My Dad Is Too Strong

Dad's too strong. Episode 357.

Born in the central part of the country, Imugi had a dream since childhood.

If we keep training for 2,000 years, we can become dragons.

A story once told by elders.

The process is a long and arduous journey.

He told me that even though it is hard and painful, if you endure and devote yourself to it, you can become a dragon someday.

Li Mu-gi, who has lived in longing for dragons, had never been negligent in training even as a manager.

Even in the dry weather, rain or snow, we have been making bone-cutting efforts to achieve the goal of "dragon day by day by day.

Sometimes I was so tired that I wanted to quit, but whenever I did, I comfort myself and didn't fall down.

It's not an easy journey in the first place.

If anyone could be a dragon, they wouldn't have been so thick with it.

It is only when the body and mind mature and become complete after a period of labor.

For now, dragons must have outstanding qualities.

Imugi kept the advice of Seonghyeon in mind,

Naturally the envy and respect for dragons grew bigger and bigger.

...has grown bigger.

I'm sure.

* * *

"Head, head, head, head, head, head, head."

Puck! Puck! Puck! Puck!

Humps formed on the head of the Imoogi.

Then the hump grows on it, and it rises on it again.

With a bubble in his mouth, he managed to hold on to his fragile spirit.

Puck! Puck! Puck!

How long will he hit me?

Tears were gathering around Imoogi's eyes and flowing down.

Then, he suddenly opened his eyes and resisted fiercely.


He is about 10 meters away from Carthiel, shouting with all his might.

The Imugi wept, stealing the snowflakes from his eyes.

"Bu, I'm sure it's Da, five Taiwan... I said... I said... Yo."

"We still have three more."

"No, what calculation!"

"This too is tradition."

"...Master, why are you looking at me..."

Yong-yong, who had eye contact with Do-jun, turned his head, coughing in vainly.

I'm sure that 'education method' was first used by Yong-yong.

In no time, it had been strangely altered and spread in the name of tradition.


Lee Mu-gi, who thought he was going to die like this, after earning time.

He rubbed his forehead by moving the tip of his tail.

Then, the number "11" on his forehead gradually disappeared.

And my forehead becomes smooth.

"Look, look! I actually drew the numbers on my forehead! Actually, dragon was just a lie that tried to scare you!"

This would stop the ridiculous education, Imugi thought.

But none of the face color of the carsele has changed.

The fact that this weapon is not a dragon was the truth that everyone here knew.

"Such a thing, I know it at first sight."

"Well, then why..."

At the moment, the eye of the Imugi was turned by a flying carcyl in the air.

Then the palm of Karshiel struck the head of Imuqi again, and the sound of 'Paaaaaaah!' echoed echoes through the cavity.


Yong-yong somehow felt a shiver.



I decided to live with gratitude for being ranked higher than Cassiel.

* * *

"You can stop now."

The mule, which had its head on the floor and was lying on its stomach with its hind legs on its back, quickly.

Immunity was still immature, but it had been turned into a human form because it could write 'polymov' like a dragon.

But it was impossible like an 'adult' and had the appearance of a boy about six years old.


The Imugi stooped down with tears and a runny nose.

Steal them with the back of your hand, and keep a firm posture.

Karsiel took a handkerchief out of his pocket.


"...Thank you."

Cassiel carefully wipes the moisture around the eyes and the nose.

A gentle face that contradicts the cold face just now.

Somehow the Imugi looked dumb.

"You showed speculation to your master, so I think it was a little too much in anger. I'm sorry."

Of course, I wouldn't dare to be a match for Dojun.

The fact that he threatened Dojun by venting hostility itself was simply unacceptable to Carthiel.

" he, a man dear to you?"

It points to Dojun, who is exploring the surrounding area with Yong Yong-yi from a jijip about 200 meters away.

Dojun was using the Interpreters and the Space Tab to draw up a skeletons while educating Yi Mu.

"Yes. A very dear person. The one who saved us."

The Imugi could get a glimpse of her sincerity.

Carthiel's eyes at Dojun were intertwined with various emotions.

warm feelings beyond description

"...'We're the ones."

"My colleagues."



After the great war that took place thousands of years ago, the dragons were scattered all over and over again.

To indulge in sleep to preserve one's strength, and mostly lost one's memory.

Isaas, Rizagal, Biseon, Hakase, Angne...

Cassale could tell.

If it wasn't for Dojun, we couldn't get together like this.

Other dragons, especially those other than Izas and Rizagal, who have particularly powerful powers, could have died.

Wasn't the secret line almost killed by Solomon's men, and Carthiel by the extortionist?

"So I'm going to live to repay my master for the rest of my life."



"I've been wondering since a long time ago... That adventure, no, the reason you call him 'Master'......?"

Dragon is the dominant species in the center.

It is by far the strongest species in a single entity.

Their only owner would be Isaas, the Road.

A momentary realization grew in the mind of the Imugi.

"Wait, no way! That's the Dragon Road!"

"Lord is the kid playing with the water over there."



Commissary! Commissary!

Yong-yong was playing dog-hair in the area of Lake Ganghwa.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help me! I have a cramp in my foot!


Dojun breathed out and rescued Yong-yong.

Yong-yong fluttered his body like a puppy and shook off the water.

Then, after stretching, he went back into the lake.

The mule blinked.

"...that animal is Isaas?"


On the first floor of the center, an animal that looks weaker than a "poop" that novice adventurers use as a prey.

Who on earth would think of such a weak-looking animal as a Dragon Lord? But Carthiel had no reason to lie, so he had to believe it.

"I love you, but... "I think Isaas called him 'Master' earlier..."

It wasn't an illusion.

Even now, Yong-yong has been following him around, shouting, "Master, Master."

"Master to Izzas, Master to me, too."


"The education you just had, the one the master gave to Izas."

"Me, crazy! So, you're saying he brought Dragon Lord to his knees?"

"Yes. Sometimes I get educated for being silly. He doesn't do it at all these days."

"Huh, heh..."

Who dares to overpower Dragon Lord?

There is only one person in the world who has the power to do so.

The only thing left was 'solomon' who swore allegiance.

But when the adventurer, who was about to enter the world of Simgye, said that he had overpowered Dragon Lord, the last king of the world of Simmugi, Imugi was almost out of breath.

* * *

As a result of Dojun's tour of about one o'clock;over the interval,the proficiency of the interpreters increased by 0.5%.

And I was able to grasp the structure and information related to the two gates almost to perfection.

Then, Carthiel and Imamugi approaching Dojun.


The Imugi stood before Dojun.

With bright, sparkling drops of snow, look up at Dojun.

He swallowed his saliva, and knelt down without a moment's hesitation.



"Thud!" he shouted, pounding his forehead on the floor.

"I respect you!"

I've already seen it many times.

As a Dojun, I was not impressed.

As I went down the center, I didn't experience this situation once or twice, and this happened on every floor.

"I'm sorry I didn't know! Master of Dragons! I'm Lee Mu-muk, who is building a performance! From now on, please scold me for not recognizing the dragon!"

Do-jun said a word in a calm manner.

"I'm not your master, and I don't mean to scold you. And I think you've got Solomon's power of Solomon."


The back of the mule cooled down.

For Dojun saw through, even though he did not tell me that he had received the power of Solomon.

The mule bit his lips well.

"I can't lie. Clearly, I was empowered by Solomon. But... if you give me one chance, I will be a faithful servant who does everything for you."

"Get up."


Dojun reached for the weapon and put it on his head.

After a while, the blue light from the Lee Mu-gi's body was shaking.

Black smoke came out of the wool of the Imoogi.

Solomon's mana has been removed.

If left untouched, it would have been doomed to evolve into a dragon that was eaten and lost its self.

Dojun stopped it.

Dojun ruined the fact, adding a word.

"It's easy to get lost if you hurry up the mountain. So take a slow step by step by step."

The eyeballs of the Imoogi's eyes got bigger.

I stroked my stomach with my hands.

The pure energy of the Danjeon, which collects mana.

"...i, this."

A handful of energy wandered along the blood bag, picking up the semacons.

The unstable energy accumulated during the performance began to settle down calmly.

The mule trembled.

Unexpected, tremendous off-the-wallowing.

Over the next thousand years.

Slowly moving forward, I was able to lay the groundwork for evolution into a true dragon.

"Well, I told you... I haven't done anything for you, but this..."

"It's not a big deal, so you don't have to worry too much."

"...this is not a big deal, it's something no one could have done..."

Dojun smiled and stroked his head.

* * *

"How was it? How was it meeting you in person?"

After Dojun's party left, Hinta asked.

In the form of a boy, Lee Mu-gi, who was visiting with his feet in the lake.

Stomping his feet, he stopped and opened his mouth.

"...further, he was a great adventurer."


The two of them just laughed silently for a while.

Then the mule muttered.

"But I don't know what the Dragon Lord last said."

"What did you say?"

"Call... Coke? Because you drank too much? I was swimming a little... I'm sorry, he said."

an end