My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 1 Lamb Skewers

The hustle and bus of pedestrians in the West District Farmers' Market of Zhonghai City, shuttles in the evening in an unforgettable manner.On the ground where the vegetable leaf sewage flows, there are various signs of shops withered paint, and occasionally the monotonous neon lights of several houses have flashed.Workers coming home, children from school, old people who buy vegetables, and passers-by of all sorts of people, make this dull sky even more dull.

Perhaps in such an international metropolis, such a block is like the most despised stain in people's minds, only hope that it never appears.

At a low wall near a crossroads, there is a person who leisurely and complacently does something that is not so glorious to others.

This is a young man selling mutton skewers, wearing a white vest, with greasy and black body all over him, underneath a pair of brown coffee pants, and stepping on rigid blue plastic slippers.

The young man's hair is a little messy, but a slightly mature handsome face is pang Shang and the facial features are upright. If you look closely, there is still the taste of a man.Unfortunately, regardless of appearance, the girls walking on the street will not look at him more, because he is just a mutton skewers.

Young people put a few skewers of freshly grilled meat aside. It ’s hot and easy to bake, but it ’s difficult to sell. Although two skewers for fifty cents are already quite cheap, they only earn more than ten dollars a day. , Just enough to eat two meals.

However, the young people did not have much frustration on their faces, but sat down on the small bench behind them with silken contentment and leisurely expressions, and looked at the busy and anxious scene of the bustling traffic in front of them. Such a scene seemed like the most beautiful scenery .

"Lao Li, the money promised two days ago should be handed in!" A male duck's neck sounded abruptly.

There were three boys who looked less than twenty, and they were dressed up in the air, with their hair upright, silver metal chains hanging, jeans dug several holes, a face was a little thin, and the mouth was still Holding a cigarette.

Lao Li is a hawker selling fried food, beside the young people. Similarly, there is no business on a hot day, and he is sitting and worrying.

"This." Old Li grimaced. "My little lord, you have to wait a little bit more. Looking at the hot day, how can I pay without business."

"I said Lao Li, don't shame your face, or if our brother Feng is covering you here, your stall will have been demolished." The following younger brother threatened and flattered.

The little bastard called Brother Feng looked very proud. He grinned and patted the petty little man, and said to old Li: "Today's protection fee, whether you give it or not, I must get the money, otherwise, I'm setting up your stall now! "After that, he picked up a bunch of ham sausages and took a big bite, and left half of it on the ground.

Lao Li had no choice but to buckle the small stack of paper money in his pocket and planned to do so. That was the money to buy medicine for his wife's doctor. How could he have the patience to be so "filial."

"I'll help him." The young man selling mutton skewers suddenly came over and took out a few dry banknotes from the pocket of his trousers. Say: "That's it. Lao Li is old and eager to spend money. You should also accumulate Yin virtue."

Xiaobang squinted and smiled, reaching for the few banknotes and giving it to the younger brother behind him, "Yang Chen, you have to pretend to be a good person, and you haven't paid your own protection fees yet!"

Yang Chen frowned, feeling with emotion these little guys, who are not good at reading at a young age, why do they want to be fooled, but they are not their dads, they do n’t say much, and they do n’t want to provoke right and wrong, saying lightly: " Tomorrow, pay tomorrow. "

"Okay, I'm not an unreasonable person. Everyone cooperates well. I protect your business. You pay me. It's just right. I'll collect it tomorrow." After that, the little bastard took two followers and slammed into other places. Went to the little vendor.

Lao Li already had red eyes at the moment, and looked at Yang Chen bitterly, "Xiao Yang, why are you so bitter? You can help me pay for those dog legs. I can't bear it in my heart."

"Lao Li, don't say that. When I first came here, I was unfamiliar. If it weren't you, I haven't had half of my talking friends yet. You are my benefactor when I repay you."

"You guys say what is good for you." Lao Li seemed to know that Yang Chen couldn't but sigh in silence.

Yang Chen smiled indifferently. He smiled very lightly, but it was very real. He was not affected by the blackmail just now. "Yes, how is your wife's illness."

Lao Li's eyes were full of gratitude, "Thanks to you for borrowing my money to operate my wife a while ago, now I just need to go for more inspections and take some medicine."

"Oh, that's good, I wish her a quick recovery." Yang Chen nodded in satisfaction.

Old Li smiled bitterly, "Xiaoyang, if you borrow my money, I will definitely pay you back. If I do n’t know how to die, I will let my daughter pay you back. If it ’s not for me, your hundred thousand yuan will definitely be Can open a good storefront, which is used to sell mutton skewers, but also by those petty fools. "

Yang Chen pouted, "I really like these days, selling mutton skewers is also good, simple and can mix a few meals."

"I say you." Old Li said with some depression: "Xiao Yang, you are only twenty-three or four years old. At this age, young guys are either going to college or trying to climb up. You are now Even if you do n’t have a girlfriend, are you planning to sell mutton skewers all this way? You ’re not in a hurry, I ’m worried. ”

Seeing Lao Li's true feelings for his heart, Yang Chen unconsciously showed a bit of bitterness in his mouth. He was not in a hurry, but he didn't think about it at all.

After nightfall, Yang Chen packed up the stall and pushed the wheeled cart back to the run-down apartment he rented.

This is a small building that I do n’t know how many years. The monthly rent only needs one hundred, and it ’s so cheap because no one lives. Yang Chen does n’t worry about the collapse of the house like others. Then came in.

The furnishings in Yang Chen's house are very simple, almost all the second-hand goods picked up from outside, beds, cabinets, chairs, a TV set that only CCTV can watch.

After pushing the stall's stuff into his hut, Yang Chen looked at the wall calendar on the wall and, after thinking about the next day, suddenly thought of something and ran into the toilet immediately.

In less than five minutes, he took a cold shower, and Yang Chen walked out of the bathroom. His skin was a healthy wheat color with well-proportioned lines, and each muscle was not very conspicuous, but if you look closely, you can feel a hidden masculinity Beauty.

Walking to the big wooden cabinet beside the bed, Yang Chen grabbed his wet hair in distress, looked at the messy clothes inside, and after choosing a few, finally put on a beige shirt and wore a stripe The thin linen pants still have plastic slippers on their feet.

After going out, Yang Chen went all the way to the most prosperous commercial street in the West District. It was also the only street in the ruined West District that was known as the "Bar Street."

The nightlife with flamboyant lights is already filled, the colorful skirts and colorful perfume smells, as soon as you enter the bar street, the urban atmosphere swept in.

Yang Chen didn't drool like the other young people, or sulked at the white woman's thigh on the street, but walked straight to the door of a bar called "ROSE."

The neon signboard of the bar is not very dazzling. It can only be regarded as a slightly ambiguous atmosphere in the medium-sized bar. The colorful rose-shaped lights are dotted on the billboard.

After entering the bar, Yang Chen walked along to the bar counter and sat down close to the corner.

"Brother Chen, here you come." When the young bartender wearing a black suit and waistcoat saw Yang Chen, he smiled enthusiastically and presented a glass of water. "Sister Rose has been waiting for you for a long time."

Yang Chen smiled at him and took a drink from the glass. "Sister Rose is not angry, I came home a little late, so I came late."

"Not angry, not angry." Xiao Zhaoyuan's face seemed to be laughing with a few acne, and whispered to Yang Chen: "Brother Chen, you have time to teach me, what means can you use even our rose sister? It ’s important to know that the men who are interested in our wife in Zhonghai City can be discharged from the Western District to Haikou. I have n’t seen my wife who has been so kind to a man for so many years. But now, I only ask if you have come , I have asked me no less than five times today. "

"Don't talk nonsense, Sister Rose and I don't have as many things as you think." Yang Chen replied faintly.

Xiao Zhao ’s expression of “I do n’t believe it.” Immediately, and then sighed, “Oh, brother Chen, to be honest, you are so cruel. You can soak up the national beauty of our boss lady, which male It ’s not sticky every day. It ’s just you. It ’s so rare to come here and let the beauty wait for you. Otherwise, it ’s best if you ca n’t get it. This also applies to women. ”

Just as Xiao Zhao exaggerated and talked about it, a charming but majestic and gentle voice came from behind him, "Xiao Zhao, how many times can you deduct your salary from me?"

Xiao Zhao seemed to be passed through the body by electricity, and was suddenly stupid. Once he recovered, he flashed aside, and continued to pretend to be a serious bartender, as if nothing had happened, but the cold sweat on his forehead showed the timidity in his heart. .

A magnificent and modern cheongsam with a sense of modernity, fascinating and sexy from the slit to the root of the thigh, a full breast and a slim waist, and a face that is like a porcelain portrayed with elaborate porcelain, with a few wisps of purple on the shoulder Hair is such a young woman like a man in the painting, and the money came to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen smiled in the corner of his eyes, and looked at the woman without embarrassment, sincerely said: "Sister Rose, you are so beautiful, I wish you a happy birthday."