My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

Prologue class has summoned you to another world. Except me.

Wake up at the same time as every other time,

I went to the same school as all the time,

Live the same life as ever,

Sleep at the same time as usual.

Kamiya Nightingale (Kamiya) lived every day like that.

Night rabbits don't like basic hassles. Therefore, all I do at school is lie on my desk or look out at Bo.

That didn't change when I was in third grade.

I don't even talk to anyone. That's why I haven't had any friends all my life by myself.

Nightingales had a good face and when they had just entered junior high school, there were a few things they could call out to.

But the basically harsh nightcap continued to ignore it, eventually unable to speak up.

Among other things, the rabbit is still stuck at his desk at night in a corner seat in the classroom by himself.

Because it is time off, the class will try to sleep as usual without thinking about the nightingale in a cup of talking. Because that's everyday. But my voice accidentally sounded in my head.

“Yes, thank you. Hello, everyone."

The people in my class began to bother with the voices I heard all of a sudden.

The voice was as high and bright as the voice of a child.

“Yes, yes, I know how you feel, but I can't let you calm down.

That's what the voices say, but the class never calmed down. Conversely, it becomes even more noisy.

(I don't care....... go to sleep)

But at night, the rabbit exhibited a melancholy character in front of him, and he was still trying to sleep even when the class was in a commotion.

“I can't help it." Shut up for a second. ""

The moment my child's voice suddenly went low, I shut up with him. No, they shut me up. Did the Lord of this voice do it? The class hits and changes and quiets back.

(Thank you, now I can sleep well. I don't know who it is, but I did a good job)

When the class calmed down at night, the rabbit went to sleep, thanking the Lord of the Voice for not saying it was a good opportunity.

“Whoa, it's good to be quiet, but don't sleep. I mean, you sleep a lot. 'Wake up' cause we're going to talk about something important."

But when the voice lord said so, my body rose naturally. Hey, what the fuck is this!? Your body won't fall forward!?

Nightingale tried her best to knock her body down, but she didn't move at all.

But still, the nightingale doesn't move and strikes the next move.

(No choice, give up and go to sleep like this)

I thought so. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

“No, so don't try to sleep! How much do you want to sleep!? Just listen to me!"

Then my eyes opened on their own this time. And for some reason, the drowsiness I had earlier is completely gone.

Is this the work of a voice guy like this kid? I forgive you for interrupting my only pleasure. Seriously.

When the nightingale got a little grumpy, the voice lord began to talk about whether he thought this was okay.

“Now we can finally talk! Let's introduce ourselves first. I'm Metron. I'm doing God in different worlds. Nice to meet you!"

He was united in the words of Metron, the Lord of his voice.

No, I don't know if I'm flattered because I can't talk, but I'm sure I'm confused.

The same goes for Night Rabbits.

What are you talking about when you think people are up in the corner listening to you?

Even though Metron is responsible for the night-time rash, he says things like he did, but Night-time rash thought he was listening to Metron.

It's like a lanobe.

Night rabbits have other hobbies besides sleeping. It's a kind of thing that I said lanobe or cartoon, and I usually read it when I'm not sleepy.

“Well, all of a sudden I'm sorry for you guys, but I'm going to have you come to my world now. Of course I have no right of veto."

The class were surprised to see their eyes open, though they could not speak to Metron's words.


Except for the nightingale. From the nightingale, this development was predictable. I'm not surprised.

“Actually, right now in my world, the Demon King is killing and rambling other races, isn't he? I'm gonna ask you to crusade for the Demon King because it's a little unsavory if it stays that way."

Whatever. Well, the temple thing.

“Of course, if you keep going, you'll be killed soon, so I'll improve the skills that I had in your talents."

When Metron said that, he heard pattin 'and fingering in his brain.

“Now you've been given the skills that were in your talents. Most of this will be fine. Then we don't have much time. It's time to summon everyone to another world."

Then suddenly a huge magic formation appeared on the floor of the class.

The demon cube gradually increases the intensity of its light as it lights in yellow.

As the magic team suddenly appeared and the class was astonished, I realized there was a nightingale.

(Is that it? I'm not in this, but are you okay?

Nightingales were in a position where they would not necessarily enter because they were in a round magic formation because they were seated at the end of the class.

As the light of the magic formation grew even more glowing, I just thought so.

“Oh, because in the other world you are to be summoned as brave men. Ask someone from the other world for an explanation about the other world. And don't worry, I'll bring you back when I defeat the Demon King. Then have a good otherworldly life, braves."

With that said, the magic team took the class on board and disappeared into the other world. - Uh-huh. - Leave me alone.

"Seriously........ oh, don't speak up. Your body moves, too."

Nightingale can tell her body is moving ~! and stretched out his body. Well, let's sort things out here first. Why wasn't I the only one summoned first?

"I'm sorry you weren't in the full magic team."

I just honestly think so. Conversely, I can't think of anything else. After that, I was wondering....... nothing in particular.

Sooner rather than later, I wonder what I'm going to do.

"Don't you dare go to sleep"

At times like this, I only go to bed.

Nightingale stuck to her desk and tried to get into the sleeping position, but she was not sleepy at all over why she couldn't sleep.

You still have that kid named Metron?

That kid. Don't do anything extra for me. Next time I see you, I'll hit you with one shot.

But what is it? You have nothing to do, you can't sleep, you're free. Nightingales thought so. I remember something.

Speaking of which, you said you gave him skills or something.

Nightingale remembered Metron's words and thought of them as status in his mind, a translucent image appeared in front of him.

Kamiya Nightingale 15-year-old Man LV1

Health 500/500

Magic 300/300


Appraisal Super Growth Magic Creation

"Oh, seriously, I'm out"

Nightingale looked at the skill section, surprised by the status in front of her. Details of the skills were then shown. That's convenient.


If you think of it as an appraisal, you can appraise the object or person.


Maximize skill growth and acquisition speed.

Magic creation

If you remember the magic you want to create, you can create it. However, the amount of magic consumed is high.

What a user-friendly skill.

Nightingale thought so when she saw the details of her skills.

Even so, magical creation? Do you want to try one?

Nightingale activated the magic creation with the magic she now wants when she thinks so.

(Magic that makes you stronger even when you sleep)

“I have mastered skills, [Sleep Enhancement Magic]”

An announcement sounded in my head.

Seriously, I created it. Surprisingly, it's everything.

Nightingale suddenly dazzled her vision when she thought so. Nightingale fell to her knees on the floor while keeping her head down and was a little confused by the sudden.

(What happened.......)

I remember being in a vanishing consciousness.

(No, it said you use so much magic when you use this)

That's when I understood everything. This is out of magic.

I lost consciousness the moment I thought so.