My wife is from League of Legends

My Wife From League Of Legends Chapter 377

Xiangyun, Tanchun and the others also cheered up, connecting with their hearts through the power of the divine stone. They all clearly felt the presence of Ai Langdi, but strangely they all couldn't sense the exact location of Bao Yu!

"Sisters, don't rush!"

The two women, who are leaders of the group, said softly: "Baoyu will definitely come back, let's wait patiently. No matter what the odds, he'll be back! "Same space. At a different time, on top of a rocky, barren mountain, an unconscious, tattered, beggar-like Master Bao appeared!

"Hey, wake up. Wake up..."

The clear call seemed to come from the distant heavens, and the senseless fellow was at last savagely awakened!

"Ah...what is this place? Why am I here? Ouch!"

Pao-yu held on with both hands but found himself in pain, and what's more, he found that his magic power had once again turned into clouds of smoke!

"Hey! Touch!"

The unhappy coquettishness woke up the dazed treasures, rudely kicked him even more. But so that he got a good look at the condescending and impatient beauty in front of him!

"Who are you? Why did it fall from the sky in front of my fairy's cave for no reason?"

The sun shone brightly on the girl's tall, elegant figure, and the light and shadow surrounded her, but she couldn't see her face clearly, but she decided at once that she was a barbaric beauty, whose beauty was probably not inferior to that of Bao Nobile and Dai Yu.

"Hey, hey..."

I'm so lucky to have met such a beautiful woman so casually!


The second is a bitterness, the girl's savagery is not just a matter of words, but also a kick, halfway up the boulder and also not shy away from it, in the middle of the stone and also kicked the second is a bitterness!

"Say it, who is this fairy asking you?"

The beautiful eyes of the girl, who had her arms crossed at the waist, were roundly dissatisfied with the rudeness of the strange man in front of her, and asked, "Are you an immortal, or a demon? Is it mortal? "

"I...I'm mortal,"

Bao second master now situation want to improper mortal also difficult, full of bitter face guy people under the dwarf eaves had to bow, can yield to the whispered response: "I call Jia Baoyu!"

"Jabberwocky? That's a terrible name! Touch!"

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest and oldest products that you can find on the market. I'll tell you what, from now on you're my fairy's man! But..."

The barbaric girl's words slight pause, head of the Tortoise contemplation that style is absolutely beautiful, but look at the eyes of the second master of the treasure is no different with the devil, "But you this name must change a change, otherwise this fairy take you out also not let sisters laugh at death!"

Khan...what kind of demon had I met? This is bad! The smart guy didn't dare to argue in the slightest, allowing the other guy to change his name for him!

"Hehe, hehe... There, this fairy has thought of a powerful name for you!"

The angelic maiden clapped her hands and cheered, excitedly saying, "Yesterday I won the Seven Fairies' Moonlight Box with a hand of cards, and today I found you, so you will be called the Supreme, Supreme, Treasure! "'Ah - Supreme, Zun, Treasure?' Why so familiar?"

The guy who secretly called out that he was not good enough ignored the fearsome witch before him, and a million thoughts went on in unison!

Good self-talking less happy for picking up a good plaything, did not notice his rudeness for a moment, and in high spirits she cheered once again, "This fairy will leave a mark on you again, and no one will be able to take you away again!"

"Pfft, pfft, pfft!"

In the future, if anyone bullies you in the Three Realms, report my name to my master! Hehe, hehe...I have a sidekick too! ""Pounce!""

Second Master Bao completely fainted on the ground!

"Oh God, I've become a supreme, no...I want to go home...home!"

[End of book]