My Summons Can Learn Skills

Chapter 1 Strange blood, dangerous world

Fear, the creepy fear completely enveloped Chen Gou.

In the dark night, a vague image is approaching in distortion—something weird and terrifying is gradually coming.

Through the iron fence of the window, you can see that the body is very uncoordinated, extremely twisted, his eyes are wide open, and his pupils are scarlet and bloodthirsty.

Her hair was messy, she looked thin and pale, the housewife's outfit had been torn, her arms were exposed, and her bare skin was muddy.

The sharp nails were filled with dark red fleshy, coming from the corpse that had been ripped apart under the feet.

The muscles in her neck were swollen and deformed, and some strips under the skin squirmed along her cheeks, crawling over her forehead...

What kind of monster is this?

A minute ago, Chen Gou was still playing games in the dormitory of Earth University, and then suddenly he came to this strange world and faced this unprecedented horror.

The weird figure came to the railing of the iron window, she noticed Chen Gou and regarded him as the next prey.

Intuition caused Chen Gou to retreat until it was close to the wall and unable to retreat.

The "housewife" squeezed her head into the iron railing, desperately squeezing her skin, crushing bones, like a snake trying to get into a rabbit's nest, desperately trying to get in.

Fortunately, the iron rod is very powerful, only slightly bent and deformed, although her head squeezed in, her shoulders were still stuck.

Chen Gou couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

But at this moment, her lower jaw suddenly opened, spreading wide, like a piranha with four jagged petals.


A cylindrical tongue more than one meter long popped out of the mouth and jaw like a poisonous snake. It was strong and powerful, flicking wildly in the air, almost rubbing the tip of Chen Gou's nose several times.

He was dumbfounded.

The woman shed tears when he saw it, and the man saw the sweaty stuff...Where did I see it?

Return to the corpse!

Chen Gou, who was at the peak of his wealth and memory, quickly remembered that the "housewife" with a huge tongue in front of him had exactly the same characteristics as the soul-returning corpse in the American TV series Blood Clan he had watched on Earth.

The body is similar to a zombie, with stiff movements and fond of eating human blood, but the thick and flexible tongue is unique, and no other zombie or zombie-like creatures have it.

"Have I entered the world of blood?"

Just as Chen Gou's thoughts flew, the wild tongue in front of him suddenly expanded and extended three inches forward.

This is enough for Chen Gou!

You must know that the way the returning soul corpse infects humans is not a virus, but a strange parasite called a bloodworm.

Once pierced by the sting needle at the top of this long tongue, the blood worm will immediately enter the body and will no longer be expelled until it transforms a living person into this kind of monster that has lost its reproductive organs and has a long tongue.

At the critical juncture, Chen Gou's instinctive hands grabbed the fleshy tongue, as if grabbing seven inches of a poisonous snake, holding it high away from him.

The fleshy tongue twisted frantically, like a muscular python with amazing power. Chen Gou quickly turned around and put the fleshy tongue on his shoulders, and then pulled the boat forward with all his strength.

The "housewife" twisted and yelled in pain, her head stuck on the iron fence could not approach or escape, and she waved her hands in vain.

The fleshy tongue was slippery and writhing again, desperately struggling to loosen it, but Chen Gou was already crazy and clung to it.

The more the soul-returning corpse struggled, the harder Chen Gou pulled his fleshy tongue forward.

The blue veins on his neck violently violently, he refused to relax or let go.

In the face of life and death, people can often explode with incredible power.

He only heard a chick, he defeated the Returning Soul Corpse, and tore the fleshy tongue on his back from the Returning Soul Corpse's neck and throat together with the trachea.

A large string of meat strips squirmed on the ground, as if they had an independent life, while its owner hung on the windowsill.

A slender white worm emerged from the twisted meat strip and quickly crawled towards Chen Gou.

This is the body of the blood race, and the human body is just their parasitic repellent.

Knowing that the bloodworm was terrible, Chen Gou had been prepared for a long time, so he hurriedly stepped on it and grinds it hard on the ground until he grinds it into dregs.

The crisis is mostly resolved, and the rest is the finishing touch.

There were still a large number of bloodworms in the soul-returning corpse, and it was necessary to burn the corpse thoroughly to be considered as having no consequences.

However, at this moment, a mechanical voice with no emotional fluctuations suddenly sounded in Chen Gou's mind.

"System prompt: The host kills a LV1 law creature to return to the soul corpse, gains 10 awakening points, and starts to awaken the power of the law."

"System prompt: The host awakens successfully, and the body begins to baptize with magic power..."

"System prompt: baptism is completed, the host's awakening talent law skills-true call."

This voice and the content of it made Chen Gou feel inexplicable.

"Law creatures, awakening, and talent skills...what the hell is this?"

Even if he strayed into the passage of time and space and was teleported into the different world of the "blood race", he wouldn't even be able to show his skills or anything.

"Is all this just a mentally retarded dream I had?"

Soon, a huge flow of information flooded into his mind, and Chen Gou only felt his brain swell, and then he closed his eyes and entered a muddy state.

Zhuang Zhou's dream of butterfly, butterfly dream of Zhuang Zhou.

Chen Gou didn't know whether he was a butterfly or Zhuang Zhou.

In his dream, he was a college student with a good eye and a low-handedness in the twenty-one world on earth. His biggest hobby outside of studying was watching movies and playing games.

Especially obsessed with competitive games, from Warcraft to Dota to League of Legends, each one has accompanied him through an era.

For a while, it was a sad young man named Canglan World.

The reason for the sad reminder is that in his short 16-year life, almost all his memories are related to hunger, cold, poverty, and death.

The only difference is that both of them are called "Chen Gou".

In the Canglan world, humans coexist with extraterritorial demons.

Evil is the general term for all the law creatures that attempt to invade this world, and the soul-returning corpse is just one of them.

In addition, there are zombies, aliens, zombies, demons, etc.

The strange thing is that almost all of these demons can find their prototypes in the movies and TV series that Chen Gou has seen.

In order to fight against demons, some people will awaken, master the power of the law, and become awakened.

Every awakened person will be baptized by the power of the law and possess the body of the law when the awakening is successful.

At the same time, it also activates a natal ability that belongs to oneself, which is called a talent skill.

All of these can be reflected by law data that only you can see.

For example, Chen Gou's data after awakening is as follows.

Name: Chen Gou

Age: 16

[Identity: Trainee Demon Hunter]

Level: LV1

Experience: 0/100

Power: 5

Agility: 4

Intelligence: 9

Life: 450

Mana: 220

[Skill: Real Summon]

[Law Attribute: Summoning System]

Level: Talent Exclusive

[True Summon LV1: This skill has a hall of summons. There is a battle guardian in the hall of the current level. When using the skill, the guardian can be summoned from the hall to fight for yourself.

[LV1 battle guardian description: health value 500, magic 200, attack 50, no fatal weakness, can be re-summoned after being defeated.Mana cost 200, skill cooling time is one hour, duration is half an hour.

[Remarks: The Battle Guardian has as many skill slots as the Overlord, and can learn the corresponding laws and skills!

[Reminder: This skill can be upgraded, and there will be more and more powerful guards after the upgrade!

[Evaluation: When you call God of War, you have the capital to refuse the call of Death.

When Chen Gou's thoughts were drawn away from the complex memories and information, and after seeing the introduction of the real call, he was relieved, and at the same time, he could not help but born a hopeful yearning for the future!

Although he hasn't tried the skills yet, he still wants to use his feet to learn how powerful the summons are.

Now there is only one battle guard. After the skill level is increased, there will be a second one. After the third guard, he alone can summon an elite team consisting of warriors, mages, and priests.

From the memory of the young Chen Gou, he knew that the world was dangerous, cruel, and terrifying.

Ordinary people without strength are extremely humble. Not only are they in danger of becoming food for evil spirits at all times, but they will also be exploited and oppressed by the strong within the human race.

It's hard to cover yourself, can't eat enough, and struggles to survive all his life, with an average life span of less than fifty. For Chen Gou from the 21st century, this life is simply hell.

Only by mastering stronger law skills and having stronger strength can you change your destiny in this world!

Becoming the awakened and activated the seemingly very good talent skills, so that Chen Gou had a good enough start on the road to becoming a strong man.

After a while, Chen Gou pressed the excitement in his heart and began to think about real problems.

If there is not enough and appropriate skills to learn, the advantages of true summoning cannot be realized at all, and it is even weaker than the talent skills of others.

And the degree of preciousness in this world is above all.

There are usually two sources of skills.

One is inheritance. The skills mastered by some strong people can be taught to others in a specific way.

One is that after the evil demon possessing the law skills dies, the law skills mastered by it will have a certain chance to condense into the skill spar to drop, and the awakened can directly learn this skill after using it.

"System prompt: The host has successfully awakened and has a chance to choose one of three random skill draws. Do you want to use it?"

The voice without emotional fluctuations sounded just right.

Chen Gou was not surprised by the existence of the system, because part of the previous information flow was transmitted to him by the system.

The source of the system cannot be explored, and it is committed to cultivating the strongest title powerhouse and completely solving the invasion of evil spirits for this Canglan world.

The reason why the host is chosen from the earth is because all the evil demons in this world come from the different-dimensional law space constructed by the human spiritual fantasy on the earth.

In short, the human beings on earth imagined various monsters to entertain themselves, and under the influence of the power of the mysterious force law, formed a real world one by one in the unknown space.

The Canglan world suffered a disaster due to some unknown connection with the earth and became a place for evil demons to invade.

Chen Gou was selected and came here, it can be said to wipe the ass of the whole earth.

At the thought of this, Chen Gou suddenly felt that his whole person had become taller.