Prince Wang looked at the woman who was standing at the table with a deserving eye.

If you are a true (decent) person, you do not think that you can come and "see the king" and see him again.

Not to mention, it's not sane to say clearly that people from other countries who don't have a lot of national traffic like this woman suddenly push me without a letter of introduction and say, "Let me see the king."

It would still be better if they pushed me back. If it were worse, he might be imprisoned, but only this time, the gatekeeper got lost in the way of the woman, who was too unusual.

Hardly seen around here, inhabitants of desert countries.

Dark-haired red eyes on brown skin (like this).

And a tattoo with the number '3' hanging from the woman's jaw on her cheek and engraved in large pieces.

If such a human being comes to visit "Let the King see you" without any cowardice, it is impossible to think of something important that he or she does not know. In the end, the gatekeeper reports to his boss as an undetermined event, and the confused boss reports it to his boss again. After several human bewilderments, the servant finally reached the ear of Hydra-Carslake, the Prince of Highland, and Hydra let the woman pass into her own office.

It simply aroused my interest.

In the first place, here in Highland, when it comes to tattoos, it's a sign of a sinner, but even if he's a sinner, at best to the point of putting a circular mark on his wrist or ankle.

Even if that tattoo of a woman was of some sort, she died socially within Highland. Of course, the circumstances in other countries may be different, but there is still a reason why a woman is equal to abandoning a woman.

That attracted the interest of Prince Wang.

As a result, I'm now confronting that tattooed woman over the table.

Regardless, as Prince Wang, I have no intention of failing to be vigilant.

Hydra herself remembers the arm of the sword, but right next door, the princess of the crimson sword, also known as his right arm, refrains.

At the stage of listening, I also wondered if this woman was simply a crazy person, but if I actually met her, her eyes were filled with the light of reason.

There is no brake of sight peculiar to the madman.

I can't help but notice the large engraved number 3 on that face, but the woman's face was at least neat enough that she didn't think she was.

"I want to see His Majesty the King. That's what I said."

"Am I short?

"Yeah, much."

This statement is not uncomfortable with the lack of service by catching the king prince of one country.

Prince Hydra has never had such an attitude toward herself before, but it's not the case for those who refrain from beside him.

At that moment when the words of the tattooed woman broke off, a crimson sword princess, who was holding back beside Prince Wang, grabbed the hair of the tattooed woman and slammed her on the table to leave her strength at her disposal.

A glimmer of blood flows from the woman's forehead, drawing pottery and red dots on the table.

Be careful what you say, or you'll get hurt.

The princess of the sword of crimson says to the woman of the tattoo who stares, distorting her face in agony.

Leave him injured in no motion, this line.

Prince Wang also had to laugh bitterly at the boulder.

This is what this bright red-haired deputy always looks like. It's good to be thick on loyalty, but too forthright. There is always no addition or subtraction above the pre-emptive attack.

"Adelhide, leave that alone"

To the word, the princess of the sword of crimson kneels (kneeling first), and the prince of the king turns once more to the woman of the tattoo.

"I apologize for suddenly meeting my abusive eyes. But if you make a funny move, understand that this crimson sword princess is after you."

To the word "sword princess," the tattooed woman opens her eyes for a moment and pushes silently with her disgruntled face intact.

"Sure, I'm not a king, but as far as your business is concerned, I don't think it's a mistake for me to talk. It's not like the king gets his mouth pinched, but the military in this country is basically at my discretion."

Looking closely at Prince Wang, the tattooed woman opens her mouth

"Then I'll ask. Your country is currently at war with Nedel in the land of permafrost, but what do you think you're doing with this head?

"You. Ahhh!

"Stop it, Adelhide"

Quietly controlling the sudden red sword princess, Prince Wang shrugs his shoulders.

The woman's eyes measure Hydra's volume all the time, I don't know what is at the bottom of the woman's belly, but what seems to be the shallow king prince of the vessel is not a pleasant object.

"Don't tell me. And I know that very well."

It is not Hydra's fault that we have been plunged into a ridiculous situation, like opening our warring edge with both countries at the same time.

It's because of Hydra's father - King Highland - who is a terrible diplomatic vocalist, even though he has all the ambitions to expand his territory.

While a real father, in that regard, I have to be spicy as King Prince Hydra. He had to stick himself on the northern front for a long time to wipe that ass.

That's why I don't want my father king, who has a deadly lack of diplomatic sense, to meet someone who doesn't know what he's going to blow into like this woman.

That was the honest feeling of Prince Wang.

"Now let's be frank. Don't you want to add Escalis-Meemil to your country's prints?

"This is strange. I'll talk about yet another country, hoping I'm not smart enough to deal with the two countries. Where is the point of getting such a barren desert in the first place"

"Barren? Do you really think so?

In one word dwelt the colour of vigilance in the eyes of Prince Wang.

- Apparently, this woman sees through this belly.

In the first place, Father King was to attack Nedel and the land of the permafrost at the same time, in order to eliminate the worries of his patrons before attacking the land of the southern desert.

When it comes to war, if you are going to fight that country because of something cod (bullshit) called a manoeuvre castle fort, you will always be forced to attack the castle. Besides, it moves around at high speeds, and siege weapons such as this one (yagura) and the cloud ladder (yun) are actually of no use.

If this one can't attack, that country won't try to attack another country for some reason with all those weapons.

As far as Prince Wang's perception was concerned, it could only be described as a creepy country.

It is true that its price is too high to target barren desert countries. If you only capture the superficial layer, you're right.

But if we go back to the literature, ancient times, that country is where advanced civilizations existed and the heart of the world.

Taking one manoeuvre castle fort, it is not hard to imagine that there are many ancient technologies buried in that desert.

Put that in your hand.

King Highland had such ambitions because of the completion of a weapon that could rival the fort of a motorized castle. Of course, you don't have to tell this woman about a new weapon like that.

"Assuming our country craves that desert, there's no way we can fathom that ridiculous manoeuvre castle fort"

"What if I told you that I would give you a motorized castle fort?

A word thrown to block the words of Prince Wang.

- Dedicate the fort to manoeuvre?

Prince Wang accidentally floated his hips and the rattling chair rang.

"... you think you can do that?


"You want me to believe that story?

"If you don't believe me, that's fine. Because I'm just going to talk to the land of permafrost or Nedel. If either of these two countries had a manoeuvre castle fort, your battlefield would get a lot worse."

"It's good to be on track, too. Come on!

In the woman's gawking attitude, the princess of the crimson sword stirs up and hangs her finger on the pattern of the sword. But look at it cold, and the tattooed woman tells her quietly.

"Whatever happens to me, I don't need to tell you that others are stepping in to bring the same story to another country"

"Is that what Hatter works for!

"Back off! Adelhide!"

Prince Wang yells at the crimson sword princess, and she stops moving with her eyes open.

I was always surprised at how calm and warm the king prince had turned his voice away.

"Let's hear it one last time. So what's in it for you?"

In response to the inquiry of Prince Wang, the woman with the tattoo did so.

"I want to achieve revenge. to Uncle Merclius with this abominable tattoo engraved."

Prince Wang closed his eyes quietly and said:

"Let me get you a room. I'll let you wear the watch, but I'll make sure you stay as free as possible. … I'd like to take a moment to think about it."

"... I expect a good reply"

"Adelhide, show her to the guest room."

"... Yes"

While answering that, I can't say the expression of Adelheid, the sword princess of crimson.

This direct sword princess doesn't understand what Prince Wang is thinking.

As the tattooed woman leads out of the office by Adelhide, Prince Wang hangs deep in his chair and squeals as he looks up into the universe.

"What do you think...... Hildehyde"

"The motive of revenge seems to be a lie. Others, although certainly suspicious, coincide with Lord Mahmoud's story. Probably the only thing you can dedicate is a manoeuvre castle fort called Gergios. Captured (barely) by Merclius, the manoeuvring castle fort, we hear the lord is absent."

From the inside of the shadow of Pan in the corner of the room, a sword princess emerges wrapped in black leather armor.

She was Adelhide's twin sister, Hildeheide, a pink black sword princess.

"Mahmoud......? Oh, the merchant you've been staying with since the other day, your father seems to be using it heavily, but can you trust him?

"Yes, Lord Mahmoud is trustworthy. Now that the number of manoeuvre castle forts that can actually be fought in that country is down to less than half, if you can get one manoeuvre castle fort, if you operate it in conjunction with our new weapons, you might call it a one-of-a-kind opportunity."

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, far south over the desert, one boy was in danger of life.

"Keh, Princess Sword! I can't get a leg here! Ooh, drowning......!

"Oh, Lord, Maris is senseless to be held so passionately"

"And die..., drown, bump..."

"It's okay! Water is my friend, I'm not afraid. If you get used to the water, you can swim quickly."

"Nah!?... Princess Sword, don't... try to sink, don't you...?!?"

"It's okay. Lord, there is something in the world called population breathing. Are you saying that drowning here is a promise development..."

A sword princess dyeing her cheeks to shame. But the hand is obviously holding Nanashi's head with a downward vector.

"Kolaaaa! The insane sword princess there! What a jerk!

A housekeeper grabs something nearby and throws it from the shore toward Princess Sword.

"We're just letting you hang out with the Lord's swimming practice, aren't we? If you can't swim, I'd like you to watch quietly there?

The sword princess replies as she obviously holds the bouncing blister, the semi-frequent and rampaging Nanashi under the water.

Isn't there a demonic crystal furnace in the ocean?

There was a need to investigate the possibility of a sudden outbreak.

By the way. In the first place, the Escalis Meermills do not have the habit of swimming or anything like that. Some aristocrats, such as Uncle Pericles, are interested in swimming in the pool as a way of doing business. Naturally, Nanashi, Miriam and Xaragi could not swim.

Only Princess Sword had the experience of swimming in her hometown (though it was cold swimming only in the land of permafrost).

However, there is no reason to let one sword princess dive into the sea under the circumstances that she is inexperienced by boulders. Under the guidance of the sword princess, Nanashi is to practice swimming... but the result is as you can see.

Miriam recounts to Xaragi as she steps on the estate in remorse.

"That runaway sword princess, I don't like it all I want because I can swim a little! It's okay, Ragi!

"Hmm, I don't care!

"Don's sober!

I hear Gordon's out on the surface now.

"Hmm, but Lord Kisaragi is already angry, 'cause I'm the only one who can make Ann look good! I'm screaming all over, so it's noisy."

"Then don, do something about it, it's a golem, isn't it? Isn't it okay if I don't breathe or something?



"What's a golem, that would be decided to sink. Once you sink, you'll never come up again. I'm not breathing, so I don't think I can walk at the bottom of the water."

"Then walk at the bottom of the water and pull the sword princess's leg, while she's drowning and fainting, I'm gonna turn her swimsuit into a figment!

"... you're not a very egregious housekeeper (maid) Lord"

"Don't say four or five. It's an act! Don!"

Gordon asks questions as he grins bitterly at Miriam, who burns desperately.

"But the housekeeper. You really think there's a demonic crystal furnace or something at the bottom of the ocean?

For a moment in response to the abrupt question, Miriam responds with a serious face after a pocan look.

"Yeah, there will be. I can also hypothesize why there is such a thing for once, but there is no certainty, is there? So" Evidence over Theory ". I think it's quicker to actually find it."

But that's where Gordon twists his neck.

"That's not what evidence means."

"Why, you mean it's faster to produce evidence than to overlap the arguments. Doesn't that mean action first?

Gordon flaunts his shoulder.

"No, you don't know what's out there, housekeeper."

Miriam began to think she was wrong about Gordon's attitude.

In the first place, Miriam is only intelligent enough to logically look at the whole thing based on the information given, not superior to the amount of knowledge.

"... Really?


Gordon nods loudly.

"Ron Yoli Shoko's, by Ron, is a person's name. If you imagine, a quiet boy with a blushing face, Ron (15), something like that."

"I see! So 'evidence over Ron' means more like believing evidence than Ron (15) says?

"No, my shallow housekeeper, is this proverb from Pottery Country? The country is three thousand years old. Isn't that shallow?"

"So is that."

"Actually," Shoko "is also a human name."


"If you imagine, it's like Shawko (16), a quiet beauty with long dark hair."

"Shoko is older, isn't he? Okay, it means Shoko's more popular than Ron."

"Well, I guess amateurs think so"


"Um, 'Shoko' is a good name for a girl in Pottery Country (Naea). That means there are plenty of people named Shoko."

Miriam can't swallow the story and looks surprised unexpectedly.

"You don't know, actually, before this." Which show is it? "There is a question. That is the answer." Shoko that feels like Ron. "I mean," Shoko by Ron. "That's what I mean!

Gordon the Doya face. Unexpectedly impressed, Miriam.

"Well, for example, the phrase," There are three times. "

"Yes, Nido is a human name."

"I knew it!"

... you two have already forgotten about Nanashi.

While they were obsessed with stories that didn't make sense, Princess Sword had a cramp in her leg.

And as soon as I let go of my hand unexpectedly for a sudden pain, I broke badly and Nanashi was exposed to high waves.

Nanashi, exposed to high waves, remained unconscious, drifting off the coast with puffiness.

Unfortunately, Nanashi still had the biggest pinch ever due to a cramped sword princess's leg.