My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1: Saving lives 1

The winter in Nangong was very depressed, and the cold, bitter wind blew on the skin, causing a slight “squeak” on the dry frost pavement.

Ning Qing walked to the road, she was wearing a white down jacket, Wushun's hair under a pink white face, the girl's bright teeth, with her pink mouth pouring out a group of warmth on both small hands.

On such a cold day she couldn't stop her enthusiasm, she went to an appointment.

Her 18-year-old first date, with Xu Junxi.

She and Xu Junxi were kind of green plum bamboo horses. The two were in love early. Yesterday Xu Junxi officially confessed to her and asked her to meet her at the park.

She was happy to go.

Thinking of Xu Junxi's sunny warm face, she smiled sweetly and accelerated her steps.

But at this point, a person suddenly burst into the side bend and hit her on the shoulder, “booming” and fell to the ground.

Ning Qing was shocked and looked at the person.

This is a 26-year-old, 7-year-old man, handsome as a sculpture, leaning into the sword brow, tall nose beam... this is definitely the best looking man Ning Qing has ever seen.

The man, wearing a black woolen coat, hidden in a thin sweater with a blue V-neck, covered his abdomen with his hands and bleeding from his stomach, was clearly severely injured.

“Sir, what's wrong with you?” Ning Qing, get down, “are you hurt, I'll call an ambulance for you. ”

The man half-eyed and his face looked pale due to excessive blood loss. He shook his head with a handsome eyebrow. "Don't... someone's after you...”

As soon as the voice dropped, Ning Qing heard a rush of footsteps behind him, and there was a low male tone - chase, today must not be left alive!

Is this a murder attempt?

Ning Qing bit his lip and moved the wounded man into the bushes on the side of the road, "Sir, you stay here for a while and I'll draw them away. ”

“Don't go..." He waved to stop her, but the girl drilled out like a sly rabbit, leaving him only a shadowy, beautiful shadow.

Ning Qing stood on the street. Soon a group of men in black appeared in front of her. When they saw her, they shouted, "Hey, little girl, did you just see an injured man pass by? ”

Ning Qing quietly and naturally dropped a small hand into the pocket of her down jacket. Her face remained the same. Her slender white fingers pointed in the direction in front of her. “I just saw a man go that way. ”

The men in black looked at each other, and today they'd rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go. The girl seemed a little troubled, and they moved to kill.

Ning Qing accepted the gloomy eyes of the men, and even a man walked towards her...

At a time of danger, a series of loud ringtones rang in her pocket, and she took out her phone to answer the phone.

“Hey, Jun-hee... I'm on Fu-min Road now... what, you'll be there in a minute... OK, I'll wait for you at the bus stop. ”

Ning Qing hung up the phone and stopped looking at the men in black. Instead, he crossed the street and stood at the bus stop sign quietly waiting.

Once again, the men in black glanced at the girl, not blushing, innocent as if she were lying, side by side, she was smiling open her arms and greeting a man in a suit who came forward, "Hi, Joon-hee, I'm here. ”

The arrival of the men in suits completely dispelled the idea that the men in black wanted to kill Ning Qing wrongly. They did not hesitate any more and quickly rushed in the direction just pointed by Ning Qing.