Mobile Fortress Saratoga ~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

Episode 154: Is this a stone? No, it's your pants.

"Jilba, I don't have more days than I thought."

"Yes, ma'am. We're ready."

The morning after returning to the manoeuvre castle fort Strasbourg, sooner than the chicken (by the way) began to ring, the liar Marie took Zilba-Davon in maid clothes and left the room.

Based on that angry old butler's story, the departure of Fort Strasbourg is five days from now, including today. The Maneuver Castle Fort Strasbourg, which meets the deadline for boarding on that day, will once again begin to wander the desert.

As for Strasbourg's scheduled departure date, I have completed my report to Kisk within the last night. Over there, from today to that day, we'll be ready for battle, and it'll be very refreshing.

After two battles with Saratoga, the manoeuvring castle fort, he wants to tie his greatly reduced power and hit the academic city of Strasbourg, which has the highest number of magicians in the country. Normally, I can't help but recklessly suspect the absence of brain miso.

It's so funny that a frog plots to swallow a snake.

But... we have to do it.

As a house (...) tribe (...), I have to smash this manoeuvre castle fort Strasbourg, where Hazki is lord, to save Hazki and the others from making the whereabouts of those two loves sad.

And the success or failure depends heavily on what Marie and Jilba are going to do to seal up the magic.


Inhaling the clear air in the early morning into a cup of lung, in the darkness before sunrise, Marie and Jilba climb the long stairs that lead up to the walls.


As her breathing gets rough, her head goes down and Marie's gaze falls to her feet.

At the end of the line of sight, the sculptures applied to each and every one of the stairs are of a different interest than any manoeuvre castle fort that has ever crossed.

The academic city of Strasbourg is also a city of art.

But Marie, who tends to be a pragmatist, decides that this is a waste of money.

If I had enough money to put in one of these sculptures, I could save someone who could starve, even if it was just for one day today.

This time, however, the presence of this decoration was convenient in the workmanship they were trying to carry out.

The decoration is not confined to the stairs alone, but extends to the walls themselves.

You have to install spiritual stones at regular intervals, like a child's fist grip.

The fact that the walls themselves had a messy design was very gratifying in the sense of camouflage.

Currently, the two hang leather bags inside their skirts and pack spiritual stones in their bread there.

Weight of k (...) on hips.


Speaking of spiritual stones, the weight is no different from that of roadside stones.

Marie seemed flat at first glance, but the inside of her long skirt is a serious crab strand (but also) in the maiden, a feeling that she is desperately enduring.

Regardless of Jilba being forged up as a warrior, Marie's was still about to sit back crushed.

"Ma'am, are you okay?

"Ha... it's so tight that it won't be stylish. Jilba's fine."

"Yes, I've always used full body armor (full plate), so I can't handle the weight."

"Usually armored?

"Yes, except when you bathe"

"When you go to sleep?

"I have bedtime armor (pajamas)"

Marie has already lost her temper.

Since Kisk bought me three silver coins, this one, I feel the human separation rate of the people I meet is unusually high. I guess the word "kind" calls friends is still true.

"Well, that's good. I'll install it anyway. You said one for every two hundred zales."

"Yes, I was wondering if it would really be critical to leave when I'm done installing everything"

"... let's hurry"

Walking two hundred zars over the walls, one guards his surroundings while the other sticks his hand into the skirt and takes out the spiritual stone.

Then reach out to the outside of the walls and stick it there with glue.

In a chirp, I stick my hand in my skirt.

Clearly, he is a suspicious person.

Occasionally, when you're not like a soldier on a patrol, you two say, "Thank you!" and spend time smiling like a prodigal smile.

Marie is a superb beautiful girl if she doesn't even open her mouth to her ex.

Even for Zilva, although it has a tight vibe, it doesn't matter if you call it beautiful.

Zilva snorted in displeasure at the appearance of the soldiers, looking back again and again with a sloppy face.

"You look like you don't care."

"Yeah, I don't mind eating at all, lady. There is no such weak soldier in my Asmodimos."

"Well, isn't a man like that?

"That's not true. My father, my adoptive father and your lord are samurai among the samurai. My Asmodimos, led by such people, is a samurai manoeuvre castle fort to the effect that the quality is rigid. I don't want to talk about those jerks."

Jilba doesn't realize Marie has an indescribable look on her face.

...... yeah. I can't say anything about Zilva's father because I don't know him. Morgen can certainly say samurai, but what about including a kiss there?

As for the other soldiers, I wonder if they're just freaking out about Zilva.

Installation work does not proceed as late due to having to interrupt every time the guards are visible. Gradually, Marie's expression was rushed, but Jilba's temples began to irritate her. At this rate, I can't make it at all.

"Lady...... Do you want to narrow it down to just the side to be grounded?

"... that's the only way to do it."

At the same time Marie sighed, again, I saw two soldiers walking around, from the front.

"Sa, Jilba, smile, smile"

"Yes, sir"

"Thank you for your hard work," he said with a full grin, just like before, and as soon as the soldiers were mistaken, Gotton on the stone floor! and something fell.

If I turned my eyes, something rolled around and nearly hit the soldier's foot.

- Spirit Stone!?

A warrior runs on Marie's back.

If I turned my eyes, Zilva was clearly wolfish.

Perhaps from the inside of her skirt, the Spirit Stone fell zero (spill).

Marie was also distracted by the boulder.

"Hmm? What?

The soldier slowly reaches for the spiritual stone beneath his feet with a surprising (much) expression.

Shit. Very shitty.

Even if you don't know at first sight because of the dimness, if you put it in your hand and observe it seriously, a soldier can tell that it is a spiritual stone.

What can you say, you can make a soldier think of taking it in his hands.

Marie instantly tours her thoughts.

Wasn't Liar Marie a liar?

What if I don't lie about being alive and dead at a time like this?

For example, it's an explosive!

No. What if I appeal to you that you're sabotaging?

And after putting glue and thought around, Marie shouted:

"Yiyan, etsy no! Those are her pants!

"............ to?

The soldiers stop the movement in a pittance, and Zilva stares at Pocahontas and Marie.

- Is this a stone? No, it's your pants.

Yes, I don't know what that means anymore.

What is it? This spectacular air.

But what I've said, I can't help it anymore.

Marie expands on the premise that these stones are pants.

I rolled out of my skirt.

Anything but pants, it can't be.

"I'm sorry I shouted out loud. But I was wondering if it would be a boulder for you to touch your ladies' underwear."

"Yes, no... I don't think it's underwear, no matter what you think..."

One of the soldiers responds to the confusion.

The slightly frightening mix of atmospheres is, let's just say, a normal reaction when you're relative to a crazy human being.

"You might not be able to help yourself."

"No... it just seems so"

Marie laughs with her nose.

"Phew... Actually, this girl (Ko) is from an undisclosed barbarian living on the south side of the desert. Until the other day, he was naked in a hipster minotaur, and he lived a life of eating when he attacked wildlife."


Jilba unexpectedly rounds her eyes behind Marie's back.

It would be, somehow, an undisclosed barbarian treatment.

But Marie stares at Jilba all the time asking him to talk to each other.

"So, this barbarian has a really unusual habit of living between his crotches instead of his underwear."


"So put a stone in your groin..."

"No, not that I didn't hear..."

"Now, do you know how old my daughter was when she picked up her dropped pants and said," I dropped my pants, "and so on?

When Marie says so, she whispers her ears toward Zilva.

"Now, say something here that sounds like an untouched man!


It was outrageously unscrupulous.

"Come on, hurry up!

Zilva wolves and scratches the universe with her wrinkles.

Feeling the men's frigid gaze, he leaned down to shame and murmured in a mosquito-like voice.

".................................... ho"

Embarrassed. This is embarrassing.

Hot as a fire on my face.

Jilba bites her lips and manages to get squatted (groaning) right now.

Marie made a big fuss about it as if she'd even taken it off the neck of a ghost.

"Here! Did you hear that! Look! Normally a flattering young maiden would say," Ugh! "What a beastly voice. That's right!

"Oh, yeah, so, we're on our way..."

The men rush away from the scene as they draw their faces.

Dropping off that back, Marie exhaled loudly, pointing a crisp smile at Jilba as if she had finished the job.

"You're in danger."

As soon as Marie said that, Zilva covered her face with both hands and collapsed from her knees to the ground.

"But you can't be my wife anymore"

Looking cold down at that figure, Marie thinks.

What are you talking about? If you don't go to daughter-in-law to this extent, no matter how many times you are reborn, such as yourself, dowry is impossible. Marriage? What's that? Is it delicious?


"Well, I think the current 'whoops' were... cute 'whoops'..."

Marie is a gess maiden.

But I'll try to follow up for once.