My wife is from League of Legends

My Wife From League of Legends Chapter 1

Dream of the Red Chamber: A Dream of Immortality Author: Zhi Le

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A luscious story of Jia Baoyu and the main, vice and from the 36 golden hairpins of the Red Chamber and its many beauties of all sizes! This book is about passion to the end! Subtle teasing + subtle passion + forbidden pleasure!

Jia Baoyu is actually a "fake" Baoyu.

Volume I

Chapter 1 - One Night Stand

Under the swaying ambiguous light, the din of the dark bar, Shi Yu with elegant steps towards the target, handsome face reveals a message of goodwill, only the corner of the mouth slightly curled, hanging a wisp of a smile, only reveals his unrestrained wind flow nature.

The broad-shouldered figure stopped in a secluded corner, and in this space of boiling crowds and paper drunkenness, it was as elegant and quiet as a paradise. The city beauty quietly leaning on the edge of the table, one hand supporting the plump jaw, one hand gently shaking the crystal wine glass in the hands, moist red lips adding some sexy style, trance like a beautiful spirit in the night seductive.

"You seem very sad, why? "Belinda Shi's bright eyes gazed carefully at the gloomy and penetrating beauty before him.

The beauty of a wordless glance at him, more melancholy drink a large glass of cocktails, the faint red across the walls of the glass, flowing into the red sexy lips.

Across the table, Belinda looked slightly distracted, being a veteran of the flowers, his appearance unchanged, but he had already selected his prey for the evening in his mind.

"There's always someone lonelier than you in this forsaken world! Can we comfort each other now that we've met? "Belinda Shi's magnetic whisper was tinged with inspiring sadness, he had decided to make the evening colorful due to the spark of passion.

With long, slender fingers, the beauty's eyes lowered, and after a moment's thought, she stared up at the man who had accosted her, "You're a good conversationalist, are you more lonely than I am? "

"I've been through so much that I can't not be alone? "Belinda Shi likewise looked back at the beauty with an unblinking gaze, her low words revealing a heartfelt helplessness.

The beauty's gaze softened for a moment, her white arm gently lifted, gracefully and gently gesturing for the melancholy and resistant man opposite her to sit down.

Shi Yu naturally sat opposite the beauty, he wisely gave up the seat next to the woman; distance produces beauty, this time can not let her produce a defensive discontent heart, know that complacency is always accompanied by failure!

"Today is September 1, 2059," Belinda raised her glass to Lili, dropping the last bombshell under her puzzled gaze, "Tonight, forget everything, and may we all be happy! "

The woman raised her glass accordingly, and Moomin's tears made the red-rimmed eyes look even more feminine and amorous.

"Ah! "Passionate moans reverberate in the luxury hotel suites, soft jade body of Shi Yu's strong masculine body under the twisting, swinging, enjoying the intoxicating spring color.

Man's strong buried deep in the body of Yan red all over the plump jade body, powerful impact in a rhythmic rhythm to the woman brought waves of high waves of lust frenzy.

Wild love in the man will women hugging against the wall when the peak, two naked entangled in the figure in the quite moving and swinging in every corner of the room.

"Yah! "Powerless woman hanging softly on the body of Shi Yu, a powerful hot stream ruthlessly rushed into the already unbearable tart of the woman's body, the man also in the puffy embrace her slowly fell in the massage bathtub, the strength of the water from all sides of the impact of the satisfaction of the happy love men and women, so that they lazily enjoy the soothing feeling after sex.

In the morning, Belinda drove his dusty antique "Ferrari" in the highway speeding, the mind can not help but recall the scene when the respective, the corner of the mouth again hung on the sprinkle of smile.

"Stay! I'll spend the rest of my life with you! "The woman obsessively took Belinda Shi's big hand.

"I'm sorry, but we only have a 12 hour bond! "The man gently embraced the woman with a gentle, light kiss on her lips, "Goodbye! If I ever come to this city again, I'll look for you. I hope you have a happy life! "

Under the woman's loving eyes, the man dashingly started the engine and resolutely began his wanderings once again.

It's been five years, and this year's 25-year-old Shi Yu has been wandering for five years, and there's always a call in his heart, pulling him to search for an unknown feeling, and even he doesn't know exactly what he's looking for! He just kept wandering to different places, each place, more will be involuntarily looking for a one-night stand, only in the lingering with beautiful women he can feel a hint of a solid feeling, but the moment of dawn his heart is still empty without a destination, can only continue to move forward aimlessly, no end of the search for that unnameable feeling.

A high-class hovering flying car whistled over Shi Yu's antique car, waking him from his reverie; with the wind came the disdainful whistle of the car's occupants, and he looked at the antique car, which was still on autopilot, and indifferently looked up at the flying cars that came and went high in the sky representing status and power.

Could this be life! The door of a flying car is enough for a common man's life, these high and mighty "grandparents."

Have they ever truly thought about the people, except for the hypocritical tears they shed in their annual speeches?

Looking up to the heavens Shi Yu sighed glumly, giving a negative answer with a slight shake of his head!

Morally bankrupt and selfish, that's the real world! Five years of wandering and he hadn't even been able to see with his own eyes the truth, goodness and beauty of the human world, not even a little bit! The quest that he reserved in his heart cannot be proclaimed to the world, and the world today has discarded it as foolishness.

Alas! Shi Yu forced himself to interrupt his thoughts, and after taking another deep look at the blue sky with no visible white clouds, he slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep, allowing the antique car to take him to the next city.

Behind the white clouds and mist, within the bounded space that could not be measured by any high-precision instrument, there were a thousand golden lights and a thousand rui qi; swimming dragons coiled pillars and colored phoenixes danced; exotic flowers and exotic grasses, clouds and haze surrounded; this was the realm of the immortal Buddha of the three worlds - the heavenly realm!

A clear curtain of light was reflecting on Shi Yu who was driving furiously, and was finally fixed on his confusion-filled face.

"Alas! It seems that our plan won't work. "With a wave of the Daoist Supreme Sovereign, the "Xuan Guang Mirror" turned into thousands of points of light and dissipated into the void.

"How could the Great Sage descend to earth like this! "Ne Zha, who had remained a child for millions of years, stepped on a wheel of wind and fire and stood with a spear, deploring his friend's fall.

"Amitabha! "The chubby Maitreya's smiling face showed a wisp of solemnity, "This is the last chance for the immortal world, only to see if the Fighting Buddha can achieve his goal? "

Chapter 2: Divine Stone Goku

At the top of the Heavenly Hall, the Jade Emperor and the Buddha are seated side by side, with Guanyin and Taishang Laojun standing one step down.

The most beautiful female Bodhisattva in the Three Realms had a ray of doubt in her eyes. So much so that instead of being unable to comprehend the mysteries of the two yin and yang, they began to fall into 'dark desires'! "

Even though the Monkey King has become a Buddha, Guanyin, who is the closest to him, still calls him by his affectionate name.

"Three thousand worlds, ten thousand feet of red dust! Although he had expended a lot of mana to resist the attack of the Hun Dun Demon Ancestor, the warm light of Buddha's light was like a spring breeze that brushed the hearts of all the gods and goddesses in the sky, making their "Daoist hearts" and "Buddha hearts" slightly restless. "They have calmed down.

"We are all far from the world, and cannot understand the human heart, and we must know that the changes in the human heart are as inscrutable as the mysteries of the world and the universe," the Buddha spoke softly. You can't see the real thing once you pass it. Hard! "

The Buddha's two "difficult" words in a row made the gods and Buddhas heavy-hearted in an instant, and the return of clairvoyance and obedience was like adding fuel to the flames and adding insult to injury!

"Report! All twenty-eight stars have been killed in action. "

"Report! The Hun Tun Demon Ancestor transformed the Gods of the Stars into twenty-eight celestial meteors, rushing towards the Immortal Realm at high speed, which would collide with the 'Imperious Mountain' three days later. "

The Jade Emperor, who was well-favored, turned pale in an instant, his waist, which had been straight, trembled, and almost fell from his throne. His seven beautiful granddaughters rushed forward to help him; with the support of the seven fairies, the Jade Emperor looked to Rulai beside him and said, "Buddha, the heavenly realm is in danger! Let's end this world! "

The Buddha's heavy words echoed in their ears, "Nüwa won't agree to the destruction of the world until the last moment, besides, even if the destruction of the world eradicates the source of evil qi, we are still no match for the Hun Dun Devil. The world has been transformed into nature and returned to nothingness! The primordial gods and demons have boundless power that cannot be imagined by the Gods and Goddesses of the afterlife! "

The hearts of all the immortal Buddhas in the sky sank at the same time, and Buddha's words brought them a glimmer of hope, "The five-colored stones are also born from chaos. If only the divinely transformed Fighting Buddha understands the power of yin and yang - the state of chaos that is the origin of heaven and earth - he will be able to defeat the Hun Dune Demon Ancestor, and this is the only chance for the heavenly realm to turn! "

As soon as the Buddha's voice fell, the gods were lost in thought, and everything went back to the beginning once again, pinning their hopes on the reincarnated "Great Sage of Qi Tian".

"I have thought of a way," said the wise Guanyin, smiling from ear to ear, "The 'boundary of the Buddha' will last three more days, and the Monkey King has three more years on earth. Why don't we open the 'Time Gate' and send the Monkey King to the old world for some training and we have a chance to win! "

The Supreme Lord nodded in agreement, "Gathering the power of all the Immortal Buddhas should be able to open the gates of time and space, but that instant backlash destroys the heavens and the earth, even the Immortal Buddha bodies that we have cultivated for tens of millions of years will be unable to withstand it, and the one who is first will certainly find it difficult to escape the calamity of having his soul scattered. "

"If I don't go to hell, who will! "Ksitigarbha rode out from the Divine Buddha on the Hearing Truth and bowed to the Jade Emperor and Rudra, "Ksitigarbha wishes to be the first to receive the power to open the gates of time and space! "

"Buddha, I'd rather do it! The thousands of ghosts and pawns in the earthly kingdom still need your command, otherwise the unjust spirits will rush out of the earthly kingdom and the evil spirits will increase, and then the magic of the dark demon army will rise even higher! "Guanyin Daishonin relied on reason, leaving Dzogchen, who understood the situation, speechless and helpless to back away from Guanyin Hesh.

The gods and Buddhas of the full sky all saluted Guanyin Hesh, and although they had cultivated for millions of years and had long since transcended the seven emotions of the human world, they could not help but have deep respect for her actions. To easily give up her life completely and scatter her soul, even the Gods and Buddhas had to think carefully!

"No good! Oh, no! "The urgent cry reached the ears of the Immortal Buddhas, making them secretly shocked, did the army of darkness attack early?

The long-snouted, big-eared Inuyasha rushed into the Spirit Hall, his terrified words revealing the answer, "It's not good! The 'golden rod' that Monkey entrusted to me for safekeeping flew away on its own, the old pig couldn't stop it, the golden rod was too powerful! "

A cadre of Immortal Buddhas were shocked at the news, how could this be!

In the beginning of the world, there was chaos, and the primordial gods and demons were born from the void, and at the same time, they gave birth to the five-colored stone, the first divine object in the world.

The god Pangu opened up the heavens and opened up the earth, and the power of the void and chaos was divided into yin and yang; the clear qi of the heavens went down, and the turbid qi of the earth went up; the heavens felt the earth, and the yin and yang harmonized, and all things were born.