My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

1674 I Love You (The Finale)

Zhonghai, the Western Suburbs.

Nine years ago, this high-end residential area, the Chinese government had been very pleased as a gift to the Yang Chens.

Lin Ruoxi sent a construction company to carry out large-scale repairs and transformations, and it had already regained its second spring, and became the Yangs' new base in Zhonghai.

Because Lin Ruoxi wants to work, he still insists on sending the children to the "monk school" to have social exchanges with his peers, so apart from the weekend, the family often lives here.

Of course, the house has also been reserved for other women and can come to live at any time.

Yang Chen doesn't want the children to have any gaps because of the different birth mothers, so the children often go to school after school and play together.

At the same time, bringing women closer is also convenient for Yang Chen to easily complete "group activities" when he needs it.

It is a pity that Lin Ruoxi has always resisted participation. Seeing that this man can die for himself, she is not good enough to restrict Yang Chen's absurd style, but she just does not participate!

Later, Yang Chen didn't dare to mention it anymore. He was still worried that in the event of a critical moment, Athena popped out, wouldn't it just shake the house up to heaven?

The first working day after the Spring Festival.

The morning sun is like a warm and delicate palm, gently touching Yang Chen's face.

Yang Chen stretched a lazy waist, slowly got up from the big bed, looked around, Lin Ruoxi really got up early again.

The alarm clock showed that it was only half past six in the morning. The woman really didn't know how to enjoy life. Yang Chen shook her head and smiled.

Yang Chen lifted the quilt, naked all over his body. Last night, he dragged his wife to fight until early in the morning. Later, he slept directly holding the woman and slept. He was too lazy to take a bath and wear pajamas.

Yang Chen casually wore a pair of boxer briefs, Shi Shiran walked outside the door, leaned on the railing, and looked downstairs to the restaurant.

"Come, Lanlan, this is the shrimp eel noodles made by Grandma Wang for you ..."

Mother Wang was wearing an apron and was coming out of the kitchen, carrying a large bowl of noodles, and put it in front of Yang Lanlan with a smile.

Lan Lan swallowed the saliva early, and could not wait to get the chopsticks, and then took the bowl and drank the noodle soup, full of happiness.

Lin Ruoxi came out from behind, holding a plate of strawberry cheesecake in his hand, and placed it in front of Yang Nuomi, and put a plate of poached eggs in front of Yang Datou.

Seeing that the eldest daughter had begun to eat eel noodles happily, Lin Ruoxi said to her aunt reluctantly: "Mother Wang, eating fishy smell early in the morning, you are too used to blue."

"Oh, this is no big deal. The child wants to eat it and cook it for her. Do we have any other hobbies besides eating?" Wang Ma thought it didn't matter. She looked at the child and smiled. Crescent.

Lin Ruoxi sighed, with one hand on his hips and reached out to touch his son's hair. "It's still our big head who is the best. I only eat milk and eggs in the morning and I know to eat according to nutrition."

Big head Yang licked the white milk near his mouth and said seriously: "Because you are full, the digestive system metabolism is strengthened, most of the blood supplies the digestive system, and the blood supply to other organs is relatively reduced, and the brain will be in a mild shortage. The state of oxygen, as a responsible scientist, cannot allow the brain to be dull. "

Yang Datou said, turning his head to look at Lin Ruoxi again, "Also, can my mother not touch my head all the time? I am not a child anymore."

Lin Ruoxi's smile at the corner of his mouth was stiff, and he was dismissed by his son, and took his hand a little awkwardly. "What nonsense, are you not a child or an adult?"

Looking at Yang Nuomi on the other side, he found that the younger daughter was holding a knife and fork. She tasted the cheese cake melting in her mouth, and her posture was extremely elegant.

"Glutinous rice! Eat so slowly again! Otherwise, you will be late again after school." Lin Ruoxi was dissatisfied.

Yang Nuomi turned his head proudly and snorted softly, "Mother, you let me be a lady! The lady can't gobble up! That's vulgar ..."

"Then listen to me, why did you eat so fast when you took the meatballs yesterday ?!" Lin Ruoxi suddenly got angry and argued with his daughter.

Yang Nuomi didn't know how to respond. She simply spit out her little tongue at Lin Ruoxi and played a rogue.

Lin Ruoxi was so angry that he took the hand of the Queen Mother and said, "You see, Mother Queen! Did this little girl order Ge Ke me ?! Why did you do it right in the morning! I grew up later Got it! What do you say !!! "

Wang Ma was not happy. In her eyes, Lin Ruoxi was actually a child. She could only keep nodding, but she couldn't say anything.

She has seen more of this kind of scene. Glutinous rice is different from her sister. Blue is much lazy to say anything. She just manages herself silently or asks for forgiveness, while Glutinous rice likes to fight with her mother.

Yang Chen, who was looking at this scene upstairs, couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Lin Ruoxi immediately turned his head and glared at Yang Chen, "What are you laughing !? Put on your clothes when you get up! Is it nice to stand there wearing underwear?"

Yang Chen immediately nodded with a smile, turned around, and turned back to the room, not forgetting to give a thumbs up towards Xiao Nuomi.

Back in the room, Yang Chen did not hurry to go down to take a warm bath in the bathroom.

When she came out of the bathroom, Wang Ma had already sent the children to school, saying that it was sent, but in fact it was supervision, for fear that these dolls would mischievously go to school.

Lin Ruoxi has returned to the bedroom, neatly dressed, high-twisted blue silk, a smart and stylish workplace blue blazer, white lace-edged shirt, a black knee-length hip skirt underneath, a pair of long-legged white flowers , Swinging in front of Yang Chen's eyes.

When Yang Chen came out, Lin Ruoxi handed Yang Chen the set of clothes he had prepared on the bed, and then walked to the dressing table, rummaging for the jewelry to wear.

While busy with work, I talked to Yang Chen: "Husband, do you say that our glutinous rice has entered the period of rebellion ... is it wrong, shouldn't it be rebellion until adolescence? Well, being a parent is really not easy I used to think that little children should be cute, but now I have a headache when I think about it ... and I have a big head. I run to Jane every day, and I am even closer than my mother. I doubt if Jane has instilled him. There's such a fascination with such a soul ... why! What are you doing! "

Lin Ruoxi suddenly discovered that Yang Chen's hands had embraced his slim waist from the back, and the man's entire body with heat came from his back.

Yang Chen's hand quickly climbed a peak of Lin Ruoxi not too honestly, and rubbed it just a few times on the soft and elastic flesh.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly had a pretty pink face, and the charming apricot eyes were rippling with water waves, and her body was a little soft. "Husband, do n’t ... do n’t do this, I have to go to work ..."

"Ruoxi baby, this is not my fault." Yang Chen's lips leaned against the woman's ear and spit out with a hot smile: "Did I not tell you, don't always mention the child to me in the morning?" Thing, when you talk about children, I think your mother is particularly attractive ... "

"I ... then if I don't say it, I can't make it?" Lin Ruoxi pleaded softly.

"That won't work anymore," Yang Chen said with a smirk: "Our men are very hungry in the morning, but you still wore such a uniform in front of me, and now my blood is almost burning ..."

During the speech, Yang Chen had extended his other hand to the button of Lin Ruoxi's skirt, quickly untied it, and ran into the sensitive triangle of the woman with his palms, and skillfully provoked the woman's desire ... Lin Ruoxi knew There was no way to escape. Once the man in his family had such a thought, the power of nine cows and ten tigers could not be pulled back, when he was not satisfied at all.

"Only thirty minutes, no suffocation, no shooting", Lin Ruoxi can only retreat and ask Yang Chen to talk about the conditions second.

"Forty minutes?" Yang Chen begged a little, making him durable, and it was a little difficult to break out prematurely.

"No, just thirty minutes!" Lin Ruoxi insisted.

As soon as Yang Chen gritted his teeth, he would never do anything and endlessly, so let's talk about it first, and I wouldn't forget the time when I was not allowed to die comfortably!

He picked up his beloved wife's slender body and threw it into the big bed. Yang Chen threw himself up immediately, and did not want to take off too much clothing on her. After throwing the jacket, she untied the woman's chest. Former mouth.

Pushing the bra away, a pair of fat white snow peaks jumped out tremblingly, Yang Chen's head was buried, and his lips squeezed a wet mark on the delicate sheep fat with pleasure.

Lin Ruoxi also slowly became embarrassed, and began to kiss Yang Chen on his own initiative, sending out ecstasy.

Yang Chen gasped heavily, lifted the woman's waist, turned over, and let that beautiful and fat buttocks face to herself, opened the short skirt, exposing the black lace inside.

Looking at the beautiful area in the middle of the depression, there was another bulging bulge, and the slightly shameful liquid leaked out, as if Yang Chen had smelled a fragrance that accelerated the secretion of hormones.

A smirk appeared in the corner of Yang Chen's mouth, and suddenly his palm was raised high, and it fell down just right!


A clear sound caused Lin Ruoxi to squeal with a murmur of resentment.

Yang Chen even raised her hand and began to slap her butt several times, making a continuous sound of meat.

Looking at the elastic and rich buttocks with a hint of redness, Yang Chen bowed his head and kissed for a few bites, but he didn't bite the pink ass egg, and he was a little silly.

Lin Ruoxi turned his head, his face pink, a little bit embarrassed.

"Battered my ass again! You have the ability to wait for me when I was Athena someday! You coward ... I knew I was bullying ..."

Yang Chen had already told Lin Ruoxi that the reason why he spanked her was because he had dreamed of lifting Athena's skirt and spanking her.

As a result, Athena was Lin Ruoxi, and Yang Chen finally got his wish.

It was just that time when Athena was hit, Athena shyly couldn't control it in an instant, causing Yanjing's bedroom to collapse directly, making Yang Chen no longer dare!

However, you can't fight Athena, you can fight Lin Ruoxi, they are the same anyway!Assuming that this is Athena, Yang Chen is very satisfied!

Of course, this is not a real fight. Yang Chen's strength is cleverness, but the sound is loud. In fact, the pain is not strong, otherwise he will not be willing.

"Hey, baby Ruoxi, you actually like me to beat you like that. It's kind of fun," Yang Chen blinked at the woman.

Lin Ruoxi bit her silver teeth and whispered the man "shamelessly erotic", but the spring love between her eyes couldn't conceal certain facts.

Finally, Yang Chen pulled out his overlord gun, turned around and hugged the woman's body, pierced into the moist and elastic space from the back ... For a time, the spring tide surged on the big bed, and Yingyu cried.

Yang Chen is like a tireless beast. On the carcass of white flowers, waves are carried from wave to wave, from the bed to the bed, to the dressing table, leaving pink traces of the two everywhere.

In the end, Lin Ruoxi also forgot the time. Without knowing how long, Yang Chen finally poured a heat wave into her body.

Yan Qi swelled, calm and calm.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly remembered for a while in the man's arms, and he had to go to work!

He got up and looked at the time. Suddenly, Qiao's face was full of annoyance. "It's all you! It's an hour late!"

Lin Ruoxi quickly turned over the man and came under the bed to tidy up the clothes and clean up the smell left by the man.

But Yang Chen did not care, lying on the big bed, just watching the woman complaining to herself, smiling, her eyes full of tender satisfaction.

After Lin Ruoxi hurriedly packed it up, he was about to leave the house, but Yang Chen shouted.


Lin Ruoxi carried the bag and turned back, "What's wrong?"

Yang Chen barely walked up to the woman, shook his head with a smile, reached out to Lin Ruoxi's chest, and unbuttoned the woman's button.

Lin Ruoxi just wanted to stop him, only to find that he wanted to turn off because he was too anxious and the buttons were misplaced.

The winter sun has become warmer now, projected on the man's side face through the large glass floor-to-ceiling windows.

Lin Ruoxi quietly watched the man help him button his shirt. He was so serious and loved his eyes so much ... "Okay ..."

Yang Chen raised his head, touched his wife's cheek, and said warmly: "Go to work you like."

Lin Ruoxi blinked, suddenly opened his hands, embraced Yang Chen's neck, and gently kissed Yang Chen's mouth.

It's like sweet honey, with a sweet taste.

"I love you very much, husband," the woman smiled happily, her eyes full of water and tenderness accumulating under the years.

Yang Chen froze a little, and the next second, his hands naturally wrapped gently around his wife's soft waist, revealing a bright smile like a rainbow blooming after a storm.

"I love you too, my beautiful wife wife."

"The end"