't serve as a substitute housekeeper (maid)," she let go.

As always, this housekeeper (maid) does not see an attitude of respect for her husband.

"So, what do we do? Are you gonna stop by that Bergen town all the time?


"So I stopped trying to talk to you about it. Bergen is about a tenth larger than the capital, but it is nevertheless an Escalis-Meemil second move (...) or (...) a (...) city. There must be a consul from the center, and of course it's telling us we're approaching. And they say.

Tricia's remarks clearly go beyond the level of representation.

"Should I take a detour? You're definitely on guard. At the level of the military deployed to the local cities, how do you expect to be able to manoeuvre Castle Fort? Still, it's a problem to cause battle without darkness?

The housekeeper (maid), who was right next to Nanashi, nodded loudly as he agreed with Schmelvi's remarks.

"Right. I'd pretend to be a traveler and scout first."

At that moment, all but Nanashi and the Silver Ridge sword princess look at the housekeeper at the same time and lean their necks.

"Er... who?

"It's Miriam."

I can't see how you care about Miriam.

I got used to having the same interaction every day.

I can't let this hurt me any more.

"Given what happened earlier, I think it's important to secure a place where we can dock, I... In fact, I don't know what everyone thinks, but it's not realistic to run anywhere across the ocean."

"So, we're talking about a chaser heading this way, huh?

"That's why, in fact, even Pericles isn't scratchy. We need to repair it exactly where the factory (dock) is, if possible, so that we can pick up the chaser and shoot him... Bergen, if you stand around well, don't be hostile."

In fact, Miriam is right. Pericles is scratched in battle when he escapes the capital.

Although the urban areas were undergoing sequential reconstruction work, the damage to the outer walls was still untouched and, above all, it was difficult to say that the materials for this purpose were adequate.

"But suddenly pushing at a manoeuvre castle fort means..."

"Right. So scout first. I guess it's realistic to negotiate on that."

Miriam looks around with Guru.

"And then there's the candidate. I'm coming. I don't think anyone's as good at covert as I am right now. And... I'm glad Nana's here."

Nanashi nods cocklessly.


If anything happens to Miriam, she will regret not having accompanied her.

But at that moment, a person raises his voice abruptly.

"If the Lord is going, I will come too!

"... I hope Princess Sword doesn't shy away, do you know how conspicuous you are?

"It doesn't matter. I will never leave the Lord again!

Miriam gave a muffled look to the princess of the sword, whose voice was absurd, and the two stared at each other as they were.

Schmelvi and Red Lotus sword princess face to shoulder in such a way as to look at the two.

"I, Papas, want to finish the magic artifact by the end of the day."

"We have a pass, too. It's troublesome."

"... I am"

"No ladies. If the lady is gone, who will command Pericles?"


Maraine swelled her cheeks as she was blocked off the road before she made a declaration of intent.

"I don't have a choice."

Miriam glances over her shoulder as she shrugs and looks around, stopping her eyes at Xaragi.

"One more person, you want someone who looks normal. Ragi, will you come with me?

I guess it was too unexpected.

Xaragi leaned silently as she made her body jump bikly.

In fact, no one has ever seen Miriam talking to Kisaragi before. That's suddenly 'Ragi', so bewildered and natural.

But at the next moment, contrary to the expectations of the great, Xaragi suddenly raised his voice against his chest.

"Hum, you're the guy who finally says head-on!

If you look at Nanashi's sly expression, it's obvious what happened.

Xaragi and Gordon were replaced.

"Hey Mr. Gordon, don't come out on your own! What's wrong with Xaragi!

"No, you're suddenly being replaced now, too... Hum, apparently Lord Kisaragi is wary of the housekeeper there."

"It's out-of-heart. I'd like to get along."

Miriam pointed her mouth in dissatisfaction.

Xaragi is now gazing at Miriam by surprise via Gordon's eyes.

The girl who was Saratoga's staff officer.

I understand that you're actually supposed to be on guard.

Whatever you think, you're not a good opponent to forgive.

But there was no reason to notice that gaze, and Miriam opened her mouth to regain her mind.

"I don't know what else to do, but get used to me gradually. How about a little muscular?


"Yeah, well, we need to make sure we don't get suspicious. For example, a sword princess who happened to be staying in Pericles escaped from Pericles, occupied by a party of demon kings, and took her youngest son and housekeeper (maid) around her to reach Bergen at last."

"Hmm, if that's a muscle, what's the role of the eagle?

"Yeah, so, housekeeper (maid), get dressed, Don."

"Holy shit!?

Even Gordon the boulder said the housekeeper (maid) clothes were tight, and the next moment Nanashi breathed some relief,

"Ma, another dream will come true, the eagle!

And, Gordon bites the emotion.

With a completely emotionless look as the subtle air drifted, Nanashi asked Schmelvi.

"Mr. Schmelvi... are you sure you don't have the means to kick this old man's soul out?

"No, I'm afraid not."

Nanashi dropped his shoulder once again.