My Super Estate

Chapter 1 Preface

On the bus, a sturdy young man appeared, and he was seen wearing a pair of snow-white trousers around his age of 278, showing his poor family.

Standing in the car, looking out, a barren field, only close to the small river, was planted with some rice, and some women were muddy in the field fooling around.

Looking down the road, a group of children were playing hide-and-seek, but looking at the muddy water on them, it was not difficult to see that they had just come out of the field.

The old people were sitting under the tree, not even willing to drink a cup of inferior tea, and did not forget to tell the children to read more and study.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath of your hometown. There are thousands of households in the water village, and you can't see many men.

"Brother, what's wrong with you?"

From behind Wang Yang, a teenager in his twenties walked out and saw his cousin standing in front of the bus door. After a long absence of movement, he couldn't bear to be curious and asked.

"Nothing. I just didn't come back in a long time. I want to see our hometown."

"Go down, the car is about to drive."

Hearing the driver's call, Luo Jian had to interrupt his cousin's feelings of browsing his hometown, even though he couldn't bear it.

Wang Yang got out of the car and watched the bus leave, he could not take his gaze for a long time.

"Remember that during the Chinese New Year, we can still see the lively market on the side of the road in the village. At that time, we can also see many men."

"Yeah, everyone came back during the Chinese New Year, when the streets and the streets were full of men shouting.

However, just after January, everyone went to work in a big city, and naturally no one could see any figures."

Luo Jian sighed.

"The old man is not alone, but not his son. The old man has a life, the strong is useful, the young grows, and the widows are lonely and disabled.

Wang Yang remembered a well-known saying in the book of Confucius.

"Life is a hundred years of rush, and the picture is nothing more than'old to have a family, little to teach, young to raise', but unfortunately, society is developing, and young people in the countryside are pouring into the city. Come farther and farther.

Now men in rural areas are getting more and more difficult to get married. Ten years ago, Shui Village was still a big village with thousands of households. Ten years later, almost no one can see much.

Similarly, ten years ago, the land in the fields, a piece of rice fragrance, ten years later, has been a barren loess."