"Mr. Wells, do you really believe this story?"

At the judgement of the mayor, one of the representatives who had been silent so far spoke up.

Objectively speaking, Harold and the others are full of suspicions, and it is difficult to believe such a thin realistic story.

Wells responded with a sigh.

"I know what everyone wants to say.But Fiona... do you believe what they say? "

Asked, Fiona was confused and spoke her words.

“Yes, I've seen what they call monsters, as well as underground facilities that are obviously being manipulated.This is a matter that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. ”

"But I don't know...."

Moreover, the reluctant man looked at Harold sideways.

Fiona would understand the meaning of the gaze, but she kept on speaking.

"I understand your opinion that they are suspicious.From what I've heard, I'm sure that Mr. Stokes is a hard man to call clean, and perhaps it was all because of him. ”

"If you know that much, shouldn't you discuss it carefully?"

“It's hard for us to make the right decision without having any information other than what he disclosed to us about this.Even if this story is a good excuse for getting people out of town, the potential danger of lots of stupid monsters underground remains unchanged.And now we need to quickly confirm the truth, and if it is true, we need to find a fundamental solution. ”

Until this morning, Fiona persisted as if she was lying about her blue face.

Such an objection gradually falls in front of her.

"To do this, we must first give priority to evacuating the townspeople."If my father had lived, if he had seen the same thing as me, he would have made the same decision. ”

"... even Lawrence-kun." You certainly look a lot like him..... "

Harold may not know how much Fiona's father was trusted in this town, but it seemed to be his last push, and this time no one said the opposite.

In anticipation of the timing, Harold closed the scene.

"I see you've talked."Then act quickly. "

Each move was swift after the conversation.

The representatives of the town and the faces of the Knights immediately began to select personnel to check on the state of the underground, and the next day, with Harold, they were to return to the deepest depths of the mine.

The town was represented by Fiona, the deputy mayor, and three people, including representatives of the vigilante.The Knights understood Harold more or less, and so did Sid and his team leader, Lagareth.

A total of six people added Harold to it walked to the underground facility, and each of them performed the passage ritual of checking the horde of monsters.

After confirming that, the representatives of the town began to call the residents to evacuate because the tunnel was filled with flammable gas, which threatened to cause a huge explosion.

It is a lie between Harold, the representatives of the town, and the Knights that we can inspire a sense of danger among the townspeople, rather than a flimsy story of a large number of monsters lurking beneath the town and of their possible attack.

There were many who were worthy of it, or who left the city from the day after the evacuation order.

Perhaps someone who remembered Burston's blockage or was thinking of leaving the city eventually inspired it.This disturbance definitely helped them make the decision to leave their hometown, and it also helped them to secure a resettlement destination.

Once the situation subsides, I can come back, and the name of temporary evacuation is also very large.I was very suspicious that I would actually be able to come back again.It would be impossible for Harold to live in this town again in the scenario he was expecting.

Of course, I didn't tell anyone about it.

(It's okay because we've prepared the resettlement and assistance funds as a price....)

Leaving aside accountability, I return with such an excuse inside.Honestly, I can see it getting confusing when I tell you everything.

Two weeks after this sort of evacuation of the townspeople began.The evacuation of the townspeople was progressing at a pace that could be said to be reasonable.

That said, there's no way you can be relieved more than you don't know exactly when a monster will start moving, and you have to take measures if you can't make it.To that end, Harold had prepared something.

What about the missing red?

“We have enough for tomorrow's arrival.”

Harold discusses countermeasures in preparation for production.I answered the question in the middle of it without a list.

It seems that we will be able to stock up on things in time, but it may be too close if we take the time to put them in place.I thought for a moment that evacuation and installation could be completed with some mistake, but I immediately denied the possibility.

It simply comes from the rule of thumb.If the evacuation is in time, Harold doesn't have to risk his life, but he can't survive without risking his own life, which he loves so much with the death flag.

In that case, it would be more meaningful to consider reducing the difficulty of the danger slightly.

"The white installation has already been completed.It may not be important if it works..... "

"Hmm, I don't expect that from the end."That's why we have red. "

"White Line" in the first stage and "Red Line" in the second stage of the operation activated when the monster starts to act.

If it is not enough, we will have to resort to last resort.Of course, as for Harold, there was a high probability that that would happen.

Phew, exhale one breath at a time.

This case is a battle against time, and many people's lives are at stake.Every hand that can be struck must be struck.

After completing the match between the list and the status quo, Harold sat down early.There are other things we still have to do.

The town of Burston was clearly less lively and more lively than it was when it walked around.Well, if you get touched by the possibility of a big explosion in the town's basement, you probably won't be able to get air like this.

More than that, the question is whether you don't believe the story, or whether you think it is just an exaggeration, or whether there are people who claim that they will not leave this town in response to the evacuation recommendation.

All of a sudden I was told to evacuate because there was a gas build-up underneath the town and there was a risk of explosion, and they couldn't possibly follow suit.

Harold's sight as he looked around captured the man who was just making a fuss.

"Whatever you say, I'm not leaving this house!"

"I know how you feel."It's really not dangerous to stay in this town. "

A man in his thirties is arguing with Keith in front of a private house.Even in front of Keith, who was strong and well-established, he was determined to persist in his will to reject, so he had considerable courage.

His presence will be great for those who refuse to evacuate.

Well, that's why.

"What are you making so much noise about?"

Harold pushed off the Noderma as he watched from afar and split between them.

Nature and the surrounding gaze gathered at Harold.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"He's his employer. So... you're the one who's refusing to evacuate."

"... oh yeah, this is our family's house..."

You're in good hands. In short, you're not going to move even if you die.

Saying no, Harold pulled out the black sword that was hanging over his waist and cut the man off with the same momentum.

It was a very natural and fluid movement.In spite of the barbarism, it seemed to fall in love with the beauty.

The sword was not stained with the fresh blood of a man - it was only cutting through the jacket he was wearing.

After a short interval, the man who understood what had happened snapped his butt so as to collapse without speaking out.At the same time, the screams and groaning from Noderma rose.

"What are you doing...?"

The man tried to question Harold in a trembling voice, but it seemed that he could not continue to speak well.

It's only natural that I should have just experienced the fear of being cut off and killed.

"You have no intention of leaving this town."But if you stay in this town, you will die.You're gonna die anyway, so I'm gonna kill you quick.You and your family together. "

Harold gently told the man that it was nothing.

If you stay in this town, you'll die.If you're prepared to do that, I'll kill you.That's what Harold said, so that the crowds around him could still hear us.

Not only men, but anyone who hears the words, lose it because of the unbelievably murderous thoughts.

“Why are you looking so surprised?You and your family chose to die on your own, and that's just a little sooner. Isn't that right? "

No, everything is different.

The human being in front of us is a monster that is fundamentally different from us, just in the form of a human being.

Many of the people present will feel that way.

"Hey! What's going on!"

Did you hear the noise, or did someone from Nomajima call in?A group of Knightsmen, who were also advising evacuation around the town, rushed to Harold.

When Harold saw it, he snorted his nose and put the sword in the sheath.

You took my life.

When she said she was going to throw up, Harold left the place to run away from the knights who were gathered.

The crowd cracked like a crowd.Everyone turns away from Harold.

The exchange of minutes was a true representation of Harold's reputation among the inhabitants of the town.

However, the Knights' presence was troublesome when this happened.

A few hours after the incident, by the time the night book began to fall, Harold was almost certainly being called in by Lagares.The place was one of the Knights' leased facilities.

Lagareth's expression was originally rugged against Harold, but now it's even tougher.

"I'm going to ask you to explain what you mean."

"Explain? About what?"

“Don't worry. You cut off the residents who refuse to evacuate today.”

"What's wrong with that?"

Lagareth was furious at Harold's attitude, which seemed to be nothing worse.

I grabbed Harold's chest and yelled at him.

"What's the matter?" What are you talking about, trying to take innocent people's lives!? "

As expected of the Knights, Harold admires his sense of justice.

It's not the pose that expresses so much anger at that deed, it's the man with a really strong sense of justice.That's why I can't forgive Harold's past and what happened today.

However, a sense of justice is of no use at this time.

Harold grabbed the chest and returned it to Lagareth.

“Remaining in this town means death.It's a way to make them understand. "


When Lagareth tried to hit Harold.The sound of the door being knocked stopped the raised fist.

Don't miss the moment when the movement stops, Harold prompts him to “let in”.

It was Fiona who opened the door and came in, and the man who was about to be cut off by Harold today.Do you know his face? Lagares is often hardened by the appearance of unexpected people.

Harold didn't miss the weakening of his left hand, which was grabbing his chest.

I've brought allies with me.

“It's late, I thought I'd talk to you beforehand.”

"I'm sorry about that, not Mr. Fiona."The evacuation opposition came to me, and it took me a long time to get out. "

Hmm, but it looks like it worked.

"... wait, what are you talking about?"

“I'll explain it to you.”

This is where Fiona's helper boat enters.Anyway, when Harold tries to explain, he says, "You don't know yet?Apparently, the head is decorative. "It is sure that the provocation will be pinched, and it is her fine play that has detected it.

“Shortly after the conversation the other day, Harold instructed me to 'find someone who is familiar with acting in this town, or someone who has had acting experience'.And he was chosen from among several candidates. ”

"When I was young, it was a small theatre group, but it was active there..."

That's what the man says, a little embarrassed.

If you hadn't noticed this far, Lagareth's expression would have been discouraged.

"What Mr. Harold asked him to do was to" act as a flag bearer for the evacuation opposition for a while and capture the opposition's residents "," perform an act that would kill them in a crowd scrutiny situation ", and" don't tell anyone, including your family, about this case ".Of course, we are not forced to cooperate, but we are negotiating after presenting the benefits. ”

“I wasn't a dissident, and I had no reason to refuse if you offered me more generous compensation after the evacuation.”

"In other words, Harold's aim is..."

“Yes, as you can imagine, the purpose is to tailor the leader of the opposition to herself and make him look like he was frightened.That's why I played a play. "

So what about the dissidents who came to you?

“Most people would come to me to ask about the history of the rumors and what I would do.I told you that if I stayed in this town, my family and I would be killed by Harold, and that I would leave this town before that. "

You're right.

This story will continue to spread among the opposition, and there will be those who will change their minds.

At the end of the explanation, Lagareth asked in a dazed tone.

"Why didn't you talk to me?"

“Fewer people know secrets, as far as possible. Common sense.”

Furthermore, I thought that those who did not know the truth would be able to behave naturally when opposed to Harold.Sid and Eileen are probably the type of people who don't like acting.

Whatever it is, it's all Harold's idea.

Having crushed the top of the opposition, Harold continued to evacuate as many residents as he could, while also preparing to respond to emergencies.

It was a pleasant miscalculation that this incident was an effective one.

The number of people has fallen from small towns, and the speed with which information is transmitted in the narrow communities within them has been remarkable, with reports that many opponents have begun to prepare for evacuation in less than three days.

When this happens, there will be a fairly small number of humans who will remain in their place. It is not impossible to evacuate them by combining the Knights and the members of the Frieli who are in Burston.

Almost there. Evacuation is almost complete.

Harold, who was clenching his fists unknownly, received the news.Well, I knew I was expecting some kind of bad news.

The list that appeared in the room where Harold was staying said so in a sober tone, as usual.

"The scouts have reported that the monsters have begun to act."It's roughly the speed at which we will reach the ground tomorrow evening. ”

"Activate the 'White Line'." After that, take command of the evacuation using the people of Frieli. "

"I was awed."

Harold took the two swords after leaving the list with courtesy.

Although things are going well, the evacuation is not complete.There are still hundreds of inhabitants in Burston.

The time limit is about 30 hours.It will be difficult to complete the evacuation to a safe area by tomorrow even if the means are strong.

The fire was about to be cut off during the retreat, which was a point of reference for many people.