Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 1 Forest

"Forest, look at your good things, actually telling a slap, no potential wolf beast, also lie to signed the blood, you still have a little teacher's professional ethics and honor Sometimes? Either you are bad, deliberately, either is stupid, skillful, you didn't see it, I really don't know how you have an official appraisal. "

In the room, a man who stayed with a mustache was reprimanding in front of a person on the table. The former voice is bright, and the slings are around, the latter is not awkward, and it is not moving.

"I will know where I don't know where to steal the chicken last night, tell you, the guest is already complaining, according to the rules, you will deduct this month's salary, in addition, for your evaluation, I It will also be reported to the association, what is going on, you will be ignored. "

After finishing, the beard is full of angry, and a sleeve is leaving.

A group of people who look at the lively outside is a hurry to be a bird and beast, and they will go to the beard. Several people are in a small discussion.

"Wang Ji President, this time, it is really angry, but also blame this.

"Hey, the small voice point, he is a formal apprentice, you are the following."

"Cut, a unused waste, I will be afraid of him? He is best to be eligible, so that we have the opportunity."

"Even if it is the upper place, I can't get you ..."

As a formal appraisal of the branch of the Red Leaf City, Lin Deline is indeed very miserable, saying that this lounge is the most remote, even a window is not, even those who want to wait for the departure Not as good. Not only being a salary, it's still tired to die. These days, Lin Dynasty is already a overtime plus point, organizing the beast pet, and the dozens of beasts in the beast column, even a sense of sleep.

At this time, a priest is carefully walked.

"Lin Jian, will ... the president makes you immediately move, go to Changpei Town to learn the beast!"

Talking, the classification of the east is a girl who looks very shy. It is also a sixteenth year old. Even if Lin Dynasty is now being very powerful, it is still a murderery of the Red Leaf City. First, I don't dare to neglect.

Seeing Lin Ying did not respond, the girl smashed a few times, finally, and the forest that was almost the dead people lifted his head.

"Where is this?"

Lin Dynasty, I asked in a confusion.

He only remembers the wine before, and when she went home, she slept, and she felt that she slept a little, and she was wake up.

Everything in front of you is very unfamiliar.

It is not his bedroom, there is no computer, there is no familiar, hanging on the vintage fan on the ceiling, just a quite dark room, there is an ancient girl standing in front, pretty costumes.

"Lin Jian:" Zhao Ying called: "This time I went to the countryside, the president said, let me go with you, the president also said, let us get the body as soon as possible, must arrive before the black Chang Ping Town, otherwise, will be punished according to dereliction of duty. "

Zhao Ying is actually reluctant to do this, but as a sexy orastist who has just come to the association, she has no choice, how to arrange it above, how to do it.

Now who knows that Lin Dynasty is the number of arms, ' On her head, it is not surprising.

The opposite is still a case of dementia that I just wake up.

"Teacher Lin, Teacher Lin!"

In the last sentence, Zhao Ying's voice raised eight degrees, and this shouted the forest of God.

I saw that Lin Dynasty, I was shocked, and then I thought, and finally smiled.

"You go outside, I will come right away."

Lin Dao commanded,

This suddenly, there is a man in the room.

"I can't think of it, I actually encounter such a stimulus." Lin Ye has a wonderful expression, muttering itself, a wine, actually drinking this world, when it is really noticeable.

Just now, he has received many memories of the original owner. I know a lot of things, I know that I have now.

"Other people cross, the adventure is constant, not the famous teacher is the family's head, the worst, and there is also a grandfather to point to Jiangshan in the ring, I don't seem to have anything."

Through memory, Lin Dynasty knows that there is more unlucky in his predecessor, and is directly pressed against the pressure, the poor of the days, and the first few days gave people to identify the beast pet, and a wolf beast with hidden and flaws is recommended to one. Guests, the result is a blunder, you must know that in this world, almost everyone will sign the blood of the beast, and most people can only have one beast, so this is a problem, that is the meeting. The consequences of the 'irreversible' may be discharged from the future, but it is because the pressure is too large, and the boss is deliberately targeted, this predecessor has not restless for a few days, and the heart is awkward.

So, I have the opportunity to cross it.

Lin Dynasty touched him, tried it, it seems to wear it.


The so-called arrogant, or considering how to solve the current dilemma, I think the idea is a matter of being.

His place is the branch of the Jianyu, which is the branch of the Red Lee City. He is a branch of the supervision of the size, which is to reprimand him the beard man, called Wang Ji. At the lower part of the president, there are two commonly met the original martial artist, and they are one of them.

In addition to the president and the two official appraisers, there are still many Xi Jian's auto, just like the little girl waiting outside.

It can be said that from top to bottom, the level is clear.

At this time, I saw something on the foot of the forest, I watched it down, it was a young wolf beast, gray fur, mixed with some red-colored roads, but because it is too thin, it seems to be no different.

Lin Dao knows that this is his own 'beast', a small fire.

At this moment, the wolf beast is under the table, and it may be hungry for a few days, not only the leather bag, and it seems like it will be on the same time.

Lin Yun shakes his head, mixed this misery, it is not anything about this predecessor, but the type of beast of the wolf beast is because only meat, the amount is still very large, so it is not good to feed, it is white, and there is no home. You can eat you into poor light eggs in a few days. Before he was hungry, he was hungry, and he would not be a favor, hungry into this, and it is normal.

In this world, the beast is the standard of everyone, some even starting from the child, choosing the beast pet, signing a blood embarance, cultivating, the kind of animal pet accompanying the master, higher, in the future The strength will be stronger.

Blood and beast pet, in this world can be used in one side, some are good at fighting, some are good at guard, and some are powerful, suitable for shipping, some can fly, some can travel to the Haihe Lake ...

"Small fire!" Lin Ye is called, the little wolf beast under the foot seems to move, just thinking that the other party will get up, and this guy is just twisted to twisted the son, continue to call your sleep.


Lin Dynasty, someone else did it, and I dared to treat themselves in the auto pet, and I have this reason. He directly took a slap in the head of a small fire.

At the same time, Lin Dynasty only feels like a thunder in his own brain, , , , , there seems to hear the beasts, I am deafening, but it seems like a berch bird.

The brain is flashing, the clouds are scattered, and there is a white jade hall, and the temple is a stone monument.

After a surprise, Lin did his thoughts and turned into the temple. Just see the vast and deep, the halo laminated, the molar is dark, and the space conversion, the blink of an eye, there is a showcase in front of the forest, which is the specimen of a wolf beast, appearance and small fire. On the stone tablet, Engraved in the text of the dense numbness.

"First-order beast pet: small fire; fire wolf beast; young body; blood emotion owner: Lin!"


"Attribute: fire; potential value 1, the potential value is too low, there is room for increased, and thirty-six kinds of the potential value, respectively ..."

"Status: Three serious injuries, invasive wounds, are ...; 12 species, respectively ..."


Lin Dynasty is stunned. One is this beast museum, I don't know what to come. There is a small fire so detailed. I'm a favor of myself, too 'garbage', not just a flaw, The potential is also terrible, it is a sick and sorrow, I don't understand how this guy lives to the present.

After a study, I only had shock in my heart.

The beast museum is a penetration of the small fire, even the blood of the other party is inheriting the wolf dad, who can see, put in this world, the world, the role, can imagine.

Lin is excited.

He has a predecessor memory, how big is the role of this beast museum, look, this time, it is not two hands, and there are some good things.

There is this beast museum, I am afraid that in this world, I can't mix the title.

Thinking of happiness, Lin Dao haha ​​laughed, but the outsiders look at him, as if they are crazy.

"As a formal apprentice, it is mixed into this appearance, but I can still laugh, Lin Dynasty, Lin Dynasty, you are really sincere."

At this time, a voice with a contempt and disdain pulled the thoughts from the beast museum.