"Uhm, come in but good"

Heavy doors made of sandalwood.

From the other side, I heard a familiar voice, an unfamiliar tone.

As soon as I entered the room about the soldier of the guide, Marie


And he turned away and erupted, shaking his shoulders into small pieces as he did.

It was Kisk who was there.

A luxurious chair dedicated to the lord, feathering this luxurious robe in greasy colour and wearing tights on the culot.

To put it in a nutshell, he sat down (but somewhere conceited) to quench his grump with what could only be described as a 'dumb aristocracy'.

"... hey, don't laugh"

"No! Because! What kind of cosplay is that?"

Marie starts laughing with a belly in her arms without hesitation at the look of the bumpy looking kiss.

The soldier who had led her so far along the way suddenly stood,

"You! Oh, my God, to your lord!

And when Marie grabs me, Kisk coughs up and makes a playful voice.

"Ah, I don't mind, thank you very much. Leave that woman and back off."

"... awe."

The soldier leaves the room with a bewildered look on his face.

"... so, jokes aside, how did that happen? Sir."

"They pushed me!

Kisk replies with a flashing look to Marie, who laughs at Nimanima and her mouth.

"During the Pursuit of Pericles, the golem bastard who turned into Master Sanettone blew it out and knocked it out with me and the old man in the barrel."


"So, we talked about what to do with the cauldron. Dear Mr. Sanettone, I don't want to leave my kids or my body. I had no choice but to ask the royal family, and they said, 'We're not in the middle of a mayhem! Pick your own way.' What an irresponsible answer."

"So, the greedy idiot husband said that he was fortunate enough to have seized the status of lord?

"Don't say bad things to people. Who would love to have such a hard eye?"


Regardless, Marie knows that.

If Kisk is the kind of person who sticks to status and honor, he is limited to Marie before the Toto.

"... I was pushed, by an old man in a barrel! He took down the Golem, took the Lord's revenge, and he managed to celebrate it."

An unusual grand emergence from mercenary to lord in public view.

Unless you are son-in-law to the royal family, there can be no more prosperity, but Kisk didn't look happy at all.

"But then when the central mess subsides, you're going to say, 'I still can't' or something. It's what the officials do."

"Ning, that would be better....... ha"

Several deep sighs during this short time.

Even in Marie's eyes, Kisk seemed genuinely reluctant.

Suddenly, Marie pokes a hazy smile at Kisk.

"Well, let's expect that to happen and encourage you to make a backing fund within the moment! Sir."

"As always, you're a jerk to say. Omae!"

"It's a corner, so let's smoke some sweet juice ~. Sell up what you can sell and cut the soldiers' salaries in half! Raise your taxes about double too, and let the four of us jump high, anticipating just before an intolerable folk rebel. I'm fine. I'll leave the rest to Marie!

"I'm sorry I tried to produce to the dictator! And the four of us, Hazki, I don't know why anymore..."

As soon as Kisk said so in a frightening mood, Marie stopped moving perfectly, bit off her lips as she did, and was drooled.

"... what is it, something happened to Hazki?


Marie began to talk about the situation in which Hayza and Hazki were placed.

The tone starts to creep up with Marie and the rest of them in tears.

"I didn't know that was happening. Well... if it's that pure fool, it's a convincing story."

"... so, sir, I took you both out and the four of you are on a journey again"

Marie complains frankly, as if her gutsy remarks were lies.

"It's not going to be that easy... but now Hazki is Uncle Strasbourg"

"So what do you say!

Look up. Marie stares at Kisk.

While staring at each other without taking their gaze off, Kisk said something and moved his mouth around his shoulder, ending with "Ah! Already," he shouts and scratches his hair.

"Totally lying Marie. You're a golden woman."

"It's got nothing to do with me right now!

Kisk poked his finger at Marie's nose tip, which made her voice absurd.

"Baka! There's a lot of it! How much do you think the war will cost? I'm about to be fooled by a woman like a con artist and fall into the wings of a war on Strasbourg."


"What? Hey, you idiot! If we're going to get Hazki out of here, we have to break the chain that binds Hazki!

Marie looks up at Kisk with an unexpectedly frightening look.

And after putting it between one breath, she laughed cously.

"... for the first time about your husband, just a little bit, just a little bit, but I thought it was cool. It's cheating on your stupid husband."

"Bye, I'm always cool. Your eyes are nothing but holes."

When Humphrey and Kisk laughed at the tip of her nose, Marie laughed as well so that she could be stuck.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around the same time, far north following the Continental Highway from Escalis-Meemill, a girl arrived in the city of Saint-Togan, the capital of Highland, which marks the Holy Kingdom.

The girl stood at the gates of the royal castle a little around noon.

A grassy jacket that asks for the length of the journey.

Behind the hood, which was covered deep in eyes, the glaring eyes looked sharply to the front.

Currently Highland is in the midst of a war between the land of permanent frozen earth and the country of Ni in Nedel and the triplets. Though the city of San Togan has not yet become a battlefield, there are many guards lined up in front of the gate for what happened during the war.

But the girl didn't seem to think of it at all, and walked toward the soldiers in line.

And I said, "Stop!," he opened his mouth, looking with an emotionless eye at the guard who had poked his spear at him to intimidate him.

"I wish His Majesty the King all the best."

After a moment of silence, the guards' nervousness is eased by the words of a girl too out of place.

You must be in touch with the fact that only one girl, not even a mission from another country, is taken over by the king, etc. That's what I thought.

"Lady, don't go home"

"Or do you want us to play"

As the soldiers begin to laugh with their underlooked faces, the girl sighs small and raises her voice again.

"I brought important information that shaped your country's fate. It is a solitary act because of its secret life. Guess what."

Saying so and taking off the hood that was worn deep in his eyes, the gatekeepers peel their eyes in the face that emerged from under it.

Short bob dark hair that also looks like deep green in the sun, red eyes on the humane brown skin of the south.

However, that is not the problem.

- Anomalies.

The guards' eyes were nailed by a large engraved number '3' from their left cheek under their chin.

The girl's face is fearful (...) et al. (...) neat.

Perhaps the expression is because the impact of the tattoo is too strong to be sure of the face.

Even if I try to remember later, I'm sure all I can remember is a tattoo.

To the guards staring sharply, the girl leans her neck with a sharp eye.


"Is there even a bug on my face?

And asks.

The guards looked at each other unexpectedly and held their heads wondering how to answer.

A few months ago, the convict squad (Liechten) led by this girl was ravaged by only one girl.

That's why she said to her body (as she was), her lord, Merclius Birkull, was furious, stomping her face at the bottom of her boot.

"Start a hell of a war," he said.

The orders are absolute.

Live for Krull, die for Krull.

That is the iron code of the Custodial Corps (Liechten).

She doesn't have a name anymore. All I have is the name 'number three'.

She came all the way here to make a hell of a battle the Warmonger Krull wants.

But she doesn't know.

That Kurl's battlefield has already moved to another place, a woman's struggle over one boy.

I couldn't have imagined that the war freak (warmonger) was dyeing his cheeks thinking of one boy within days of his departure.