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Chapter 1 The Late System

You can search for "My System Automatically Add Money to Search Novels (" in Baidu to find the latest chapters!Zhang Fan is an ordinary name.

His father Zhang Youwei is a civil servant and his mother Lu Jing is a teacher.

Zhang Fan's parents gave him such a name, hoping that his son would not be rich in the future, nor would he commit crimes and crimes. It would be enough for his life to have nothing to worry about.

This is an ordinary wish.

Then Zhang Fan's life was really unremarkable.

Until the eighty-ninth year of his life, Zhang Fan was lying on a hospital bed when he was dead.

He could not hear the calling of his son and granddaughter in both ears, and stared at the white ceiling intently.

Everything in the past flashed through his mind like a horse, and the memories that had been blurred once again became clear.

"Perhaps this is the so-called "Return to Light"!"


The memory before kindergarten was too far away. The only thing Zhang Fan remembered was the gully face of his grandma and the white rabbit toffee placed on the table of the Eight Immortals at her funeral.

Very sweet.

Not long after grandma died, he was sent to the community kindergarten.

His parents had to go to work during the day, so they entrusted him to the school teacher.

The beautiful little red flower, the biting little girl, and the teacher who beats the hand-scraper, these three constitute the memories of Zhang Fan's childhood.

No matter how you think about it, you can't get around them.

When he got older, he began to dominate the children.

When school is over, Zhang Fan must take his father Zhang Youwei to the supermarket on the way home and let him buy himself sweets.

Zhang Youwei likes to buy sweet toffee for his son.

Thanks to this, Zhang Fan's youth experienced toothache.

Fortunately, he can change his teeth again.

Without being told by his mother Lu Jing, Zhang Fan seldom eats sweets from now on.

In the first grade of elementary school, he once again had a good tooth.

The tablemate next to her was a chubby girl, who showed two white pointed tiger teeth when she smiled.

Zhang Fan was very careful about her, but until he graduated from elementary school, his arm was never bitten by a girl.

The next time I was bitten was in the second grade.

After Zhang Fan untied the bow tie tied to the back of her neck by the female classmate at the front table, she grabbed his right hand and bit it down.

Biting very hard, Zhang Fan's tears rolled in his eyes.

After she loosened her teeth, Zhang Fan's right arm left two lines of deep tooth marks, and blood was seen on the deepest sides.

Zhang Fan wanted to complain."Can't make a joke?"

Only after seeing Bai Xuefu crying on her desk, he quickly wrote an apology letter.

After Bai Xue received the letter, she whispered it to Zhang Fan, and pointed out several typos.

Finally, he smiled and said to Zhang Fan: "This is not enough, but I have to have stinky tofu."

Since then, the relationship between Zhang Fan and Bai Xue has gradually improved.

The two initially walked out of the classroom together after school, and they parted at the school gate.

Later, I made an appointment to go to school together.

In rainy days, I occasionally took an umbrella.

After a seat change, the two became the same table.

In the next semester of the third grade, Zhang Fan and Bai Xue started to eat together in the cafeteria, and then returned to the classroom for lunch.

One day, there were only two of them in the classroom.

Bai Xue leaned on the desk and asked Zhang Fan sideways, "Do you want to kiss?"

Zhang Fan nodded.

The boys and girls after the cardamom years, young and awkwardly practiced the knowledge they learned on TV in the bright classroom.

This is the first time the two kissed.

This kind of thing, the first time there is a second time.

From the very beginning once a week, I kissed almost every day afterwards.

Puppy love affects learning, and it turns bad together or good together.

Zhang Fan is the latter.

He and Bai Xue were admitted to the best high school in Guangming City, City No. 1 Middle School.

At that time, Shiyi High School had just moved to the new city, and Zhang Fan and Bai Xue's homes were both in the old city.

It takes about an hour and a half to take the car back and forth, and the parents of the two families let their children live in school together.

From then on, Zhang Fan and Bai Xue were like kites that got off the line, even more unscrupulous than before.

I often go to the school playground and walk for ten minutes before returning to the dormitory after class.

At the same time, the results of the two also fell sharply. After the results of the sub-subject examinations, they both fell out of the experimental class.

Xue Bai is good at liberal arts, just to go to the same university as Zhang Fan in the future, so he chose science without hesitation.

In the next semester of high school, the two were relocated to a class.

Their parents didn't have the joy of this moment because of the broken thoughts that their grades had fallen in their ears.

Of course, Zhang Fan and Bai Xue became the same table again, and their performance rose steadily under mutual supervision.

The time in the third year of high school is not as leisurely as that of the third year. The sense of urgency and pressure is always accompanied by around.

In order for Zhang Fan to study better, Zhang Fan's parents rented a house for Zhang Fan outside the school.

Come over to help wash the clothes on weekends, and occasionally cook.

In the rest of the time, this one-bedroom house became the Garden of Eden where Zhang Fan and Bai Xue stayed together.

It was a bit out of control behind, but fortunately, both of them were very careful, but they were not noticed by the parents and teachers.

However, Bai Xue's grades began to slowly decline, and she often wandered in class.

It became particularly serious in the hundred days before the college entrance examination.

When the second test results came out, Bai Xue looked at the 103 points difference between herself and Zhang Fan, and asked Zhang Fan with her eyes blankly: "Zhang Fan, does our pledge to go to the same school in our university still count?"

Zhang Fan looked at Bai Xue's beautiful eyes and nodded."Forget it."

With a smile on Bai Xue's face, she gave Zhang Fan a long kiss.

It's just that things are not as simple as they think. In addition to them, this world has their parents.

When the college entrance examination results came out, Zhang Fan and Bai Xue's score difference was only 49 points.

Bai Xue looked at Zhang Fan's science score, bit her lip, squeezed Zhang Fan's hand, staring into his eyes, and said softly, "Thank you, husband."

Zhang Fan squeezed a small mole on her rounded left earlobe, and said with a smile: "You have improved."

However, they cannot go to the same school after all.

Zhang Fan's parents showed their authority. Since their son can go to a better school, they can't go to that second-rate school.

Zhang Fan resisted and ran away from home.

Bai Xue and Zhang Fan's mother found Zhang Fan in an Internet cafe, and Bai Xue whispered to Zhang Fan, "It's okay, just stay together after graduation."

Zhang Fan glanced at his girlfriend with red eyes. After a moment of silence, he filled in the choices his parents helped him make.

Over the next two months, Bai Xue came to Zhang Fan's house from time to time to play.qq novel

Zhang Youwei and Lu Jing also treated this beautiful girl as their daughter-in-law, and both parents even had a meal together during the New Year.

Just after Zhang Fan thought that all of this was complete, Bai Xue, like him, betrayed her promise.

In her junior year, Bai Xue had a phone call with Zhang Fan for more than an hour, and finally said calmly: "Zhang Fan, let's break up!"

After Zhang Fan let out a breath, he hung up the phone with a soft "um".

The speculation in my mind is now a reality.

When the uncertainty became certain, Zhang Fan found that he was not as sad as he wanted to live.

Just went out to have a small hot pot meal with the roommate in the upper shop and drank a box of beer.

The next day the sun rose, Zhang Fan woke up from bed, and life continued.

Zhang Fan didn't find Bai Xue, but Lu Jing occasionally chanted her name in Zhang Fan's ear.

Zhang Fan realized that he had cared about her so much, and now he can't even recall her face immediately, all he can think of is a vague back.

Obviously, only one year has passed.

Finally, Zhang Fan presumptuously believed that it was his new girlfriend who replaced Bai Xue's memory.

The human brain is only this big, and it will always format some unimportant data.

After graduation, Zhang Fan took the initiative to break up with this lovely school girl.

The other party kindly expressed his understanding, looked directly into Zhang Fan's eyes and said: "We were just holding a group to keep warm."

After that, he looked at Zhang Fan with a smile, and waved his hand at Zhang Fan with a serious expression."Ex-boyfriend, goodbye."

Without waiting for Zhang Fan to answer, with his hands behind his back, he turned and left without looking back.

Zhang Fan silently watched her gradually blurring back, listening to her singing drifting away.

"Hurry up that year.


A promise that is difficult to present."

When Zhang Fan heard this song again, it was at a friend's birthday party, a stylishly dressed girl sang selflessly.

"We will owe each other,

We want to break the roots."

At this time, he was twenty-eight years old, his job changed and his girlfriend changed.

From the boss Yujie to the sister next door.

He no longer proposes to break up, because others dislike him for having no house or car, after all, he is not worthy of marriage.

After his parents put out half of his life savings to help him pay the down payment for the house, Zhang Fan, who pays 10,000 a month, has no time to fall in love.

Going home for the New Year, while dealing with mother Lu Jing's thoughts, while gathering with former classmates.

There are only three or five people, all men.

Zhang Fan came to the twenty-eighth year of his life.

Seeing the friends who once said that "not getting married in less than 30", all of them are holding their children, he once again felt urgency.

"Maybe it's time to start a family."

Coming out of the KTV, Zhang Fan walked a foot away from the girl just now, hesitated for a moment, and still mustered up the courage to ask, "Well, can we add a WeChat?"

Li Wanran looked back at Zhang Fan, who was hurriedly, and asked with a narrow face: "You haven't chased a girl, have you?"

Zhang Fan shook his head and answered truthfully: "Five times in love."

Li Wanran gave Zhang Fan an incredible look."I just saw you sitting in the corner of the sofa and playing with your mobile phone. I thought you were a dead house? I didn't expect you to be a current one."

After speaking, he couldn't help but laugh."Since you told me, let me tell you too. I haven't talked about a love relationship."

Zhang Fan looked at Li Wanran, even though the night was dark, her eyes were still bright and transparent under the light.

At this moment, he thought of the names of two people.

"Bai Xue and Zhu Weiyang."

Smiled and waved goodbye.

"I see, goodbye."

Only when he just turned around, Li Wanran pulled his sleeves.

"Hey, don't you want my WeChat? Give me your phone and I will scan you."

On the wedding night, Zhang Fan asked Li Wanran curiously: "Why didn't you let me go?"

Li Wanran glanced at Zhang Fan for nothing, and said with no anger: "You don’t want to be cheap and you are good. At the beginning, it was not a bully. I had no love experience. I was deceived by your tactics. If you wipe it off, you can only make do with it."

Zhang Fan nodded."We are really fast, we only met in early October, we did everything in November, and we got married in December."

"Who calls you a wolf? I am a sheep! It's normal for a wolf to eat a sheep." Li Wanran sighed.

Then he pressed Zhang Fan under her body and pulled Zhang Fan's ears with both hands and asked: "Frankly explain, did you fall in love with me at first sight? No, to be precise, it was a surprise."

Zhang Fan was silent for a moment and nodded."Yes."

When Li Wanran saw this, her eyes were bent into crescent moons, and she smiled and said: "I am like this too. At first glance, I think you look pretty, especially when the turn around is very melancholic, so I can't help curiosity and grab you. In the process of exploring, it fell quickly."

The days after marriage were tea, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. From the first honeymoon to the beginning, Zhang Fan and Li Wanran quarreled over trivial matters, and even almost re-entered the Civil Affairs Bureau. They were reconciled only after the painstaking persuasion of their parents.

After all of this "wow", the crystallization of the love between the two of them, landed, the family became stable again.

Although both of them are only children, the children can be taken by their elders in turn, so they can go to work with peace of mind.

But with the three mountains of mortgage, car loan, and child support, life can only be passed by, and it is barely a well-off!

Seeing his son grow up day by day, Zhang Fan stopped mentioning changing cars, and Li Wanran stopped talking about traveling.

Both of them deeply realized the hardship of raising children, and they were more filial to their parents.

They walk on the road paved by their parents and contribute to the future of their children.

When the son grows up to adulthood, both parents have gray hair.

Zhang Fan’s father Zhang Youwei passed away, and Zhang Fan’s son cried very sadly.

Zhang Fan felt that the air seemed to be condensed, and he walked out of the room and looked at the white flowers on the chest of his wife's parents. Their faces were ashen.

Li Wanran sobbed softly and wiped tears.

Zhang Fan gradually realized that death is not the opposition of life, but a part of it.


Zhang Fan's memory came from the funeral of his wife's parents to the funeral of his wife Li Wanran and stayed there.

"You are five years younger than me, but you are still ahead of me. Fortunately, I am here to chase you. My only regret in this life is that I promised you to travel around the world that night was just empty talk."

Like Zhang Fan's parents, Zhang Fan and Li Wanran's half-life savings also paid down payment to their son.

Housing prices have risen again, even worse than before, and the wealth of two generations has just enough for a down payment.

Zhang Fan slowly closed his eyes, and suddenly felt a little unwilling.

"I and my wife have worked for most of their lives, and in the end they didn't leave any money for their son."

"Forget it, let him fight for himself."

A relieved smile appeared at the corner of Zhang Fan's mouth.

At this time, Zhang Fan suddenly heard a "ding" in his mind.

"Congratulations to the host for being selected by the Shenhao system. From now on, your time is money. Every second you will get one yuan. The current level is one."

Zhang Fan's eyes widened, and his mouth opened forcefully.


It's just that Zhang Fan's classic national curse just uttered the first word, and he was completely breathless.