My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 1

My youth do not need White Album Love Story Author: small day to the next

Some people will praise the beauty of youth in a proper manner, and some will expose the sins of youth on a whim.But for me, it's better for us to understand the identity attached to this period of "youth", which runs through the identity of "high school students" aged 12-18.

This status means using the three years of junior high school to make mistakes and comprehend, and then using the three years of high school to correct such mistakes.

Therefore, from the beginning of a person becoming a high school student, it means that the ignorant perceptual age has gone away. The so-called indulgence of oneself in the name of youth should not exist since high school.

———Yuhihama Kazuya "High Interrupt Chapter"

Three people's dream, three people's Strasbourg (part 1)

"Eh, really, Xuecai, did you give up the special prize of the school festival lottery? Isn't it a holiday for those days? If you don't want it, you can also send the ticket, the hotel reservation or something I took it and sold it? But wouldn’t it be a shame to give up like this?"

"Give up, right?" Looking at the unabashedly surprised and regretful expression of his somewhat noisy friend Fujiwara Rena, Sauna Ogi shook her head helplessly, "That's just a personal reward for me. Ah, let me travel by myself. My parents will never allow it. My family - well, my parents were also busy during that time. It is difficult to arrange the time for the whole family to travel abroad. So this special prize is actually meaningless to me?"

"But, as I said before, reselling is also very profitable, even if the ticket is your name, but if the ticket is refunded now, it will be refunded in full, not a small amount of money! "Rena still looked at Xuecai sadly, "Or is your family conditions so rich that you don't care about the airfare money at all?"

"Uh, it's not it!" Xuecai frowned, looking at her with a headache, a friend who always likes to worry about others too much. Before, because the third grader Xuexiayang was a predecessor's sentence, "This year I I am more optimistic about the first-year Xiao Muzhen!" Then, she signed up for the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao without authorization. Although Xuecai did not opt ​​out in the end, Rena's approach always made her a little uncomfortable.

Of course, Rena, who is the protagonist who troubles Yukina, lacks sufficient awareness of this matter, whether it is in the previous election registration or this time the special prize.

The experience of losing friends in middle school made Xuecai appear to be particularly careful in dealing with the issue of relations with friends. Therefore, although Rena’s approach did cause some trouble to herself, in view of the overall situation, Xuecai was not too careful. It was too exaggerated to deal with, so she didn't tell Rena what she really thought.

"Uh, in short, isn't it lonely to go to Strasbourg alone? I always think that a place like Strasbourg that seems very romantic should have the opportunity to go with my lover in the future. The Christmas market is the same. You will feel more when you go shopping with your lover. I don’t feel like going to do shopping alone!" Under the anxious mind, Xuecai gave Rena such a reply.

However, this answer that was somewhat illusory in Xuecai's opinion was very powerful in persuading her friends: "Hey, that's the case, don't you see Xuecai, you still have a romantic sentiment! Indeed, although Christmas Going to Strasbourg during the festival looks great, but if you are just alone, you will lose a lot of interest. The best way is indeed to go with your lover. Going with family or friends does not feel that way!"

"Yes, yes, so I don't have a boyfriend or anything, so I finally gave up. As for air tickets and other things, I have to come over and refund the money. Doesn't it seem too cheap?"

"Well, it is understandable to say that!" Rena nodded and said, "full of legends, in the first year of enrollment, he was crowned as the school idol of the new Miss Chief Takeshi-Xiaomu Shuxue. Cai was also the lucky one in the academy festival lucky draw organized by the student union, and he got the chance to go to Strasbourg for Christmas. However, Xiao Muzheng finally chose to return the ticket in exchange for cash, which is indeed A very ironic thing!"

"Don't laugh at me, Rena, so you can see how weird it would be if I receive this award! Also, I always feel that even if I win this award, it is Xuezhi Senior under the control of one hand." Xue Cai stroked the hair behind her head, which is often her performance when she is a little uneasy.

"You, don't you have this strange idea just because Senior Xuexia is optimistic about you?" Rena shook her head and said, "This is impossible! You, the lucky one, have become Miss Chief Wu Gao. Now, why give you this lottery operation? Didn't this make the whole school's attention focus on you?"

"It feels just to get the whole school's attention on me!" Xuecai murmured a little.

Of course, her whispered words were routinely ignored by Rena: "However, I still think that the special prize was wasted, it's a pity, don't you think it would be best if you can go with your lover. Is it? Then hurry up and find a boyfriend? As your new Miss Chief Wu Gao, once you show your thoughts in this area, boys will rush to come!"

"That will bother me instead? Rena, do you think that things like feelings are too cheap?"

"Well, what a pure girl," Rena Fujiwara exaggeratedly covered her eyes. "He is very cautious about feelings, but he looks like a very persistent person. At the same time, he has such an outstanding appearance and miss total. Wu Gao’s distinguished status, coupled with this extraordinary luck that was able to draw the only special prize in the middle school garden festival, Xiao Muzhen, please tell me that you are not the son of heaven, otherwise although I don’t believe in Christianity, I still I'll go to church and ask about the situation."

"Rena! Stop joking!" Xuecai raised her eyebrows and said with a sigh of relief at home.

"Then there is no way, what I said is all the truth, now it seems that Xuecai, you just concentrated all the love of the heavens, and I have to be jealous!"

"Let's talk! Rena, what did you want me to do with you today?" Xuecai is not an idiot, her way of thinking is actually very clear, so slowly Rena shows that exaggerated expression By the time, she already understood what her friend wanted to do.

"Well, I really can't hide from you, uh, it's nothing!" Rena nodded in embarrassment, and said, "This weekend there will be the finals of the National Football League County Qualifiers. My brother's school will play against Qingquan Middle School , You know, boys always want girls to cheer on when they do sports. I also promised my brother will bring him a heavyweight cheerleader today, so I said—"

"——So, from the beginning, you were trying to trick me into watching your brother's game, right?"

"This, can't it?" Rena showed a pitiful expression.

"Forget it, if Xiaohong begged me like this, I would probably agree to him," Xuecai shook her head helplessly, "However, you have to agree to me. You are not allowed to make fun of Miss Chief Wu Gao in the future. Now, there are boys and so on, feelings, this kind of thing, absolutely cannot be understood so simply!"

"No problem, as long as you pass Xuecai, I believe that the players in my brother's Pinghai Middle School will be more motivated by the arrival of Xuecai, and you can also share your luck with them!"

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"Rena, although I don't understand football, even I can see it. Now, Qingquan Middle School has the upper hand. Although they are only one goal ahead of Pinghai Middle School, they continue to score goals in this situation. Sooner or later!” Although it seems that Rena is just being used as a mascot, but after all, because Fujiwara Rena’s brother is in the team of Pinghai Middle School, Yukina still favored Pinghai Middle School at first. Of the party.

But what makes people feel helpless is that the rhythm of this so-called "final" was basically controlled by Qingquan Middle School from the beginning. Even if the players of Pinghai Middle School worked hard, they seemed to be thrown into it. In the net woven by Qingquan Middle School, it is impossible to get out of it. In it, the No. 10 player from Qingquan Middle School has appeared in every corner of the court, which is impressive.

"It is this No. 10. Last year we also lost a goal to him at the last moment." Obviously noticed that Xuecai's eyes had been attracted by Qingquan No. 10. "He just entered the school last year, and this year is the second. Is it your grade? But last year and Qingquan were evenly matched. This year, the opponent has improved so much, it feels like they have changed teams."

"No? Why can't it be said that Pinghai Middle School's strength has declined?" Xuecai frowned and said.

"No, this year's Pinghai Middle School, before encountering Qingquan Middle School, the road to the finals was very smooth. My brother also thinks that Pinghai's strength should have risen this year."

"That's because the opponent's promotion has reached a level that makes people feel terrible." Xuecai squinted her eyes and stared at Qingquan's No. 10 player on the court, but because the stand is still some distance away from the stadium, so Xuecai can’t see the other person’s face clearly, but only has a certain sense of that person’s aura. “Indeed, if it’s the number ten, it feels like a person who can do this. He is like a All the obstacles around are eliminated like people!"

"Hey, Xuecai," Rena cast a weird look at Xuecai, "Aren't you interested in the junior department?"

"How come! Rena!" Xuecai's face flushed immediately and said, "I just think that the tenth should be only one year older than Xiaohong, but it feels very mature and reliable. When Xiaohong can change Just be like him!"

"Obviously just watched the performance of No.10 on the court?" Rena slanted her eyes and looked at Yukina.

"A child of this age, in fact, the performance on the court can represent his state in reality to a certain extent, right?" Xuecai argued vigorously.

"Well, I don't know what is going on in reality, but that number ten is indeed quite mature, at least in terms of emotions!" Rena said with a smile covering her mouth.

"Well, what do you mean?"

"Now, Xuecai, have you seen the one-ponytailed girl on the bench at Qingquan Middle School? The one who looks pretty cute."

"What's wrong-can it be said?" Xue Cai frowned and asked in surprise.

"That's right, it's this'can you tell'," Rena blinked inexplicably, and said, "Although it is said that this matter is not widely spread, when Pinghai Middle School was doing the other side's intelligence investigation, I still discovered this. That number ten should be in a relationship with that single ponytail team manager over there!"

"It's really like that!" Xue Cai raised her eyebrows, showing a somewhat awkward expression.

"Moreover, it is said that when the manager first entered the team, he was trying to find the fault for No. 10. Later, not only did he not find the fault for No. 10, he also got himself into it!"

"Hmm." Seeing Rena's gossiping expression, Xuecai didn't know what she should say, but a complicated emotion was slightly developed in her heart.

Mixed with curiosity, but also some small doubts.

"However, if Xuecai is interested in that number ten, I would be very happy to see it come true!" Rena curled her lips and said, "If you can grab that number ten, it is the team. The conflict between the manager and the captain of the team is a fatal blow to a team! Even if it is useless for the current Pinghai Middle School, my brother has another year! And, I think Xuecai, your ability can still squeeze that manager down!"

"I can't do something like robbing someone else's boyfriend!" However, before Rina's ridicule was finished, Xuecai's eyes became cold and she looked at her good friend. Xue Cai said lightly.

Although the tone is very plain, but it has a taste that cannot be denied.

"Uh, I'm just joking! Xuecai, Xuecai?" Reina said anxiously when she glanced at Xuecai whose expression was a bit wrong.

However, what she ushered in was a dispirited remark from Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai: "Forget it, that's it, right? This game feels nothing good!"

Afterwards, Xuecai turned around and left the court somewhat decisively.

Until she left Rena, Yukana didn’t understand why she didn’t have any opinion about the many nosy things Rena did before and the things that caused her trouble, but now she shows it without concealment. Your angry look.

Looking back at the court for a while, he noticed that the No. 10 player seemed to have scored another goal. In celebrating with a high-five with his teammates, Xuecai suddenly shook her head a little irritably, stomped her feet heavily, and then left the court.

"Anyway, if you don't watch football matches in the future, you probably won't see the number ten!"

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The author Jun sent an update from Strasbourg. Actually, this chapter was written in Zurich last night. I originally wanted to finish writing the second half after I came here today. But I couldn’t stop feeling excited after dinner. I went to the holy place for a tour. It’s about time after the holy place tour. I found that this chapter is already 4k and just send it out, and see if I can finish the second half tomorrow.Although for the author of the Ice Vegetable Party, the symbolism of the Holy Land Tour is greater, but to be honest, the city of Strasbourg is still too beautiful, and when the game CG appears in front of you, it is actually party or something. It doesn't matter anymore.

The original idea of ​​this chapter Fanwai was originally to write the ending plot of the possible world line of Bing Jiao Fanwai, but after thinking about it, it is more fun to write this kind of dark history. The first half is for Xuecai, and the second half. It should be dumplings and Xiaochun.