My Room Has Become a Dungeon’s Rest Area

The fact that you took it home.

After all, I feel like a human woman, not a monster like Goblin, falling into the dark beyond this big pillar.

I decided I was a female knight, not a female warrior, because I made her feel elegant in the distance, even if she was skin kicking (just) her thighs.

Beautiful knight as it appears in the story of some heroic summons.

At least that seems possible.

The heartbeat of the chest is mixed with an exhilaration that is not nervous.

But can you really say it's not a goblin?

Speaking of nothing suspicious, it's a lie.

Wouldn't that knight be fishing bait?

Before that, everything in the situation is suspicious. But.

"People don't sleep on such cold stone floors. If he's really human, it means he's in danger."

I have to help.

My grandmother tells me to be nice to people.

Women, and they're dying... all the more so if you're a female knight who might.

"We have to be brave here. When will we be out? Even Japanese villager A does it when you do it!

Yes, I tell myself to put my strength in my hand holding a pickel. I'm afraid I won't be able to hear anything.

Beat the floor one by one with a pickel before stepping out.

Face out of the column and check the perimeter. There is no goblin in the blind spot of the pillar either.

The lady knight doesn't move at all, but she's faintly leaking a whimper...... sounds like it.

The sound of gokuri comes out of my throat and I realize I've had a spit.

What's this all about? Is the lady knight crying while lying on the stone floor?

It's been illuminated many times with powerful headlights.

Wouldn't you mind if I turned my face over here?

Is it a trap, or is the danger nearby?

All such exhilaration is blown away and dominated only by extreme tension.

But if the danger is imminent, help quickly or it could be life-threatening.

I finally step out of the shadow of the big room pillar. [M]

Of course, it's the female knight that bothers me the most, but that's why I shouldn't be imprisoned for consciousness.

Proceed with caution while checking the walls, ceilings, floors and all things with headlights.

I'm a hundred times nervous when I walk into a frigid realtor's office.

Quite close to the lady knight. I can't mistake it for a goblin anymore. A lady knight, for sure. I also think the disguise is extremely unlikely......

Probably very pretty. I'm also seeing faces.

But the sound, which was gradually becoming louder from earlier, became clear and the female knight whimpered.

"Higu, gu..."

Why are you crying? Besides, I still don't look at this one. I keep looking up.

The headlights that now illuminate every corner of the big room teach that there is no one in this room but a female knight.

But a few steps beyond the lady knight, there is a stone wall at the end of the room, with an iron door that looks sturdy and a switch like a stone button.

Is it still fishing bait?

You got a lot of covlin coming out of there?

Carefully and carefully. If I don't behave with the utmost caution in my life, it's an immediate dead end.

I picked up a little stone and threw it at the lady knight before I spoke.

Unexpectedly, he hit the armor with one shot.

"Hih, hih. Stop."

Huh? Japanese?

No, it's not. It's not Japanese.

It's a mysterious word that isn't even English, but I heard it in my ear through the meaning that it was like Japanese...

More and more, I felt it was a trap, but at the same time, the fright (like) of the woman in front of me was really imminent and I couldn't even think of it as an act.

Maybe less time. Speak up thoughtfully.

"Oh, um... are you okay?

"Come on, don't come!

"Well, if you don't tell me if I'm okay, I don't know if it makes sense in Japanese and weird languages."

"Yes, don't come! Please!"

I've been calm for a while. Because I was able to get a lot of information.

In the meantime, I can communicate my intentions in Japanese and in a language I've never even heard of a female knight.

That the female knight doesn't seem to be able to move.

"Yes, I'm going that way now."

"I told you not to come!

"'Cause you can't move, can you?

"I can move! I can move!

"No, I'm not moving..."

I don't care what you think, it doesn't look like an act. If it's an act, this lady knight is an actress.

Well, from a distance, you look beautiful as an actress.

No. Maybe more beautiful than an actress.

Ignore the cry not to come and proceed with caution.

"I'll help you now"

"No, don't, don't offend me, don't kill me"

Yes? Something's wrong with this knight.

The female knight is a few steps away already.

"What did you just say?

"Oh, I'll do the cleaning and laundry and everything! Don't kill me! Master Goblin!

"Go, goblin!?

Okay. Apparently, me and the lady knight thought each other were goblins in this dark dungeon.

But I soon found out I wasn't a goblin 'knight, and it's sad to be misunderstood so far.

Even if it looks like this, Grandma told me that permeation (towel) is cool.

Don't go with the goblins.

"Oh well. Headlights!"

When I think about it, I look at her with the lights on my helmet.

It would be dazzling from her, and my face must have been shadowed and not well seen.

Besides, she can't seem to move her neck for any reason, so I just have to look sideways.

I removed my helmet and moved my face in front of her to get a good look at my face and illuminated it from below.

"Hiccup, okay, okay, no!

She seems to have lost her mind by attracting a beautiful face.

"You're rude!

That being said, I noticed that lighting my face from the bottom in a dark place would make me look pretty scary.

"She was pretty frightened... but she's alive."

I checked and it looks like there's no trauma either.

A rich heartbeat in the chest that can be seen from over the iron plate of armor...... and the pulse seems normal, as well as breathing.

"Then why? Ah..."

I noticed something. [M]

that there is liquid flowing out of her groin that reflects the light of the headlights golden.

I don't know if it's due to physical danger signals or fear enough to lose my mind......

"It could be dangerous if you leave it here, and most of all, it must be embarrassing."

You won't even come to the dungeon for an ambulance.

I decided to take her to a safe place. [M]

Yeah, it's my new apartment room.

I decided to insert the pickel in my belt and carry her.

"Put your knight's arms around my neck... heh, take charge of your thighs. Oh, weight! I can't carry my shield very well, so I'm gonna have to leave it."

I grabbed her thighs and went back to my room.

At first I thought it was the best I could touch, but I couldn't help but hold it with golden water.

Besides, my clothes got wet. [M]