My main god is Huiye

My main god is actually Huiyue, Chapter 648

"One of the Lord?"

The eyebrows wrinkled, there is a bad premonition, let the third eye look at Ye Feng, suddenly the face change, "why you will be our home!"

"Your home can be found, then this relationship is very smooth, but then say it back, Xiao 5 Do you want to be a daughter or a sister?"



"Hey, don't make trouble, open a joke, don't care ~"

Looking at the ancient times, I had to explode, Ye Feng laughed, quickly put her down, then went to the old old boat.

After all everyone got up, Xiaomachi shakes the marker towards the other side, but the boat is shaking, and there is a kind of look.

"Breaking boat ... Are you usually not to collect the money of the river and die? How do you not let this ship?" You won't swallow money? "

I was hitting a wooden boat, and Ye Feng was suspiciously looked at Xiaomachi.

"What jokes! How can I do this, although I like to be lazy, but the character is absolutely absolutely no problem, it is obviously the financial problems in hell too serious, so my equipment has always been so bad ... "

The dissatisfaction of Xiaomi is refuted, and it will be sorry.

She also has salary, usually use wages to have the way to buy something, just too small, the number of times of the time goes.

0 ·······························

"Hey, it is really a pitiful death, do you want to come here, eat three meals a day to eat bag ... Cough, nothing."

Ye Feng's mouth hangs a smile, and it is said that half of the eyes of Xiaoyu Loli, the third eyes of the chest are staring at him, and Ye Feng stopped the second half.

Between the conversation, the small wooden boat has passed through this is full of water ghosts and ghosts, and the martial-machi is on the other side of the buddhism.

The rich deaths have been filled in the air, and it is no wonder that the living can not pass the other side. The death of the death here has been rich in a certain situation, and the Mantne Shahua, which is driving on the river also exudes special fragrances, if it is ordinary monster Perhaps an illusion will be generated after inhalation, always falling here, and finally becomes Mantne Shahua's nutrients.


Seeing Xiaolori and a little discomfort, Ye Feng quickly walked to the middle of the two, taking their hands and wrapped them with a demon.

Just walked two steps, Ye Feng was somewhat curious to look at the giant X of Xe Xi, "You don't have a job? How do you follow us?"

"Are you fool! You are a life that I spent the river! How can I look at you in the first time, in case you are in hell, I finally take responsibility must be me! I I don't want to be said to be said to be a whole day. "

Yamachi is a mouthful, dissatisfied with Ye Feng, or this man, she is still immersed in the dream.

However, some curiosity, hell has for so many years, starting from her, now there is no living person, Ye Feng's appearance is a little new.

"Forget it, casually, as long as you will regret it later."

Ye Feng shrugged his shoulders, no matter how it thought in Yachi, continue to go forward.

He can finally see the four seasons, Ying Ji, the machi always followed, and he will definitely suffer, but he has reminded that Machi is not stopped ... it can't blame him.

Moreover, it is still very interesting to see the teachings inumi-machi.

Ye Feng smiled slightly, which made Xiao Wu Loli unconsciously away from him, just like seeing what flood beasts are general. .