Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

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When he entered the room, Nanashi sighed heavily.

A small room with two bunk beds (cots) facing each other.

It's a crude room you deserve to describe as a servant room.

Nanashi throws his back sac (backpack) on the floor and falls back to work on the lower bunk (bed), turning a resentful eye to Miriam, who sat on the bunk (bed) across the street.

"... Miriam, why are you saying that?"

That was earlier.

About what Miriam called a "boyfriend" about Nanashi.

There was nothing wrong with it, saying that it seemed possible to enter the port city of Bergen, but because of only one word of it, Princess Sword was furious (cheering), and the luggage that came aboard was shattered, giving the guards a sense of unnecessary vigilance.

"Hmm, you sure do. I don't think it's the right time to start a crazy fight, do you?

Xaragi (Gordon) agrees, sitting on the top of Nanashi's sleeping table (bed).

"Hmm, we both don't get it?

"Ho, I had an idea. I mean, that's what you're saying."

Nodding at that word of Xaragi, Miriam drops her gaze toward Nanashi.

"You know, Nana. It's for my own safety, why don't you follow the instructions of the Attch people when you get inside town?

"That's well... yes"

"For example, even if you divide a room into one, apart from the fact that Princess Sword treats you as a guest, if it's normal, it means that Nana is a boy, so it's a different room, right?


"So, me and Ragi are going to be in the same room... haven't you forgotten? This guy, the contents, the old man, right? I'm in a room with an old man or something."

"It was!

"Ha ha, don't be hated by the natural, the eagle"

Gordon seemed a little happy for some reason.

"Well, even if it's not, you should simply avoid falling apart... and thinking about it doesn't make it weird to have me and Nana together. That's why I'm here."

"I see!"

"So I don't like it. I really don't like it, but while you're here, Nana's my boyfriend."

"Oh, thank you. Something... I'm sorry"

"Yeah, yeah, that's why Nana prioritizes me over Princess Sword! I have to pretend to be my boyfriend and flirt."

"but good luck!

To the appearance of a lightly rounded nanashi, Xaragi unexpectedly switches with Gordon and jumps to the surface, staring at Miriam with dismay.

It's easier than twisting a baby's hand to round a nanashi if this housekeeper (maid) is involved.

That's why, if she meant it, if she stuffed a sheet or something in her stomach and said, "It's your child," there would be no reason to bring it right up to marriage.

From the upper part of the bunk bed, as Xaragi stared at Miriam, her eyes met Miriam, who raised her gaze to the fence.

"You don't have to worry, Ragi. Because when I really do, I go straight from the front."

As soon as Miriam muttered so, Xaragi rushed to replace Gordon and fled back into the back of her mind again.

"My housekeeper (maid), please don't make fun of me too much Kisaragi. Don't let them leave or come in all the time."

"Ha, sorry"

Miriam grinned bitterly as Gordon pointed his mouth in dissatisfaction.

"But this is a quiet town,"

Nanashi walks toward the window to exchange the two.

The servant's room, where the three of them are now, is on the ground floor of the Consul's Hall.

Speaking of the consul's house, it's not like a castle or a noble mansion.

Built all over the city, facing the main street, it's like a commercial building.

There was no garden, and outside the windows facing the south, the capital and the city of Saratoga, the manoeuvre castle fort, had a different architectural style, wooden thatch (kayabuki) houses, and on the other side of it was seen a giant lake lined with water.

"That's the ocean...... what is it?

"Yeah, sounds like it. I've never actually seen it before."

Miriam walks over next to Nanashi and looks to the sea in the same way.

The scent of the tide and the unprecedented smell for Nanashi tickles my nostrils.

With all that water, how long will all the desert people be able to moisten their throats...

Nanashi couldn't help but get excited when she thought so. However, there is only one set to be disappointed knowing that seawater cannot be drunk later.

"But why isn't this place hit by sand floods? Are you sure you're okay?

"Yeah, I'm familiar with that, too, but that sounds fine. They don't have this town on the ground."


Not on the ground? I don't know what that word means, and Nanashi leans his neck unintentionally.

"They're standing on top of it with columns in the shallows of the ocean. I was wondering if it would feel like a balcony if I told you?

"Well, under this floor..."

"Yeah, the ocean."

The reason this town isn't hit by sand floods (floods) is because it's already outside the desert, which means that's what it is.

Even the giant earthworm (Giant Worm), the culprit of the sand flood (Flood), hates water.

With that in mind, it can be assumed that this town could not have been hit by sand floods (floods).

But in the first place, the very existence of the sea is beyond imagination for Nanashi.

Therefore, without chewing the current Miriam story well either, he just gave me a puzzling look.

"So, Housekeeper, what are we going to do?"

"Hmm, that depends on the situation. I wonder if the judgment will come after Princess Sword returns."

Without even looking back at the xaragi, Miriam answers with a stare at the sea.

The sword princess is treated as a guest and has a room available in a completely different place from the three of them.

Probably by now, in the middle of an interview with the consul.

"The number of guards is to that extent, and anyway, I asked, and it seems like there are magicians out there, but not that many. If it's the three of us, Princess Sword, Nana and Don, it might not be so hard to put this town under our control with strength."

"Well, that's quite a pleasant story."

"But as far as I'm concerned, it's better to do it in a more convenient way, because force pushing is something that has no art"

I agree that Nanashi snorts again and again.

"Ha! Nevertheless, it's about the sword princess, so by now, you might have let her talk to you."

"... it's possible"

Miriam is about to erupt unexpectedly when she unexpectedly sees Nanashi give a sneaky look.

"It's okay, because I did a lot of hypothetical questions to Princess Sword on her way here. He's not retarded... he's a natural mess."

"Yes, you did."

Nanashi strokes his chest down in a ho.

But Miriam suddenly looked at such a nanashi with a harsh eye.

"Instead, Nana's the one I'm worried about."

"Me, is it?

"Yeah, it's my boyfriend's special training now so I don't get bored. You flirt, Ragi. Count them in the direction of the wall."

"Hmm, okay."

"Hey!? Mr. Gordon!?

"Come on, Nana, come here"

"Mi, Miriam? I'm afraid of my eyes..."