My Super Estate

Chapter 3755, behind the scenes

The black hand behind the 3354th chapter

boom! ! !

Among the universe, the nine strengthenings suddenly didn't.

This kind of thing is really, amazing!

However, in such an earth-awaited big event, between two things, the two things, still attracted everyone's attention.

Quartet, one degree, expansion has become three hundred universers.

Such a scale is beyond all people.

This kind of thing is even more scared in my heart.

However, now the universe, the spirit, directly disappeared 70%, the remaining 30%, and 70%, all of the people.

Therefore, at this moment, I saw the four square stars, and they opened up such a large scale. Everyone was shocked, and I was also excited. Understand, of course, knowing that the nine strengthenings, in the universe, all overnight, all disappeared, this is not a good thing, after the matter, there will be a conspiracy.

After the scene, there is a big black hand, which is manipulated all.

If you don't understand, you will think that the nine strengthenings have disappeared, and the people will be a big, all resources, all of them.

Even if it is, the rest, those beast groups, one, before, it has already worked with the four-party country.

Even invested in the four-party countryside.

Today, visiting, four square stars, such a large scale expanded, they are shocked in their hearts, and they are also a little happy.

At least, this can prove that their decisions are correct and is not wrong.

Of course, next, from the direction of the sea of ​​Northern, it is too shocking.

That strap is very powerful, it is too big.

No matter whether you are the owner of the universe, or the mortal, as long as you don't have self-avenue guard, it is necessary to be pressed on the ground under such a kind of percentage.

Even, the universe, the universe giant, they have self-avenue guard, but their spiritual power is not much, the power of self-avenue, and the public is only limited to one limit, one, one is pressed I have sweaty, even if I have a self-avenue guard, at this moment, they are also clear, they have a big mountain.

This is, one, naturally, pressure.

It is not specifically for someone.

This is a fact.

However, it is this fact that it is the most unacceptable.

In the usual, yourself in the universe, also the role of calling rain.

Even in a large world, it is also known as Wang Zuzu's characters. I don't know how much my spirit is, in order to seek my own asylum, I will treat myself as an omnipotent god.

As a result, this is the case, there is no difference in power, it is even unable to hold, even, but also to be sweaty?

This, this difference is too big!

"That, what is that?"

Quartet, the movement, it is already big enough.

However, even if this is, there is no such movement!

Then, is that a fairy tree?

Actually, emit a nine colorful light?

Yes, it is definitely a fairy tree, otherwise, how can I exude a nine-color fairy?


"Isn't it, in the universe, have a fairy tree?"

At this moment, I don't know how much the existence is, it is for it.

The nine strengthening, saying that it is ok, it is not.

This feeling is like a mountain, always press it.

too frightening.

At this time, if there is such a fairy tree asylum, even if you can get a fairy medicine, suddenly, the strength is greatly improved.

So, even if it is the next four-party landlord, what is difficult?

What's more, the nine strengthenings, suddenly there is no, the behind-the-scenes black hand can hide how long?

It has appeared for a while, between them, is it possible to get along with the four-party country?

They both, the strength is strong.

Between the two, once the outbreaks, I am afraid, the entire universe must be involved.

At this time, if you can get a kind of fairy medicine, your strength, you can make a big, then, everything is not a problem.

Insufficient expansion, but if it is just a self-policy, I want to come, it is not far.

For Wang Yang, it is the most happy.

Because the source of the fairy tree has been successfully promoted.

Even, the source of fairy fruit is already mature.

In the plan, the plan is directly to expand the three hundred cosmologies, then, with the goblin of the fairy fruit, he only passed the fourth mind.

do not doubt.

He has such an ability.

It is now the best time to achieve this ability.

"come on!"

At this time, the strength is the king.

go back?

In addition to wasting time, there is no use.

At this time, it is precisely that time waste is not allowed.

This is a fruit that looks, football size.

Just just a fruit, but such a fruit is exuded with a rich fairy, a bright fairy, and the eyes of the eyes.

Just look at it, naturally, it seems that it feels an emotion of energy, naturally, it is an expussion.

And, in this epiphany process, you can quickly purify your own mana.

It can be said that such a fairy fruit, even if it is not eating, it is just to be present, and it is a machine that is difficult to confident for every creative.

However, this is all Wang Yang.

It is his hard work and planting.

And, planting, there is absolutely never thought, such a fairy fruit, but also stay, it is also advised.

Such behavior is simply violent.

For example, Wang Yang did not have such a thought.

One, the fruit that is better than football is directly to eat.

This, the water is extremely sufficient.

Of course, the most important thing is to be such a fairy fruit, even in the body is

Infinite energy, naturally, it is coming towards his body.

And all this is just just, one is not careful, actually, in this fairy fruit, it is directly biting.

However, such a feeling is really awesome.

Just just a small mouth, the raging energy, actually, almost did not give him death.

After a round of cultivation, it is hard to get a fairy tree, feel the huge effect of fairy fruit, and in his heart, it has always been extremely vibrating.

"Let's come, let this all, get more violent!"

At this time, what is ready.

The fourth mind changed, that is, the beginning.

He believes that he will never fail.

You are waiting for me.