My two-dimensional life

My second yuan life Chapter 720


Qi Luo looked at it. After a while, he responded to himself. After all, there was only her ice monster, when I was: "What makes me?"

The 16th night is watching, and Julina is quiet, and the little said: "What do you want me to do?"

This one is also sincerely learned from the sixten night, and the big lady is not carefully destroyed by her attitude, directly ordered: "You freeze the lake to create some cold air to degrade the land."

When Qi Luoton, I was stunned, I was busy shaking his head: "No, I can't do it, I have no power to freeze a lake."

Although Julino likes to freeze the frog, it will also freeze human or other creatures as the snow girl, but to freeze a lake, her magic is can't do, saying that it is just a two sides of the two shackles. BOSS, it is too hard to be too strong.

The big lady suddenly did not plead: "If you want you to do it, hurry!"

Julina was bitter, but he could not listen to the command of this master. I had to run the ice magic that belongs to the ice peaks began to freeze the lake. The lake began to frozen, but the ice cubes will soon be lake water. The waves are broken, and Julina is full of efforts to make a small iceberg, which makes the big lady Rimeiya is very unpleasant, said: "It's a waste, a little thing is not good, what do you use what?"

Sixteen nights, but I feel that the big sister is too toucher. I am situatting her emotional road: "The demon magic of the ice is insufficient, let Miss Pa Qi Li come to help."

"You don't say that I have forgotten it, and I will call her."

Miss waved, and the unfaithful maid disappeared. After a minute, perfect and chic saken back, with a princess hugging a long hair hug, holding a book, a young woman holding a book, is Knowledge and the young woman in the Sun Moon, she can't help each other: "Sixteen nights, what do you do, suddenly put me out!"

Sixteen nights night road: "Sorry, Miss Pa Qi Li, Miss Miss is looking for you."

"I am evil, let me down."

Let her open her sixteen night, Pa Qi Li sorts your own hair and then to the big lady: "Lifei, what do you want? Is there still still daytime? Do you not sleep during the day? "

Although Pa Qi Li is not a vampire, it is not like sunshine, and I like to read the book in the library, and I am pulled out, I am really unhappy. Ramisia said: "Pa Qi Li, you quickly show the frozen magic to freeze this lake."

"Hey? What? Do you extinrate the life of the whole lake?"

Paqi scared a hop, frozen a lake, she did did, but they didn't make meaning, and they would kill all the creatures of the lake. Although it is a monster, the magic makes this rare race are the least. Blood. Whether it is human or other life, although they are low-level creatures, it is not worthy of inexplicably, and Pa Qi Li can survive, don't say animals, even the plants don't eat, so as long as they are willing They are the best Buddhists, they can not kill all beings.

"Hey? I don't die, what is the death of fish and shrimp! The owner evolved below, the whole body temperature is too much to give him down."

In the face of others, Rimillia will still call Lu's unnamed home, which can determine his name and face. Although Rimmy is a real young girl who is not alive for hundreds of years.

"The guy is in the bottom of the lake? He evolved? What will mouse evolution becomes? Can't always be a tiger."

Paqi said that the poisonous tongue is not polite, but the eyes flashed in a whisper, there is no name to give her a rebellion to the sky, remove the physical and visible properties, which is also very polite in these days, not ashamed Less magic knowledge, let Pasteli gave a girrian of the girl, and the two are now connected, and they don't say that she has recognized his position as a red magic museum.

Paqi said, he started to make a curse. With her magic, the race talent, there is a pound of magic. The spell that needs to be curse is very powerful. The cold magic of the heavens and the earth began to gather, so that the weather is busy. It's like winter, the cold, the ice brothers Qi Luo and like this environment, cheerful flying up, and the idiochemical, she instantly forgot the horror of Sajie in 16 Nights.

"Wanli ice!"

After the momentous spell, followed by Pa Qi Li, the moment the lake was frozen at the speed of the naked eye, not just the surface, and directly frozen directly, and the lake, the lake, the lake, for a huge Ice mirror.

Paqi came out of a breath, if it is not a positive asthma, she doesn't necessarily understand it, when she turns it, when she turns into the head: "Ramilia, is this?"

Miss Large told: "What should he be cool?"

I don't know how long, I heard a snoring, and the ice crystals were bombarded by an explosion in it. The frostbilia is as beautiful as the world. The land is not named from the lake. "Who is freezing the lake of?"

"No name, you are nothing? It is me to make Pavi, how to drop the body temperature?"

Miss Hong walked over, there is no name, there is no nickname: "Do you want to murder?"

Chapter 126, red fog

"What do you say, I just care about you!"

The big lady said that he had a happy sticky, and he walked into his arms: "You are fine, and you need to be prepared, you are too messy, you awakened the ace Is it? "

"trump card?"

There is no name, some unclear, sixteen nights: "It is similar to my time to stop. Just awakened you, I know what strength and role."

There is no name in the body, and he cultivates Chakra. In accordance with his own steps, it has been bone marrow from the flesh, and the power system of the East is similar to the peak of three sides, at least in front of human brave. Any weakness of the watchman Hongmei is far from his opponent, you can fight for four sides.

Every world setting is different, but if it turns into a true practice method, it will be equivalent. He broke the four shackles, and broke through Chakra cultivated meat! Although there is no ambition of the throne of the 16th night, the energy of the chain is completely integrated into the cells in his body, which can be said that in addition to the most mysterious brain cells, there is an unknown whole body has evolved.

"I don't seem to have awakened the power of the trump."

There is no name that I have already broken through the bottleneck. I don't have a super power that there is no king card. The ten have been a big kan. In fact, there is no one in the ancient times, unless it is a fairy. . Miss heard that he did not disappoint him, but he sniffed himself: "Well? I feel more fragrant."

There is a great temptation for the vampire ghosts, but this moment is more good, it is clear that it has been drinking, but this moment I want to drink, there is no name: "I Do you say that I have already refined into the bone marrow, have been re-created. "

"Different, it is more intense than just now. And the skin is getting better, it seems better than others."

There is no name to say, when I am going to say, I suddenly feel that I have a five internal organs to start creeping. The ability of the instinct to extract Chakra's hand-printing, the spirit and flesh of the moment are closely integrated. The internal organs are shaking. , Blood is boiling, bones, which is full of cells to produce wonderful evolution!

A few minutes later, there was a lot of blood as a lot of blood, and the heart seems to have become a very slow jump. After his skeleton, his bones became white, it is like Like almost crystal stickers, it is like a yellow-race that it is a jade, he breathe every breath, as if the air is swallowed, the air is compressed as a aura. .

There is no name, I feel like it is the same as the giant, although the body shape has not changed, but as long as he is willing, you can do Sakyami like the Buddha. It is like a flesh, and there is no need for any cultivation method, you have this strong magic. He will not rotate the fragrance after his life is dead. There is no more awakening of land, but the flesh has completed super email! He is now reddriting and empty fists can be with oriental fantasy to be extremely infinite ghost wrenches!

"I am now the name, is it true?"

The land is unknown, you must know that the fog rain magler is also the strength of the Boss, the BOSS is not serious. He only needs to wait for the old blood to eliminate the old blood, you can officially enter the four-sided realm. And the two major protagonists, of course, the two protagonists have purple air transport, ready to be purple in the protagonist, want to defeat, almost impossible.

Just achieve the throne with the real world of Wang Hao, I got the throne, but I was killed by Liu Xiu, who was in the face of the son of the face, even if there was an unnamed of the Red Museum, the monoclocal transportation The operation is also unable to defeat both.

"Why don't you talk, no name?"

There is a long time in the body, it is a long time, in fact, a few breathing time, so that there is no change in the big lady, there is no name, and there is no name: "Nothing, we will return to the Red Mission, And Paqi thank you for help. "

Although there is no name to freeze the lake, it is not a simple thing to freeze the lake, but it is not a simple thing to freeze a lake. I am afraid that it is a lot of magic of Pa Qi Li. If it is not a big sister, she is estimated not Will do this. Paqi Road: "I am not doing it for you, but you are a red magic museum's home, and help me have a natural disease, and there is nothing."

The knowledge and the girl's voice of the Sun and the moon as always, the land is not named, and there is no name. At this time, the fairy of the ice is said: "The bad guys, I also help to freeze the lake, if you want to thank my words, Let your woman put me! "

There is no moon, I have never thought of it in the Oriental World, who has been called idiot, can seize the machine to escape the Red Magic Pavilion. There is a popularity of the land, and the 9 stupid is also very high. It is also a cyan gas. After joining the Red Museum, you can give yourself cultivation, otherwise there is so fast. It is impossible to let her go, although I don't understand that she knows that it is the prostitute who sent people to catch her.

"Is there anything wrong with the Red Magic House? If you have a drink, you can give you a protection, and the dark monster Lunmia will play with you."

"I am ice, I don't need to eat! And I don't need people to protect, the little monster is too stupid, I will not play with her!"

Ki Luro said loudly, there was no name, and smashed: "Only idiot will say that others are stupid!"

"I have to say that Luimia is a big stupid. I wanted to escape with her, but she told the devil's dog! It was a vampire but found a human man, and smiled and laughed ..."

Luimia's breath said that Miss Lemidianaton did not cool, playing a song, and the power of fate is trapped to the chain to tell her, and Miss is no name: "This ice The fairy is very beautiful and polite, it is not long, but it is still simply. "

With the temper and strength of Miss, it is naturally able to kill the nine-stunned eggs, but doing this will break her air transport, no matter in the game world, if there is no positive anti-stand, a popular role kills another popular role They will hate the fans of another popular role, the fantasy secondary yuan world owner's air transport comes from the popularity of the real world, this is the self-loss of popularity, and there will be no name, and I will see: "Don't, She still has the use, and I arbitrarily grabbed her, and I did some excessive places. "

Seeing Lu's unknown, I can't kill myself, and the trapped unable to talk, I can't speak, after all, the positive blood vampire princess is like a nobles in the demon world. It can take the leader and even kills for the small monster in its territory. .

"Welvle you, I have to go back, the sun in the daytime is too annoying."

Miss said a yawn, there is a mood in the end of the land, said: "Ramisia, since the sun is so annoying, then you can make a red fog with your own strength, so you can stay in love Come out. "

Miss Lisi Miyaton suddenly lighted: "Good idea."