My main god is Huiye

My main god is actually Hui Night Chapter 1

My main god is actually a brilliant night.:

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The principal of others is clearly a soft cute girl, and sometimes it will give the host benefits from time to time, but why I arrived here is Penglai Mountain Hui night mouth! One [Neet Ji] in the area!

Actually, I as a GAL male master start playing games! (This story is purely fictitious, if there is similarity, purely coincidence, do not imitate.)

Chapter 1 Main God Girl? Glow night?

Fantasy hometown, a border that is considered to be existing in the depth of the mountains away from Japan. There are many non-human organisms such as monsters, but there are also a few humans living. Because of the strong nuntees to cover the exterior of the fantasial hometown, the world is unable to confirm the existence of the fantasy town. The outside world is usually unable to enter the fantasy town. However, it can drop some things from the outside world. Most of the Aboriginal people in the fantasy town are not interested in these things. But only a half-demon is keen to pick up these "broken". Even open the store and take things with these outsides to sell ....... Of course, generally, what is the amount of things he sells.

At this time, the door of Xianglin Tang, I just completed a transaction, the help helpless, this is the first few times, I took so good things, but I only went to pay such a money, but evil Mingming Yongyuan is a very rich big gold owner. It must be such a master. Good, old customers, can't be so too much.

Lin Zhiyao recalls that Penglai Mountain will see the excitement of various electrical and GAL games when I came from others, and the mouth is not convulsted. He never thought of seeing such an expression from the girl's face. Perhaps it is precisely because the impression left in the first time is too bad, and the night feels too rude, so no one person to buy games, and always let the three major generals recognized by the fantasy town - is coming.

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"It's great! I know that Xianglin Tang must have new goods! Oh !!! Well ~ Since this kind, in order to celebrate, I will play this game tonight!"

In your own room, I waited for a long time, I finally waited until the purchase of Kensham, excitedly got a bite of the game CD in your hand, and then drilled back to your room, "Hey!" I fell the door, and I still waited for her instructions.

"Public, Princess" ... "Kenai is helpless to enter the brilliant night of the room, have been muttered in his mouth," Ming tomorrow is all overnight, but also use so bad excuses, if you know Words .....! Master! "

When I said that, I saw a switch that was opened. The cold sweat left from the horns, and after two or three seconds, I immediately turned and shouted. "It's finished, all the princess got me to buy something, After the teacher's trial time !!!!! "

I don't care about the Xiu Xian, I can't wait to put the CD into the computer, and then install it.

"~~~" looks at the progress of the progress, and the look is looking forward to the screen. "What game is this? I look forward to it !!"

At this time, this time, the computer screen of the shame picture is a black, but only a few seconds of hardfart, a light white dialog, bounce out.

"Do you want to understand the meaning of life? If you want to real ........" "Yes / No"

Looking at the dialog box appearing on the computer, glory in the night. I hesitate, "This ... the main god? , how is it, hey, Lin Zhi must be a virus CD!"

Thinking of viruses, Hui Night couldn't help but worry about the game that still stored on the computer, immediately clicked "No".

However, there is no waiting for glow night to continue, and the dialog box on the screen suddenly changed.

However, there is no waiting for glow night to continue, and the dialog box on the screen suddenly changed.

"Since I choose, let others know the meaning of living!"

"Hey? What is it? The script is not so written. Why do you have such a conversion!" Hui Night is surprised to watch the computer. However, I haven't waited for him to surprise, and her consciousness is blurred, and then the whole person is in front of the computer. If you don't leave a moment, the figure of Hui Night is slow, and it will eventually disappear.

*****, Well, the protagonist is finally appeared! *****

Shake a bit of faint head, Ye Feng slowly slammed from the ground, it seems to be a coma for too long, he is not suitable for the radiance around.

At this time, an impatient voice thought in his ear.

"Well? I finally woke up, really, actually let the body wait for so long."

I heard this voice, Ye Feng frowned, then looked back. I saw a positive side of the girl wearing a simple pajamas sitting there, as the waterfall was blocked, the dark hair was vertical. The exquisite face is less, breathing. It seems to be because I waited too long, the girl looked at his eyes, and his face was also slightly tight.

"It's so familiar ... I don't make sense, I am so cute girl. If I have seen it, I will have a deep impact, but why I feel ..." Looking at the exquisite girl, Ye Feng Look whispered, "and .... , show no one who claims to be like this .... Is it!"

Ye Feng's eyes are sharp, "Second Yuan Sister!"

"Medium, middle school ....." The mouth of the glow night twice, originally the anger that has caused the anger that has disappeared, but he heard Ye Feng said so, she can't help but have a bunch of fireless fire. "You are second, you call it for more than a thousand years, what do you have? If you still have to repair! If you still have a fantasy town, you must lose you to Yonglin try medicine !!"

As I said, I stood up, the whole person got a close in front of Ye Feng, and then he said with his hands and uncomfortable.

"Fantasy Township ..... Yong Lin ....! Hui Yiji!"

Chapter 2 Why I am a little mix!

"Things are like this."

Brilliant night and Ye Feng two people sitting, surrounded by white. At this time, Hui Night has told him that he came here.

"Well .... You said that you are something, then become the main god .... Now I have a meaningfulness?" Ye Fengwei looked at the glow night in front of him, and I couldn't believe it. .

"Yes, you must be someh 'is', otherwise it will not come here. Well .... So, you have to give me a meaningful thing, otherwise I can't go back, I can't go. Yonglin must It will be very anxious. "Restored from the previous state, Hui Night put a big and well-founded look.

The gentle tone makes people even feel that the spring breeze has passed through the hearts, and the fears that are exposed on the face are fascinating. If you don't know, you may really think that Hui Night is such a person .... Although it is really like this, at least now has become Neet Ji.

"It's okay to say ... but how can I make sense to live."

"Hey, this you don't have to worry, since it has become a primary god, of course, there is authority to arrange your alien life, but you have to complete the task of your body ~" Say it, Hui Night's eyes Get up, warned.

"I understand ... however, is it?"

"Ah, it is a card that is extracted when you are coma." Hui Night didn't care, and the right hand took a card. "This is your first world."

"Wait! I am the first world! How do you help me?" Ye Feng has a kind of impulse that wants to vomit blood, he is also seen in infinite horror and many unlimited assists. Why don't you know the importance of the first world, in case, it is worse than that of Gao Wu.

"Well, I will help you smoke, don't thank you." Hui Night's face does not care.

"No .... I didn't want to thank you." The thing is here, Ye Feng is not the kind of man who is bullous, and can only be dismissed, and .... Anyway, it is not the same, only It is a psychological comfort. "Although the life of the foreign world, I don't know that the story will be very egg / pain, but will you help me in Hu?"

"I want to have more, I will not help you like this. I will live well." Hui Night shredded, then threw the card in the hand gave Ye Feng.

The next consciousness took the card, Ye Feng said helplessly, "No, your human shaped main god is still a good welfare. And, you are also a house girl. Or Neet Ji, super serious."

"Do you want to die once!" I heard Ye Feng said so, Hui Night couldn't help but feel some of my spirit. The hands are together, and Ye Feng will be lifted up and down.

"No! How can it be, Hui Night is not a dead house, family kneel, old people."

Looking at Hui Night, I have to do it, Ye Feng is nervous, then looks out, I want to save a little, but there is no brake.

Between turning between, Ye Feng has reacted it, cold sweat DC, there is a feeling that I don't dare to see Hui Yiji.

"Sure enough, people like you must choose the wrong choice to help you ~" Hui Night uses a light tone, but the words that let Ye Feng are often nervous.

"Hey .... Hui Night, can you don't like this, just what I am my fault ..." Looking at the night step by step, he is back to the next thing.

"There is no way to forgive it! Give it to the world!" Brown pupils in the night revealed dangerous breath, the right hand fierce, the hand of Yushu, took his card, then directly press directly In his eyebrow.

I don't wait for Ye Feng to react. I just opened a mouth to say something, but a mysterious power suddenly wrapped him. Gradually, his body issued a lot of milky white light, even if the brilliant night had to temporarily cover his eyes.

When the glory is put down, Ye Feng has disappeared in this world.

When the glory is put down, Ye Feng has disappeared in this world.

"This is the way of transmitting the main god. ... Cut, it seems that it is worse than the way of Eight Yunzi, the way." Hui Night was so angry, his mouth revealed a smile. "But the words come back, this world will not be related to Eight Yunzi? Suddenly there is such a special energy body in the fantasy town, I don't believe she don't know, I don't have to count, I don't have to think about it. Let's go. "

Think of this, Hui Night Doodle, some distressed. This world is nothing, don't say the favorite H animation and the GAL game, even if the game console is!

"God! How can I live ?!"