My Inseparable House Guests

Chapter 1 Hello, I'm Edogawa Conan

When Fang Ze made sure that his cat could talk, the first thing he thought of was whether he would be able to spend his time in the best clubhouse in Haiping if he sold this big yellow cat, which was earthy and fat. All day long.

"No one believes that a cat can talk." The big yellow cat licked his cat's paw and said, "I can guarantee that you will be locked up in Haiping Second Hospital for observation and treatment for a period of time before I am sold. ."

Haiping Second Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital in Haiping City. It has a glorious tradition that patients can only enter and leave for 20 years. That is to say, this hospital has not cured a mental patient in a full 20 years.

"Okay, okay." Fang Ze raised his hand and surrendered, "cat master, you suddenly spoke today. Is there something you told the younger one to do? Is it to hit the dog next door or catch the fish raised in the bathtub downstairs?"

"You are very conscious of being a shit shoveler." The big yellow cat said to Fang Ze, shaking his tail, "Don't worry, it's not such a vulgar thing."

"But before I do that, I have to correct one thing first." said the big yellow cat. "During the year and four months when you were a poop shovel officer, you always called me Huang Huang. This name is very different. Nice, you can call me big cat in the future."

That aesthetic is so strange that it can't be added, the big cat in the mobile game Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen?

"Of course not, it's just the same name." The big yellow cat once again saw Fang Ze's conjecture, flicked his tail, and said, "Then it's time to talk about serious matters."

"Are you short of money?"

"Lack." Fang Ze said to Da Miao honestly, "Others don’t know, don’t you still know, my monthly living expenses are 2,000 yuan, originally this two-bedroom and one-living room was shared with others. , A month only needs to pay seven hundred yuan, but now the co-renting partner suddenly left, and now just one month’s rent is fourteen thousand, not to mention I eat, even you eat It’s all a problem. Don’t think about adding ham to lunch every other day."

"So I'm here to solve this problem for the shovel officer." Da Miao said to Fang Ze, squinting his eyes, "Sign a work contract with me. You only need to receive one guest every week to come to this house. For five days, you can get a remuneration of two thousand yuan."

"Really?" Fang Ze raised his head and looked at Da Miao, with an inexplicable sense of absurdity in his heart.

How about introducing yourself to work for your own cat?!

"Of course it is true. Two thousand a week, the money will be credited to your bank card account immediately after the reception. If you perform well, there will be additional rewards."

Two thousand a week, a minimum of eight thousand a month, this is an instant jump from the subsistence line to the middle class.

However, for such a generous salary, I am afraid that there are additional reasons, for example, the identity of the guests who need to be hosted by themselves will be very special?

"Of course there are requirements for reception." Da Miao said, "Within five days, no matter where you go, the guests you receive must be at least 100 meters away from you."

"What happens if two people are separated by more than 100 meters?" Fang Ze asked, looking at Da Miao.

"Do you know there is a word called in-situ explosion?"

"Forget it, I can't do this job, you can find someone else." Fang Ze refused directly and decisively.Although he often likes to say that he is exploding in place when there is a big headwind in the game, this does not mean that he is really willing to feel the feeling of an explosion in place in the real world. After all, it feels like he can only feel it once in his life.

"Think about your rent." Da Miao lured. Confused.

"While doing a part-time job, I will find another co-tenant, and then eat in the cafeteria every day. I can survive."

"Think about me, do you have the heart to let me have no ham in my future lunches?" Da Miao said again.

"When I was rich, what you would eat what I ate, but now that I don’t have any money, it’s naturally the same. It’s fair.

"Think of your Onmyoji, FGO, Jisan."

"You can play games without money, can't I still live without Krypton?"

It is absolutely impossible for Fang Ze to sell his soul for playing games.

"Think about the girlfriend you just made, think about the shy pockets you got when you dated." Da Miao used a killer trick.

"I, I." Fang Ze was silent.

The girlfriend Fang Ze had just made was a ten-year childhood sweetheart. It took them ten years to establish their relationship with each other. It is impossible for them to be together just now. If you go out on a date, you will spend your girlfriend's money.

Fang Ze felt his man's dignity burning in his chest.

Da Miao smiled and looked at Fang Ze, and said slowly, "Do you want to do it?"

"Fuck!" Fang Ze agreed immediately.

"The contract is established." Da Miao rushed up with a vigorous step, and then with a wave of the cat's paw, he directly imprinted a five-petal plum mark on Fang Ze's forehead.

"This is true?"

"That's right." The big yellow cat wagged its tail excitedly, like a demon abducted its soul.

"What am I going to do next?" Fang Ze asked.

"Just wait for the guests to come to the door. When someone knocks on the door, you remember to open the door, and then invite the person to stay for five days. When the person leaves, two thousand dollars will be credited to your account. "

"I regret it a bit now." Fang Ze was still very worried about this kind of supernatural unfolding.

"After the contract is established, it is impossible to revoke." Da Miao search rushed to the front of the TV in the room, and then continued, "My current strength can't keep me talking. Let's see you in five days."

Da Miao said and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, her pupils no longer had the brilliance of the devil, and she changed back to the ordinary, delicious, lazy, fat yellow cat that occasionally scratched the sofa.

"Big Meow?" Fang Ze shook his hand at the yellow cat. The big yellow cat raised his head and glanced at Fang Ze. He didn't seem to understand why his owner changed his name.

Fang Ze experimented for a long time and found that the big yellow cat was really just an ordinary fat cat now.

Is it my own fantasy just now?

Fang Ze walked to the standing mirror in the living room, looked at it, and found that there was a five-petal plum mark on his forehead.

It seems that what just happened was not a fantasy.

Fang Ze washed his face with cold water, then went to another bedroom and tidied up the beds and everything so that the upcoming guests could move in at any time.

Well, simply sweep the ground and drag it again, if it is a girl, you can make a good impression.

Fang Ze had just cleaned up his kennel when the doorbell rang.

'Ding Dong.'

It looks like the guest who is about to stay in is here.

Fang Ze walked towards the door, and looked outside from the cat's eye first, and found that it was a pupil standing at the door.

It turned out to be a child, I said, how come two thousand yuan a week, it's probably a bear child, that would give such a high price.

Fang Ze opened the door thinking about it.

He could finally see the whole picture of the child standing outside the door.

He has black hair, black-rimmed glasses, a round face, and the hair on the back of his head is curled up as if not awake.

This way, I look familiar.

"Hello, I'm Edogawa Conan." The little boy bowed to Fang Ze, "I will be a guest at your house for five days in the future. Excuse me."

Da Meow, there is no ham in your lunch in this life.