Gashan, the tall noise echoes indoors.

It was a man in his mid-thirties wearing a bearded, blackened stick and a collared military uniform who sprinkled so much noise that he wanted to block his ears with both hands reflexively. He cracked a huge vase about a meter high with a stick he gripped in his right hand.

White petals scatter and leaked water spreads over the deep red carpet.

"How are you going to take responsibility!?

"Sorry! Please forgive me...... Huh!

"Don't be ridiculous, you lowlife!

The man's expression is stained with anger. A ghost phase would be a word I would use to refer to him now.

Rage as a fiery fire does not seem to subside to the extent that it destroyed the vase, and he showers a filthy cursing murmur at a servant who falls on his knees in front of him and continues to vomit words of apology with his head dripping and crying.

Next to him like that, there was also the figure of an elderly woman wrapped in a luminous dress that looked like a boy in his arms and despised a servant. The idea is that a man in military uniform and a woman in a dress are blaming one servant.

Ichiki Hirazawa, who organized the situation, concluded this way.

(... Could this be an event for the game?

And I can only conclude that I think it's crazy, but I naturally have a reason for giving this answer. Ichiki looked familiar with this person and the sight.

The series of interactions now under way in front of him were grossly similar to the one scene of Brave Hearts, a single-person RPG, a home hard software released a few years ago.

The only reason I could remember that instantly was because Ichi is a fan of this game. The number of times he plays around is still in enough with his fingers on both hands.

I can't go wrong because I also remember roughly the lines of the characters in each event scene.

The man in military uniform and the woman in dress are the parents of the characters who appear in the game, and the servant who begs forgiveness in tears is also the mother of the main character.

Grasp the situation to that point, Ichigo, who has been held by the woman in the dress since earlier, falls into a state of extreme confusion and becomes glued.

Why is the character of the game moving, is this real in the first place, and what is happening to me?

Thoughts empty in the questions that spring up one after the other.

There was only one thing that was still clear while understanding could not be driven to the abruptly visited training grounds.

(I suddenly have trouble getting thrown into such a depressive event!?

That's assuming the sight in front of you takes the game scenario, then the servant, Clara's life, is the wind front light.

Although it may be inferred from what Ichiki said as a depressive event, this is an event in which a servant is killed. Clara is robbed of her life by the hands of Harold, the son of the uniforms.

(Where's Harold at heart? In this scene I definitely worried about my mother...... no way)

And Ichiki realizes the fact that it's like a chase. That my current standing is the same as Harold's.

It creates a certain discomfort in the chain. That was due to the height of vision.

Even though he stood on both feet, his vision was considerably lower.

This event scene is portrayed as a retrospective of the past in the making. Detailed years are unknown, but Harold was about ten years old at that time.

Various elements make an unpleasant match.

(Maybe it's me, being Harold...?

That is a thoughtless thought without a thump. It's not like there's any certainty.

But the moment the possibility turned his head, a strong chill ran on his spine.

(No, no, no, what are you talking about? Me. This is a dream, think normally)

Tell yourself to shake off a bad feeling. That is the most common sense and convincing answer.

But even if reason desperately insists that something like this is a fantasy, the warmth of being held together, the ear-beating fury appeals to Ichigo's five senses with realism. No matter how much I denied it, I didn't really think this was a dream.

(So what, if this isn't a dream, do you mean the world of games after all? It can't be... but this realistic feeling is only real... but whatever the world of games is... but if it is, Clara will die!?

With reason, instinct, and disobedient thought, Ichigo can only be dazzled. I wanted to stop thinking as my thoughts repeated their grandeur.

Such a mind moves like a body detached from its own will on its back.

Waving her mother's arms off, her legs took two steps forward.

"It's not worth your ears to beg for your life or anything. I will soon solemnize that filthy blood."

"Wait, Dad. I'll take care of her execution."

A man who tries to take the sword that was on the wall and cut off his servant. From behind it Harold speaks of restraint.

That's a dialogue I'm used to seeing on the screen for Ichigo.

I used to hear Harold talking about a dialogue that wasn't voiced in the original game. Though I have no willingness to intervene there at all.

"To you? What are you gonna do?

"I recently learned some new magic. Let me use it as a test bench. It's a better use than polluting a room with such inferior blood, isn't it?

I could see my mouth angle rising. Ichigo's emotion would be that he has a villainous grin on his back.

Needless to say, there is no room for a grin on Ichi either. It was an intolerable fear for the body to take action against its will after being placed in a situation that was not understood.

Ichigo has not gained so much experience in life that he can be driven in such a state. Humans who can respond ad hoc in this situation will no longer be freaks through calm and excellence.

Happy or unhappy, Ichi was not a freak.

But that means you can't change the flow of this event when you return the back.

"Ho, is that a pleasure too? Until then, throw this woman in the dungeon!

Clara is taken away by a soldier who immediately appears when his uniform raises his voice. Ichiki just drops off his hindsight.

"Filthy mixed blood. He said he hired him for pity, but he couldn't do his job properly."

"It's an inferior species. You're going to try Harold's magic, so it's going to help."

"Well, so is that."

An eye that doesn't even try to hide its disgust, like seeing something dirty. This couple did not recognize their servant Clara as human.

Normally, Ichi would have exposed his discomfort to it.

But the words and actions of the couple do not reach Ichigo's ear, whose horizons have narrowed due to confusion. Even when it arrived, I didn't fully perceive its contents.

Dozens of sudden falling into such a state of self-loss. I didn't even remember one thing about who or what conversation I had with him since then and how he got to this place.

When his consciousness was clear, Ichiki was letting the sofa for one in an unrecognizable room deeply stray his sitting gaze into the void.

"... where am I? Is that Harold's room?

Growling in a powerless voice, he looks around the room all the way with the eyes he was letting swim untouched.

I have never appeared during the game so I don't know exactly, but I could see it being someone's private room from the size of the room and the interior such as a bed with a lid or a sofa sitting on my back.

At the corner of the room there was a big look over the back length of an adult man.

I swallowed the sauce, and Ichi rattled my throat.

Stand up with all your strength on your trembling knees and head to your appearance with an unconstrained foothold.

To confirm my own hypothesis. Praying that the hypothesis is off.

One step, as we approach it again, the heart beats harder and breathes faster and shallower. Yet Ichi will not stop that leg.

And finally, stand in front of your appearance.

I lean down and slowly raise my face where I could only see my own toes.

Relative to his appearance, he opens a lid that was strongly meditating. It was undoubtedly reflected there.

"Lies, you know..."

Ruthlessly, he was the figure of Boyhood and Bumpy Harold.