My Girlfriend is the Cutest in the World

Chapter 76, the world's first cute

Su Lin is going to come back.

To now, they have two months old. I don't want her to stay up late. Every time I call it half an hour.

Birthday is an excuse, he concentrates time after the recent job in the school, talking with the mentor, just on the weekend, so there is a four-day holiday.

The instructor is actually very good. When he said the reason, he said that he wanted to go home for a birthday, and the old man laughed directly, and did not dismantle him.

I started to the United States, because he itself is a little-night, when he is not ruled, it is extremely painful, and the sleep is less than the climate is not adapted. He is sick once.

When I called, the little girl was worried, giving him dozens of medicines to buy, and did not know where to find some ways to mitigate the eyes of the headache, and they sent him directly.

If he said that he has medicine, maybe people can write a small papers.

At that time, I listened to her soft voice in bed. I have always asked. I have a good job. If you have forgotten your medicine, you are not bother, I hang it.

At that time, he was in the heart of the brain and wanted to go.

Back to have her country

So, when the mentor is a little strangely, flying back to China's more than 20 hours, immediately Christmas a cold, how can you wait a month?

He didn't answer, I laughed.

Can't wait.

I really want to die his little girl.

As before I wanted to surprise her, he said what little girl believed, was surprised so many times, and he didn't suspect that there was no suspicion. He felt that he was happy and gratifying.

After all, this is also very good, hi is uncertain, at least all surprises can really surprise her.

This time, after the phone told her video time, he turned it over there.

I thought about it was to go to her dormitory downstairs to go out to eat, come and become bigger.

He didn't expect to hit this scene once.

He sat in the torque in the longitudinal torque in the bench, and the white jacket looked very thick, the dark jeans bag with a slim leg, he clearly heard her mobile phone is very big. The exaggerated two sounds, then stopped the footsteps.

A little curious, what she can say.

At that time, he didn't realize what she was not angry. I only felt that she was just sitting downstairs.

Until the little girl lowered his head, Titan clearly: "I want a wish, I will see my senior."

Her tail swirls, Su Lin first reacted for a while.

Immediately, this school is not as he himself. She has already smashed his mouth, deep and low, shoulder jitter.

She cried, quiet quiet.

His heart is like a hand, there is a few minutes, the eyes are staring at her direction, and there is still a root of the feet.

Safe for a long time, I slowed this, and he was almost immediately to her.

Just now, he intends to want to marry her.

Unexpectedly, the last sentence "Tell the Secretary", just gave her brutal to the brothers and tweet, grabbed his clothes, crying than just fierce.

She cried a lot, said, "I have been intermittent," I saw my mother ... she has a new home, she gave birth to a child ... so little, so little child, she follows the man Children are ... ... "

"I asked her, why didn't you ask me to have a good time, she cries, what is her crying ... I finally want to ask her, my mother has thought about me, so many years, you still remember You have a daughter ... "

"But I don't know what she will say, I am afraid ... I haven't asked, I finally told her, you have a little child, don't abandon him, good to him, don't let him become the second me ... "

"Secretariat ..." She used her hand on his waist, and he even felt a painful feeling. "My mother doesn't want me."

I heard the moment of this sentence.

It's like a hammer, my heart is unrecognized.

Su Lin has been holding her, did not speak, kissed her tears dripping down, shot her back, she turned into a small group of his little stories, from the beginning crash, Slowly peacefully.

The little girl slowly lifted his head. The long eyelaming is wet, and the corner of his coat. Enough."

I am afraid that he doesn't believe, she added another sentence, "Really, I promise!"


Sometimes, speech is weak.

Just like now.

I have never spoken it, because he can't comfort her, Luyuanyuan, you don't want you to forget her - or, talk directly about the three words, nothing.

How can I forget.

How could be fine.

Su Lin, watching her eyes, the tears on the face did not do it, the hope of the expression made him feel that he may be the deputy pill she wants.

He nodded: "Okay, I comfort you."

He did not let her forget it forward.

I haven't perfused that she is fine.

He looked into her eyes and simple only three words.

--"you have me."

Su Lin is open for two days.

That thing has passed in the past, she went to the community, so that she was surprised that Xu Li actually apologized her.

Luyuanyuan did not blame him for a second.

He didn't do anything from his head to the end.

After that, the two people did not take the previous pendulum mode - although it would always be more than before, it is much better than her mind.

After all, it has already set the direction in the future. It is no longer mathematics. The Luyuanyuan is also looking for an internship related to the graduate professional.

Successful schools and majors were written on your resume. I didn't know whether it was a big reputation in Guard. It was too loud, and every resume of her investment got an interview opportunity.

Several Basic Basic Basic Basic Decided, there are several small-scale companies to finalize her on the same day, but she did not immediately promise.

Because I feel that my competitiveness is not bad, the Luyuanyuan is still waiting.

- Until the biggest most thought of the most wanted, the heart finally put down.

Her internship S City is a branch office, headquartered in B.

Luyuan Garden did not want to cross the resume of the headquarters - after all, grandparents are in the city, she stay here is also convenient for future thesis and the mentoring.

At the end of November, the United States put Thanksgiving holiday, Su Lin did not come back because of Project there.

Two weeks before Christmas, he put in a cold, stay with her in the city half a month, and returned home for half a month.

When the New Year, Luyuanyuan took over, once again, with grandparents, I went to the small county.

In addition to nothing, everything is fine.

On the day of the New Year, she forced her to sleep during the day. I didn't know how many hours. When I had time, I went to sleep, my grandmother thought she was sick.

she is not.

She is a purpose.

At 11 o'clock in the evening, the living room will soon be able to go to the climax, she quietly junk into her room, finger flying quickly, giving Su Jun to the WeChat video call.

She has a good time on the United States, there should be 10 o'clock in the morning.

"Students!" After connecting, she immediately said: "Good New Year!"

"... ah." Su Lin was dark, he didn't conscious "ah", dragging the tail, very dumb, the sexy is comparable to his just finished.

Luyuanyuan listened to red face.

She quietly touched her ear, whispered to education: "You stay up late ... Don't stay up late, you have to get better early, get up early, do you want to regenerate?"

"..." The sound came over there, and then "", lit up a light, light yellow, looked very warm.

She knows that Su Lin habits the curtains to sleep - pulled it very dead, not translucent.

So he chose to open the headlights instead of going down the bed, don't I plan to get up ...

Luyuanyuan did not consciously got a mouthful, did not wait, he came back again in the morning, "I still said to me? ... Now, why do you stay up late?"

She is coming to the stream: "I am for you!"

His face appeared on the screen.

He lie down, because there is no fat, so looks like it, his eyebrows, "For me?"

"I decided today," Luyuanyuan thought I thought I still feel very excited. "Dear, I didn't stay in the night, I may be the first time this year!"

His eyebrow flashed, stunned for a few seconds, then looked at the lens in the eyes, his eyes wide: "... Tight night? Do you want all night today?"

Is there such a surprised ...

"Yes!" Luyuanyuan changed a posture to sit on the bed, somewhat dissatisfied, "You are not ... not a person ... I want to accompany you."

"..." His expression is again stunned.

Luyuanyuan, etc., wait until he came back to God, and worn off at her, "I know."

The Luyuanyuan nodded, ready to talk to him, play -

"You go to sleep, don't have to accompany me," he looked at the lips, smiled very light, but the obvious mood is very good, "Hey."

Luyuanyuan: "..."

Luyuanyuan declares his status: "I have been sleeping today, basically in addition to eating is sleeping, I have already slept."

"Just to stay with you!" She blinked him, "I really super spirit ... that case, wait for you to chat with me, I will sleep, do you go?"

"..." he was silent for a while.

Suddenly turning over the body, start laughing, the phone is placed on one side, shaking very powerful, obviously because of laughing -

What can he laugh?

It is definitely her.

"Hey," Luyuanyuan is shy and angry, "What are you laughing! You laugh again. I have to hang it. -!"

Laughter stands.

He slowly sat up from the bed, dialing his hair, it was a bit fluffy, and the Luyuanyuan facing his eyes, as if the email was powered.

How have someone just got up ... Just look good.

She hurriedly transferred the topic: "... Are you got up?"

"It depends on you." He said.

"... ah?" Look her?

"You give me," he said, lifted his hand, slender forefinger, doctrine, and hooked a tempting arc, "You kiss me early, I will start."

"..." Luyuanyuan stared at him to make long neck ... The following clavicle.

Pajamas is the buckle, the neckline is large and loose, the two clams are almost completely exposed, the symmetry, beautiful shape, she started to live in a daze.

"Don't give it?" His voice pulled her back, "Don't give it, I am starving to the bed is my girlfriend."

He is calm and saying, but it is ... rogue.

Luyuanyuan is not not wanting.

"But ... How do you give it?" They are not there!

Su Lin laughed, "Simple."


The night of the Luyuanyuan was half-night successful night, she kept to sleep before dinner, she couldn't help but sleep.


Learn a new one and frequently use the skills in the future video call.

She actually has only one feeling.

...... It turned out that the screen kissed, but it was ashamed than the real kiss.

After a year, the days in the second half of the second half have been going to take the rocket.

As a girlfriend, Luyuan Park, after a big four life, it is basically a copy of his old way.

Travel internship report, grab the topic tutor, write the paper, and defense.

Since the beginning of March, it is like the gyro, and I will find it.

After graduation, everything goes well. This is the Su Lin, he has false, can catch back - the result is that the rainstorm is delayed too long, to go to the city tomorrow night.

The Luyuanyuan has a little bit of loss.

Soon it quickly.

The graduation ceremony was held in the Great Gift Hall of C. After the opening, the photo was taken in the auditorium. The time behind it was a big pile of people together, wearing a bachelor's service, all kinds of looking for teachers to find a selfie or him.

There are also many people in the Luyuanyuan.

The computer society graduated in the same year, and the same class has been classmates, and there are three roommates.

Unlike other dormitory, their dormitory is all intended to go to B - still in a city, even if they are not separated.

"You look this! I will take the garden super beautiful!" Wang Yhan came from the voice of the small call, Luyuanyuan smiled and walked over, "Where?"

She hasn't seen it yet, Lin Wei took Wang Yihan mobile phone, "It is the trick just now," she felt the ground, "she took the thief you took, gave me the whole eye, mad at me! I took me again and I sent it to you. "

After that, I turned a big white eye to Wang Yanyin.

They have a different style of these people, but they want to be a long phase, and they don't know if they are friendly filters, and the Luyuanyuan feels that every one has every look.

There were still some people in the school forum say that several flowers were all in their dormitory. She particularly agreed that I gave the man.

Girls will always have endless energy.

Now I am turned to Luyuanyuan, holding mobile phones in the front selfie, she is working hard, and the number of edges tell the three people, "3 - 2--"

"1" has not yet said it.

The crowd around suddenly began to bustle, a person walked from her, and she turned her arm.

The lens is .

Luyuanyuan helplessly smashed the arm, I am planning to pick up -

"Who is this trough! Good Hao Madao - Well? How is it a bit more familiar ... ah! I am here is Su Lin !!"

"Ah, ah, I didn't see Su Xi Chang in a year. I really don't happen. The art system can't find a color like him!!! I can't take a few photos. stand up……"


"The handsome is a handsome, but what is our graduation, what do he do?"

"Hey, what is your head? People talk about the four years of girlfriend to graduate with you, and pulled the poster of your chasing the forum. The memory of goldfish ??"

"Ah, ah, a good man wears a suit, I am really, he is close to me! He went over !!! I am dead -!"


Ok? ? ? Who? ? ?

I heard the crowd around him, and Luyuanyuan suddenly didn't have a photo of the mind, letting go down the phone immediately.

From the first time I saw Su Lin, the Luyuan Garden met a completely different category.

Whether he did what, sleep, normal walk, throw garbage, and ordinary movements, it seems to be a moving absorber.

This person, once again lied her.

Speaking of a raining? Delay?

She can't help but laugh.

Not the first time, every time she lied her for surprises, and she actually once again, and he was too high.

Su Lin wears a pure black suit, the upper jacket has not been buckled, exposed the white shirt inside, the legs are long - she doesn't know how to describe it.

Although he is very high, just see that the muscles under his clothes are basically can't see the muscles under his clothes, and it is completely a young man.

Step step by step approaching her, the normal pace speed, it seems to be the same as the slow lens.

Luyuanyuan felt that he was with him for so long, why can you so don't work.

Look at it once.

There is a big whisper than just a big whisper, Wang Yi Han and Lin Wei are also drinking, she is completely invisible.

Walking clothes shelf stands in front of her.

The Luyuanyuan found that the clothes shelf also took a bunch of flowers - the limelight of the flower was robbed, she didn't pay attention at all.

He only waves the latency of the plane, and directly put the flower forward, "graduation is happy."

"..." she took over, smelling the fragrance, couldn't help but laugh, "Thank you ..."

Her line of sight hits the layer of laminated petals, a dark black small box lying in the flower in the middle of the bouquet.

The moment of Luyuanyuan is like a real thing, and it seems that the mind is empty.

She is able to lift his head.

"I have said before," Su Lin smiled, reached out and took out the box, "I will marry you after I will come back."

He finished.

Suddenly there is no sign of her knees in front of her, one hand is holding black velvet box, is a state of opening.

The inside is lying on a ring, the stupid carvings, many exquisite decorations around the shining the most, with his slight action undulating, reflect the beautiful light.

He is half-taking the head, the back is straight, this Luyuan Garden has seen countless postures in the TV series of grandmother, and put it on him.

To be honest, there are no good looking at the actor of the male protagonist.

Su Lin stopped for a few seconds.

Then I said a few words.

"We separate this year, my state is probably, see all pink little things first think of you."

"Eat delicious, the first thing I want to bring you."

"I saw a high-quality girl like you, I started to want to see you."


From the second sentence, she has been picking the nose, and her eyes have a bit hurt.

She looked down with the throat.

Luyuanyuan. "

He hasn't been called a big name for her three words for a long time.

She quickly wiped out a little bit of tears, reminding him, the nasal sound, "Well."

Everything around it is diluted, and the Luyuan Garden shields all, only receives his voice, and it is afraid to miss a word.

"My parents like you," he slowed down speed, "I want to give you a home."


Luyuanyuan lifted his hand and rubbed his right.

She strives to have a big left eye to continue to see him.

"I want to give you my life to you." His eyes are a little red, people are smiling, like a laughter of her countless times, "You are willing?"

Her line of sight is completely sealed, and it is a piece of . She heard that he said "Willing" and said more than once.

The hand is gently pulled, the ringless finger is a cool ring.

Her one of her hand was opened, and she came from the top of the head. "I know you want to cry."

Then - is familiar with everything, his breath, his chest, his arms around her.

She returned to his waist, suddenly had courage, I want to give all the ideas to him.

Su Lin hugged the people, and when he watched her.

Luyuan Garden is very beautiful today, maybe the roommate gives her makeup, the end of the eyes is fine, the rounded eyes are brought a little, just in the old, the crowd, he feels his small The girl is the most conspicuous.

However, the little beauty of the original Heli chicken is now crying all the makeup, and the halo is dyed, complete a small flower cat.

Su Lin noticed the expression of the small flower cat.

He opened his hand slightly and made her more comfortably.

"Secretary, you know my parents ......... You know all my things," she is red, but I don't know why, I haven't tears, I stare at him, "So I was encountering you before, in fact I feel that I may not marry in this life. "

So, I am really afraid, she is afraid that she has become a person in her parents in one day.

Su Lin did not consciously swallow the throat.

He wants to say something, but can't come in the scorpion.

"But for you, I have no resistance to you." She said.

"I am afraid of feelings, love, I am afraid that I am because of these moments." The little girl seems to be mixed, with a lonely hit his atrium, "But ... is you "

I don't believe in love, from the head to the end, I only believe you.

Just because ... is you.

He understands.

This is really ...

"Is it going to cry today?" He licked her ear, and did not make it, "Well?"

"No ..." She complained to her, "I was crying."

I didn't listen to her with the soft scorpion. After the sound added the nose, it was as simple as his heart.

"Secretary," she finished, and suddenly, "... Su Lin."


"I ..." Her great eyes filled the water again, "I really like you ..." She suddenly cried, why, like a child, I don't know who is alive, "I am the most Like you ... "

"..." Su Lin was laughed by her, and she cried his heart and wiped her eyes. "Well, you like, no one will grab it with you."

The more rubbed the tears, he helpless, tightly leaned over her face, looking at her eyes, shouted her, "Baby, baby, don't cry, you see me."

"... um?" The little girl tears looked up.

"You still don't remember, when is our first time?"

She tied his mouth, sucking the nose, "Remember ... French class."

Dihuang, the torch, he was in the elective class because she took the key to the elective class.

He didn't want to have a table, so he was sleeping, and his body and mind were not resistant when he was photographed.

One lifted.

She has morning light behind her, standing in front of him as a little fairy, and the eyes are clear, and the sound is soft and sweet, said, classmates, I am sorry, can you let go?

Then he really let it

Let her whole person, hung in his heart.

I like it inadquirting, just take root in the depths of the heart, take bout, and grow up.

Recalling, the ladder classroom has a single table and chair, the professor of French class, the surrounding pan, everything is blurred.

Until her -

Memory fragment starts to color, all time is vivid because of her.

His memories, his youth, all of his.

It is all of her light.


"... What is the first time - oh!" Luyuanyuan still wants to ask, but he suddenly hosted to seal his lips.

The wooden fragrance on his body is still clear, and her lips are soft and cool, she closes his eyes, and she wants to respond to him.

"Baby," Su Lin let her, hook his mouth, fingertip in her eyes, the sound is low, "you just have the most favorite, not so."

"Don't say the most favorite you," he kissed her lips bitted, and suddenly left a moment, seriously teaching: "It should be - I love you."



In the summer of June, the sky is very blue, the cloud is very light, all things are beautiful, the sky is round, the soft wind strokes face, like who is the pointer.

Can encounter you, can hug you, you can love you.

Can get the same response.

He is fortunate.

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