With a sigh, a girl walks down the hallway.

"I wonder if this is really enough..."

"Don't look so anxious."

In front of the impatient girl, there was a noble girl holding a book with both hands in a dress that was dirty everywhere for some reason.

"Luri... why are you so dirty?"

“Never mind.”

Lugliano stands gracefully as if he were not dirty.

The Earth is a different world from the times and cultures [Anams]

It's been a while since the Heavenly Court was taken by the [Destruction God] Scala, but the Heavenly Court has still not returned.

"How about Miki?" You were training today, right?

"No, I'm doing it, but..."

I don't feel confident.

Although there were small rough spots due to the activities of the Upper House so far, the raids from the demons were also extremely reduced from the beginning.

That's why Miki is cultivating her magic now if she has time.

On the day I returned to Earth, on my way back, I was trained in [transfer magic] after being advised by the Nightingale that I would be able to "go back and forth between different worlds".

However, that effort was in vain and the buds never came out.

"I don't know what I'm doing anymore..."

Are you glad to believe in the Nightingale?

Is this the correct way to work out?

I don't know too much and I'm starting to feel like questioning Night Thunder from now on.

Well then, could you help me a little?

Suddenly I was told that, and Miki's eyes were dotted.

What's this about helping?

It's a treasure hunt!

Say that and show off the book in your hand.

What is that?

"This is from the bottom of an old library in the castle."

The book contained enough deterioration and sorrow to feel the age just by looking at it.

"That's why it's so dirty."

It's something to look for, isn't it?

Miki knew that she had searched quite a bit, even though she seemed cool.

Well, the people around you didn't stop me.

"I didn't tell anyone."

As it is commonplace to say, she is a well-known royalty.

It's hard to imagine what the people in the castle would think.

"I can't sit still, either."


I feel something similar to my determination when I clutch the book.

Miki wasn't the only one worried about the loss of the Heavenly House.

Miki, anxious by herself to find what she could do, was ashamed of herself by putting her hands on her chest.

So, what do you mean by treasure hunting?

When he was forced to change the subject, Lugliano noticed that his strength was increasing, so he took a cough and told me the details again.

"This──── is the diary of your heroes."


A brave man of the ancestors.

Once upon a time, this world was frightened by the domination of the demons as it is now.

It was there that the heroes of the beginning called from another world appeared, just like the Heavenly Houses.

The previous heroes defeated the demon tribe's onslaught and finally defeated the demon king.

But none of the legends know its name or appearance.

I've been thinking about it for a long time, but the predecessor was really there.

Miki gazes at the existence of such a floating existence as if it were a fairy tale, and mutters his diary.

“Don't be rude. This is one of the great histories of our country."

"But the records aren't anywhere, are they?" Although there are other things, there is nothing about the heroes of that ancestor. "

The story of ancient brave men was heard from Lugliano not long after he came to this world.

It's as if you just missed the records of your heroes.

I'm caught in there, too.

With every thought, Lugliano's expression becomes difficult, but it's not like that.

"That's not the point now." According to the book, there is a sword hidden somewhere in the territory of this country that was loved by the heroes of the ancients. "

The sword used by the brave men before you?

Miki is half-hearted.

"According to what is written, when discovered, the sword exerts its power on those who are most worthy of the hero." With this, I'm sure it'll be of help to the Heavenly Court. "

"The bravest of all..."

Having heard that, Miki suddenly thought of him on Earth.

The strength that overpowered them alone was undoubtedly the strongest hero.

"I don't know..."

There is no such thing as not being in this world.

Shake your head and stop thinking.

"Is there really such a convenient thing?"

“Everything is action!”

Lugliano's motivated sniffle.

I thought I might have gathered information that would be useful for the Tenjin courtyard, but I wonder if this is the culmination of my mood.

After all, Miki shouldn't have felt the slightest anxiety, but it seems impossible to stop her.

Tenjin-kun... what are you doing now?

I am thinking of the Heavenly Court, which is somewhere far away, but will this thought reach me?


Where in the world is this place?

The trees are withered, and the sky is dull and polluted.

Even beyond the horizon, there was a presence that showed no sign of any creature, as if it were at the end of the world.


A scream of sneakiness.

He was running at full force, waving his hands wide.

A sword was held in one hand, and the armor, which would have been beautiful in the past, was covered with sand and dirt.

"Hey, how long are you gonna keep running away from me?"

Literally dominating the sky is a mighty female warrior with crimson hair wearing bikini armor.

"No, that's not true!" What am I supposed to do!? "

"I told you about the weaknesses." All you have to do is attack it! "


All I had to do was ask.

The female warrior, who was called the master, began to pierce the still sight, and the man continued to run hard while crying.

"Fai! You think you can become stronger like that!!"

"There's just something wrong with you!!"

"Ah!? Are you complaining?!"

"Excuse me!!"

Struck by a murderous aura, it flies an apology at a rate equal to the reflection.

A man called Hikaru, Hikaru Tenjo-in was admiring the [Destruction God] Scala for his training.

"It's an eyeball!! Aim for the eyeball!!"

Ignoring Scala's advice, the Upper House keeps running.

There is no shame, there is no external shame, but the desperation to escape to live is very different from the Heavenly Court at that time.

This monster with countless eyeballs on its dirty slime-like body, which was over 30 meters long, was approaching the Heavenly Court while opening a large cavity with no idea of its mouth.

"Can you hear me?! If you crush all the eyes, you can win!"

If possible, I'm doing it!!

"Ahh!? What's with the mouth to your master!!"

"Excuse me!!"

I apologize as soon as this scylla releases its murderous intent.

It has become a habit in the past.

"I have to hurry. Everything in the world will disappear."

Arm in boredom, frightened.

"Huh!?!?... someday, I'll kill you!"

What did you say?

"No! Anything!!"

The Heavenly Court ran, holding back the rage that burst out.

It's still a long way to get home.