Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 153: What's the Difference Between Love and Love?

The sun rises above any human head.

Overnight in the port city of Bergen.

Upon returning to the servant's room after the battle with the "Dead in the Sea", Princess Sword dived next to the Nanashi lying in the lower part of the bunk bed, even as a matter of course.

To its too natural behavior, Gordon didn't even think it was strange until Xaragi started making noise in his chest.

If there is a jump into bed competition, it is a level at which the world can be targeted.

"Go home to your room! If you look around at Kisaragi, who calls him" So-so Yu, "there is no more Miriam in the room.


One such snort, Gordon decided to try and dive into Nanashi's bed himself.

"Not bad"

I dare not touch what is not wrong here.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"I'm just getting a little carried away."

After a few moments, at noon, Miriam poked her fist and thumbed up in front of Nanashi, who sipped (soaked) lunch soup beside her bed.


Nanashi leans his neck by placing a plate on the tray above his knee.

Behind it, like a sword princess and a xaragi intertwined, still asleep.

When he woke up, Nanashi jumped out of bed in a panic when he noticed that the two of them were in sight.

Fortunately, the two men who fought until morning never woke up with it.

I don't think Kisaragi's contents are Gordon, but if they were, after Princess Sword wakes up, the whole of Bergen could be enough to freeze.

"Yeah, the consul's deputy can explore it with me, but either way, there's no reason to leave that" dead thing in the ocean "as it is."

"Do you mean to do something about the Demonic Crystal Furnace? How do we get things in the ocean?

"When I heard a lot about it around, Nana asked about" The Cave in the Sea ". The vertical hole that leads to it is on that rock reef. Then it would be quickest to throw the sword princess in there and ask her to come and destroy it."

"Leave me alone... Princess Sword will hate boulders, too, that's"

"What are you talking about? Nana's going, too, right?


"It's not natural. If Nana's where you're going, she'll follow you, you snowman."


I feel like Miriam's attitude towards the sword princess is becoming more and more spicy every day.

"Well, I guess it feels like investigating first. I think the magic crystal furnace itself is in the ocean, which means it's affecting the fish, but if it's anywhere you can reach it, you can destroy it at its worst... If there's movement in the crystal furnace, I think the guy who's setting it up will show some movement."

"Are you saying..."

Nanashi accidentally snaps his neck.

"Yes, yes. So, local fishermen are familiar with the area around the rock reef, so ask the guard captain to arrange a guide, so leave as soon as it's convenient."

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

About the same time.

"Dear Kulu, reports are rising that a fire entered the Demonic Crystal Furnace in Gergios last night"

A Guilty Breaker (Liechten) girl reporting in the face of tension.

Twenty-two numbers are engraved on the cheeks.

The young man in the numbers is supposed to serve as the side of the Krull, but the human being up to number 22 is already scattered on the battlefield except number three, and when he comes next to number three, he flies to her.

Although the Confession Squad (Liechten) was organized by Krull, it is not likely that there will be enough age to discharge from service at this stage, but at this rate there will be no such person as a person who can serve until discharge.

I can't imagine how Krull would react to the reports I have spoken of, and she waits breathlessly for a reply.



It was a troubling sigh that returned.

Krull is seated on the bridge and looks out over the distance with his elbow hanging.

Ever since I went out a few days ago, the Guilty Squad (Liechtenstein) girls are clearly confused by the appearance of a Kurl somewhere else.

The other day, when the chicken legs (chicken legs) of my favorite served like mountains were muttered "I like them..." "I hate them..." and I grumbled "I hate them..." before the last one left, all the convicted troops (Liechtenstein) on the spot were not comfortable alive.

It's definitely easier to do Don Patch on the battlefield.

I think whoever sees it is annoying, but as soon as I point it out, I could jump three steps across the mourning river.

"Ah... Um... Master Krull?


"There's a report that Gergios has started northbound..."

"Oh, I know. I'm guessing the three direct reports are moving it. I don't care, I was the one who said it was good to use Guergios as a bargaining material. I don't even have a manoeuvre castle fort. It's not a distraction when you fight your enemies. At the center, apply for Gergios to be around for training."

"Wow, I get it"

Krull's response itself is extremely decent.

There is no indication that the judgment is cloudy.

"By the way, Pericles, is there no sign of coming up north?

"Pericles......? No. We travel around the southernmost town of Bergen repeatedly."

"... right"

Krull obviously clouds his expression and looks toward the window.

There has never been a Krull in this state in the past.

Without examples, there are no measures taken.

It's not like I know where and what kind of switch I'm going to press.

We should probably get out of here early.

"Okay, I'm in this"

As soon as I turned my foot towards the door to exit, she was called from behind to "wait," and she accidentally freaked out! and make your body jump.

"Hey, what is it?

"What is the (...) difference (...) between love (...) and love (...)?


Too bad, escape failed.

A visible blast switch was installed in front of him.

Krull stares at me and a nasty sweat erupts at once.

- No more, kill him. Yeah, yeah!

Number 22, it was a cry of heart.