My Exclusive Dream World Adventures

Chapter 1 Virtual Dream Equipment

At 5: 49 p.m., in Norden's office, it was quiet.

Chen Xu leaned back against the back of the chair and clamped a signature pen under his nose. He stared at the computer screen and seemed to be thinking about something difficult.

Actually, he's stunned. He's about to leave work. He's wondering where he's going to eat.

Old Tang, sitting behind him, came over and whispered, "Old Wang said he was going to invite a new colleague to dinner, I'll remember later. ”

Another dinner party?

Chen Xu had a headache and hesitated for a second. He said, "I get it. ”

The old king is their supervisor, this boss is good at everything, just a little. If he can't move, he likes to eat together. He has to come at least two or three times a month.

He basically hides if he can. But this time to welcome new colleagues, it's not good to go.

Besides, he made excuses for the last two dinners. If he doesn't go this time, it is estimated that Wang will remember his little book.

He felt a little depressed when he thought of wasting two hours after work on a boring dinner.

He doesn't have a problem with his colleagues, but he prefers to be alone after work.

Most importantly, after sending the money home last week, he didn't have much to live for. They all ate AA...

He couldn't help but sigh. He had worked hard enough to get to work. After work, time could not be at his disposal. That's enough for a day like this.

When are you going to get rid of all this triviality and live the life you want?

“Beep ——”

“Language calibration complete, virtual dream device activated, start authentication -”

Chen Xu heard a sudden noise in his ear. He jumped. His hands trembled and his pen fell to the ground.

What's that noise?

For a moment, he had a lot of thoughts in his head, and when he picked up the pen by bending over, he measured several of the colleagues next to him and couldn't see anything unusual.

It's not like a joke that colleagues collude.

Is that a hallucination?

And then the voice sounded again.

“Authentication failed, go to tourist mode. ”

“Welcome to experience this product, manufactured by Xingyu Virtual Equipment Manufacturing Group, which allows you to experience 100% virtual reality dreams with many scenarios to choose from, giving you a wonderful dream life. ”

Chen Xu instantly felt his tongue dry. In addition to his voice, a page appeared in front of him with an icon in it. Like a virtual computer desktop.

To verify, he closed his eyes and reopened them a few seconds later.

The page is still, in the middle, the HD color icon, so prominent.

His heart beats wildly.


Shortly afterwards, after work time, Chen Xu was still immersed in shock. It was not until old Tang photographed him that he came back to his senses.

“After work, what are you still standing there for?” Old Don asked strangely.

“Nothing." He looked up, all the other colleagues were gone, packed up and said, "Let's go. ”

The department picked a nearby restaurant for this gathering.

There were eleven people in the advertising department, and when they arrived at the restaurant, they made up a table.

The new colleague is a sister, everyone is very enthusiastic, not because of how beautiful she looks, it is almost the end of the year, the marketing department will soon become very busy, one more person to share the work, everyone is naturally happy.

Most of those present were young people, and the atmosphere quickly grew warmer.

The only disharmony was Chen Xu's place, where he had been quiet and seemed distracted.

Others didn't care. When we used to have dinner together, Chen Xu didn't talk much. Everyone was used to it.

After eating, everyone will be separated. I have to go to work tomorrow. I can't play too late, so as not to affect my work.

After closing, Chen Xu took Old Tang's car back.

In the car, Tang suddenly asked, "Chen Xu, are you okay? Chen Xu, Chen Xu..."

He called several times in a row. Chen Xu, being stunned, just reacted. He wondered, “Hmm? ”

Old Tang was even more worried. He asked, "After work, you've been worried sick. Is something wrong? ”

“Nothing, just thinking about things. ”

Chen Xu tapped his forehead gently, lowered the window a little, blew the wind outside, and cleared his head.

He has been studying the Virtual Dream Device since he left work, which makes him look distracted.

Old Tang looked at him and said, "Is there a problem at home? I still have 20,000 yuan for my private room. You can use it first. ”

“No, it's not...” Chen Xu quickly explained, “It's not this. I'm thinking about something else. ”

“Mm-hmm.” Tang nodded and said, "It's really hard, just say it. Don't live with your face. ”

Chen Xu warmed his mind and said, "Thank you. ”

Don didn't say anything more, he started the car.

Chen Xu felt lucky to make friends like Tang. Old Tang graduated from the same university as him, five years higher. When he joined the company, the two met.

It is precisely because of this layer of relationship that old Tang usually takes good care of him.

He was grateful for Don, but he didn't want to talk to Don, even if it was harder.

Old Tang was only married a short time ago. Mortgages and car loans are repayable every month. The pressure is not much lower than his.


After more than half an hour, Chen Xu's rental house arrived. The location is relatively skewed. It is a 10-minute walk to the nearest bus station.

He rented a studio, about 20 square meters. There is only one single bed and a computer table. It's a little small, but there's a private bathroom, enough for one person.

The key is cheap, the cost of living in this city is quite high, and rent is often the biggest expense, and it's not easy to find a place close to the company where rent is cheap. He was also lucky to find this place.

He put down his briefcase, lay down in bed, took his cell phone, looked at the bank balance prompted in the text message, 499.32 yuan, some headaches, more than half a month to pay his salary, that's all there is left, it looks like he can only strain his pants belt for the rest of his life.

Then he remembered the “virtual dream device” and hesitated. Should we go in?

This unsurprisingly appeared, suspected of being a product of black technology or systems, he turned it over for half a day, without even a manual.

Normally, this device does not actively appear on his retina, but only after he has “woken up", with only one icon on it that says, "Do you want to enter the dream of" Surviving the End of Life "? ”

When his attention is focused on this line of words, he is given a brief hint that he can choose the same item or a companion to enter the dream. A number of items and character templates are provided above.

Moreover, he carefully discovered a hidden option to replicate something in reality, or a person entering a dream, instead of choosing what the dream offers.