My two-dimensional life

My second chapter Chapter 1

My second yuan life (my second yuan baby life) Author: big mountain pig

brief introduction:

Have evil engraving, you can freely break the secondary barrier into the second year of the world, this is the ultimate dream of the house, but what is the end of the dream?

After the third volume, the "empty empty", the fifth volume of the "dusk taboo medicine" and the textual timeline are continuous, and it can be used as a 3.5 volume, and the 5.5 volume is connected to the text, but the plot is relatively Independence, with the main line is not covered, especially the "taboo of dusk", is basically unrelated, and it is not interested in skipping or later as a separate story.

The first volume, the origin of the wedge, my sister

"The emperor, the big, the words of Huang Huang Shengmei. Emperor, Germany, the heavens and the earth, the heaven, the initiative trial."

"Lonely, the emperor is officially deserted, you will be the royal brother of the widow, the passbook is Zuo Xian Wang, do you have any opinion?"

I am drinking milk, I went out, I went out, milk sputter on my sister's face, and I suddenly went to the Queen Longyu, a trick, a high-level kick, and play Guo Huang from the sofa playing down. on the ground.

"Girl, good leg method."

Guo Huang as if he heard the inexplicable narrative, then looked at the ceiling in both eyes, and the Queen took the throne to go to the front: "The emperor, you are dissatisfied, you want to rebel. Although there are not many emperors, our feelings, but the most ruthless emperor, if you really don't serve, you can only tears the emperor. "

"Don't be!"

Guo Huang finally returned to God, said: "I have been infected, I finally infected the secondary virus? It is terrible, such a powerful body is also poisoned, human beings can't stop the spread of the middle school disease Ah. "

If you haven't finished it, he was stepped on the stomach. It feels that the milk will be spit again, and the new Royal, the new Royal is looking at him: "I finally asked once, whether it was a minister ? "

"Establish! Congratulations to Wuhuang Rong Dabao, Wen Chengmude, Bird Snaps have become a generation of holy."

The tyrant look of Junji has eased a lot: "Although you are committed to the sin, it is a big sin, but the day of the foundation, the big world, I will spare you."

"Xie Chu Ben!"

If you don't eat your eyes, Guo Huang will soon adapt to his new role, and it is the identity of 'Zuoxian'.

"Get up, I just have a task to give you to do. Although the country is a small people, it is still a big thing, and when notifying the friends, these flyers will be distributed."

The tyrant took a stack of flyers and dressed to Guo Huang on the ground. Through this angle through unexpected discovery, 12-year-old Loli sister, actually looks quite a material, at least I can see the ditch.

He has been busy picking up the flyer. I saw it written above: Feng Tian's carrier, , , , attentive teachings, the worship. After the pro-government, inspiring strongly and respected. There are hundreds of officials such as Wenwu, Wenwu, and the ministers of the stock, praise, lightning, and new.

"Good winding! And there is this thing, my life is over."

Guo Huang has some resistance, tyrant sisters cold road: "The first will, you will dare to resist, what is it?"

"Your next is angry, I will do it."

"To claim to be ministers, do you want to teach you in person?"

"Yes, I will do it."

"It is quasi, quickly go back."


"Suspected? Xiaoyang, how can you send a pen, don't you make it out of work?"

"No, , Huang Ayi, this is my girl, let me go out, too shame, but please have to accept one, I don't have to be killed by her."

"It's so pitiful, I was bullied by my sister. Well, let my sister, I will accept your one."


"forget about it."

Guo Huang thought for a few minutes, throwing the young women in the mess, and start looking for the next goal.

Finally, it's exhausted.

"So slow! The emperor, your efficiency is too low, the new emperor, the new country is initially done, so many countries have to do it, you actually waste so much time?"

"Your down is the mistake."

"For, although it is useless but it is a royal brother, hurry to the Royal aque hood to do lunch, hungry."

"Okay, um, no, I am not Zuo Xian king? Why do you want to be a royal kitchen?"

"Hey! New Huang Dengji, people are unstable, if someone gives the poison? How to do? Go to do it."



The doorbell came up, Guo Huang couldn't help but say: "Who?"

"It should be a robe to come, you sign it."


"Longsho, Crown. After you finish your meal, just bathe clothes."

Thirty minutes later, the tyrant girl wore a golden robe, sitting on the sofa with a gold-plated crown, actually there were only a few points of domineering and majesty: "He is officially deserted today, Wenwu Baiguan, Don't you see? "

"Meet the Queen of Emperor!"

Although Guo Huang is still unresolved, the man has gold in the knee, although it is a selfish girl, it is too self-esteem, this time the tyrant girl has helped him: "The emperor is free, you will later It is Zuo Xian Wang, you can sit flat with you, although it is not a word pair, but the location of the left will always stay for you. "

Said that there is a red scorpion on the face of tyrants, whispered: "I only have you."

Chapter 1 powder pants

Guo Huang is a false house. He likes all kinds of anime, beautiful girl games, light novels, surrounding the animation, even the computer in the computer is used to play the mysterious zone, nor mysterious Wu Teager, Cang Teacher well, but in all kinds, what is the people? Cough, it is a beautiful mother, night exploration, and ghosts, you can say that he is crazy to love everything in secondary yuan.

The reason why a pseudo word is because he didn't really homes at home. Every day I got to go to school, I would have to do my family to take care of the thirteen-year-old sister. There is no way, my parents work in the field, and grandparents, the elders such as grandfather. What is unfortunate, I have passed away, I can only have her own hard.

As usual, Guo Huang sleeps from the bed, playing a yawn, hair is walked downstairs because she didn't finish the chaos and the bird nest, I walked downstairs, first gave my own 'two baby' to put water, then give it My sister made a breakfast, and I went a bit of a classic anime yesterday because there were more than 50 episodes. I saw half of all night.

Going to the entrance to the door to open the bathroom door, suddenly stunned, sleep in the eyes of the eyes into a pink underwear, painting the lovely cool than dog dogs, a long hair and shoulders, simple on the left hair A pink card, she just took off her denim shorts, Guo Huang came in, and the two people were so small.

"I am sorry."

Guo Huangmeng Eye Wolf escape, of course, did not forget the door, the heartbeat, the sleek is completely awake, this is not because the heartbeat brings that the aroma of the fragrance is shocked, but the pink underwear is His sister, Guo Mi, is just like Guo Huang, is the same as the existence of Wu Zer, learning excellent, sports, although only the 13-year-old figure seems to be as a 16-year-old girl, it is a veritable genius, from all aspects In the eyes of the outside, it is a very popular beautiful girl. It is a veritable female tyrant, but the tragedy is that she is powerful, that one is more than the beautiful legs, but the real has the strength of Taekwondo black belt. Guo Huang once being played, the pain absolutely don't want to try again.

After a while, Guo Mi came out from the toilet. He slowly came over. Her foot is very light. It is like ballet. It is like a cat to catch the prey. Guo Huang can feel her aroma slowly, Come on swallowing saliva, the body is collapsed, afraid that the terrorist legs of 200 kilograms will be kicked.

"The emperor, hungry."

"Ah? Ok, good, I will buy you early."

Guo Huang also came to brush your teeth to wash your face, and fled and left the house until I got out of the community. This is loosened, wiped sweat: "It's strange, if you have encountered such a thing before, I have been kicked. Fly, the last time, I was already in a coma. This kind of fragrant, the 'kill must die' almost really dead, no, this kind of young rush is so good today, too abnormal. "

Guo Huang Best can't understand, I have to put this down, I have to go to the road to buy early. Suddenly he heard the sharp blank sound, I can't help but look up, I will fall down, I'm going to His head, the big brain is dizzy, the legs are sitting on the ground, after half a day, I feel that there is a warm liquid to drop, he can't help but touch the blood, even It is his blood.

Guo Huang was shocked and angry, looked up, his position is exactly a three-tenth floor elevator building, which often has a high-altitude parabolic, but you can't think of this unlucky today, the head is broken. Guo Huang is really feeling that there is 10,000 grass mud horses in the heart, picking up the iron bottle of his head, just rushing to the elevator, but before the elevator corridor, he is discouraged, he doesn't know who is Still, it is difficult to learn other people to tell the court.

"The death, mad at me."

Guo Huang's angry rushing away, he wanted to clean the clinic, but did not pay attention to the iron bottle whose blood-caught the iron bottle couldn't hit the black, and the last black iron bottle was like a glass. As broken, finally disappeared, Guo Huang heard the abnormal sound, and saw the bottle in his hand was broken, and then a black fire drifted out, like a computer special effect, a circle, a circle, formed a Complex array, the last surrounded scenery is like graffiti, Guo Huang's eyes are black, and we find that he is standing on a towering giant rock, sulfur, hot air attack, he saw himself This huge rock column is even a magma.

"what is this?"

Guo Huang is very eye-catching, at this time, a voice is passed from the void; "Hello."

Guo Huangyi, I saw a woman around the fire, and the woman in front of the front, and the in front of Guo Huang was suspended, and Guo Huang is said: "Hello."

"Say your wish."


"I lily swear, who can save me, I will realize him a wish, what do you want, long life is not dead? Infinity wealth, or a king of a country?"

"Experimental my wish? Are you?"

"I am the mother of the magic, Lili, I don't have much time, talk about your wish? I have given up at the time."

"Wish? Changsheng is a life, money is a fortune, the right is Lu, these I don't need it, if I can, let me have the ability to cross the real and fantasy world, let me freely return the real world and the second yuan anime world."

"as you wish."

I can't see the sample, just the sound contains magnetic, the flames on the human shape of the hob, revealing a woman wearing a skin fruit skin panties, a fire red hair, is like blood, but does not give people fear and Evil, but give people a sense of life, just like blood is the source of life, her body is hot, but the face is still covered in a fog, this devil's god is going forward, it is like the most perfect White jade created soft, some teasing in Guo Huang's squat, let him look with himself, even if it can't see the face, Guo Huang still has a feeling, this female magic is absolutely beautiful, and that a strange is The aroma, the jumping of Guo Huang's heart, this time is not afraid, but a heart.

"I will give you what you need in the name of the mother of the mizor."

In Guo Huin, she gently kissed, kissed on Guo Huang's forehead, Guo Huangdon felt like high voltage current, and the body was trembling, and there was a complex magic array on his forehead. Symbols, exudes red light.

"Happy to achieve your wishes, you will have you very good position after you die, teenagers."

Lily silk smiled, Guo Huang only felt that the spirit was awkward. When he came back, he appeared in the door of the elevator building, touched the forehead, the above blood completely disappeared, but the forehead still as if there is current flow, Let his body tremble slightly, this feeling clearly tells him that it is not a dream.

Chapter 2 is very yellow and violent

"so slow!"

The long legs are sitting on the table, letting the newspapers in the hands are dissatisfied with Guo Hui, Guo Huang, is busy, and laughs: "It's a little bit of delay, see, this is the fried dumplings you love, this is a mixed powder, this is a mixed powder, this is a mixed powder It is breakfast. "

The beautiful girl tyrann snorted, said: "You will also wash it, you have the eye, it is just lost the royal face."


Guo Huang did not have a little way for this tyrant's sister, hurry to wash, when the tooth is washed in the bathroom, seeing his head in the mirror, just the fans of the filament current from time to time.

"People say that the first kiss is the same as electric shock, but this electricity is too long?"

Guo Huang spit, but this feeling reminds him that everything is not he dreams in the day, nor is it a secondary disease like his sister, but after surprise, Guo Huang is only excited, if the mother of the god is not If you are lie to yourself, then you will have the ability to cross the second yuan in the future, this is the ultimate dream of being a house man!

"However, with the devil god, I wish you a wish (no problem)?"

Since ancient times, there is no good end. After the death of the demon is hooked from the Devil, wait, Lily is like saying, I have a good position in hell after death, it seems I can't go to heaven, , , the world who demends him, things are not suitable, go now to try this super power, haha, Saber, Icalos, Shana, heads can see them. , Oh, my excitement is already MAX.

After the washing, Guo Huang hurriedly opened the second floor, directly opened the computer, as an otaku his computer is a top-configured, 30-inch ASUS display, chassis, memory strips are pirate ship, 1000 watts of power supply, GTX690 graphics card, Z277 ASUS motherboard, I7 six-core processor, liquid nitrogen cold, can be said that this computer is the most worthy of money at home, but he played a large stand-alone game, mainly used to play beautiful girl games There is also a variety of anime, and it is really wasting the configuration of this fever level. If you have a girl's game, you can use the host to add TV. Many beautiful girls have no crack versions. However, Guo Huang only likes the computer, he can't crack himself, and he has to say that he is a matter of learning medium in the eyes of the teacher, but he has learned Japanese through his own interest. I learned a variety of cracking laws, it is also a small genius.

Open the computer entertainment G disk, Guo Huang suddenly stunned, because he remembered that he didn't know how to launch the ability, grab the hair, suddenly strengthened on the forehead, Guo Huang's body made a tremble, a mysterious information Just poured into his body, he understood the method of use of this power.

"Devils have desires, realize desires, give desires, desire to use this devil's power, you need enough desire quota, money desire, power, beauty."

This suddenly flooded into the information in Guohang Brain. Guo Huang understood, it is to use the desire to develop the power of the Yuanyuan, which is not desired for money. If you think about it, he quickly opened my mysterious. E disk, there are countless roses, all of which are high-definition picture, with his 690 graphics card and thirty-inch screen, perfect waste of Guo Huang 100 million.

In Guo Huang, in addition to the anime, the only desire is the man's instinct, so he opened the E disk, click on the 'real girlfriend', the real girlfriend is produced to the game brand Illusion and released on February 19, 2010. An adult to high quality real-time 3D beautiful girl game.

This game supports 2560 * 1440 resolution. If Guo Huang has 3D glasses, it is almost like coming out of the screen. It is said that Guo Huang now is to achieve this effect, skilled Opening the file, getting the free H mode of the blood, the first real girlfriend 'love', wearing the bikini in front of Guo Huang, quietly, if he heard the sister, must be finished, then start Various workpiece scenes, Guo Huang feels that he is boiling, and the accident is that the previous blood is eager to go to the old second. This time, it is the big brain, and the forehead began to become hot, then again. The information comes from.

"Receive desires, belong to human instinct desire, will absorb such desire to chemize this kind of desire to become magic, now the power quota is 5, in addition to triggering magic inscription is my desire, other time to increase energy is needed This energy desire is obtained, according to your personal interests, such energy will have the main two yuan fantasy world, the more popular yourself, the more you like, the more people can add. "

"Supplement from women, what do you mean?"

Exchange body fluid. "

Guo Huang ,

Guo Huang jumped, but he still had a question in his heart, that is, how to enter the second year of the world.

"Fool's operation, you can download, you can enter, as long as you double-click on the mouse, pay attention, pay attention, the popularity of each anime world, what you like, and their power system affects you. Jumping, you need to consume different magic quotas, if the amount is enough, you can enter, no enough, you can't enter, you can first absorb the magic from the world you can enter, then slowly enter the high level, distinguish the method is simple, view anime or The game's play icon is shortcut mode is bright or blurred, you can judge, come on, the magic is just five slag. "

The inscription on the forehead issued the taunt of the play, and then no sound, Guo Huang felt that the fire was three feet, but the heart is curious and excited to cross the vision more than the anger, so he started clicking on the hard drive, see that icon can enter The result is that the animation and beautiful girl games in the D disk collection cannot be entered. In the end he thought, I opened the E disk again. Sure enough, I found that many icons were bright.

"Don't !!!! I don't want to enter these only flesh's no plus, ah, the night exploration building is God horse? Yan mother is awkward, there is a ghost, why it is these Dongdong can enter, this is not the same as I think, can you not be so potholes. "

Guo Huang made a scream, but the mouse in his hand did not stop, click on a certain part.

Chapter 3 is imprisoned

Guo Huang ghosts called the ghost, but the finger is uncontrolled, because he is too excited, he has not seen the bottom is that, just click on the flashlight, after double-click, Guo Huang's forehead Starting, I only heard a voice like a system prompt: "Inspire the girl, the girl's game type, because the plot and the worldview are very simple, so only the consumption is basically a bit of energy. Do you enter."


When Guo Huang said, he saw the blood red magical array in the void. It was so dense as the most gorgeous and precise gear, soon formed a portal, a powerful suction, Guo Huang only thought of being smoked In the case, the next moment appeared in a strange environment, this is a closed building, can't see the doors and windows, only a dim fluorescent lamp, the simple table is placed on the water bottle and there is an otaku descent, but the brand is Guo Huang has never seen it, and it is written above.

Of course, let's welcome Guo Huang, but a pair of shackles staring on the wall, a long-haired girl has been buckled seems to be coma, watching her clothes golden hair tied to the bows, wearing White sweatshirts, there are short skirts, Guo Huang see this is a Japanese woman's high-quality tennis clothing.

Her clothes are very clean, it seems that there is not long after it is deducted, although I just saw the small half of the face, but it was my muscle such as gel, Guo Huang stunned for a while, and suddenly, I was very familiar with this scene. This is a recent download. Beautiful girl game "imprisoned girl reunion" is a flash type GAL game, beautiful picture.

This plot is very simple, it is through dialogue, and the shame of the imprisoned girl, promisence to be together forever and players, then doing all kinds of h, the beauty game, animation, comics, light The novels are not family, and they are also Guo Huang's favorite, such as the wolf of the tram, sexy beach, and the tail.

"This is to imprison girl's second yuan world? It is so nervous, although not other rumors, but this beautiful girl game is also very evil. And the second yuan figures become true, what will be like?"

Guo Huang has some embarrassment, breathing heavy, at this time, the friction of the iron chain sounded, the imprisoned girl Na Ni woke up, she looked up, Guo Huang suddenly felt powerful, some Loli's childish blended D The body of the cover, let Guo Huang think of the vocabulary of Tong Yan Biard, which is not swallowed.

The girl woke up from the coma, and some wondered four weeks, said: "Where is this?"

Guo Huang is very nervous, I don't know how to answer, I don't know how to get the magic quota, is it for this girl to XX what? However, when playing games, you can suddenly become a real world, and he is hard to get hard.