My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 2


Three people's dream, three people's Strasbourg (part 2)

"Hey, Otowa, don't look at me with such a look, okay? I watched last year's finals too!" Yuihama Yui looked at his brother's face during the intermission. I'm really here," and stomped angrily.

"Sorry, but Yui sister, you are an examinee after all. As a student who went directly to the High School Affiliated to Qingquan University, and must go to the General Wu Gao, and the usual grades are not very good, you shouldn't be more at this time. Is it right to study hard? Otherwise, how can you be worthy of me, who worked hard for you!" Although the weather in November was a bit cold, Kazuo, wearing a short-sleeved competition jersey, showed no uncomfortable expression at all. Holding it horizontally, the body is also exuding visible heat because of the exercise just now.

Of course, although Kazuki himself doesn't care about this appearance, it is not a trivial matter for Yui. While putting the coat in his hand on Kazuki's body, Yui naggingly said, "Kawato, At this time, it’s better to pay attention to keeping warm. Even me, I know that if athletes don’t do a good job of keeping warm at this time, they will get cramps later when they play!"

"Oh, because it's always been-- uh," He also showed an awkward expression. Of course he knew the importance of keeping warm. He had always done this before, but after being with Xiaochun, Xiaochun The first thing he did during the intermission of the game was to hand over the jacket to Heya, which also made Heya a corresponding habit. However, the sudden appearance of Yui today made this situation a little different. It wasn't until Yui replaced Koharu's function that Kazuya realized the problem.

However, because of an inexplicable request from his girlfriend, He couldn't explain the matter easily, so he could only look at his sister in the end and said dumbly, "All in all, thank you sister Yui. ."

"I don't know if Xiaohe paid attention to yourself when you played football before! I remember it was not like this last year?" Yui showed a somewhat confused expression.

"Damn it, how can Yui-san keep her memory so good on this kind of problem!" Kazuya complained a little in his heart, "All in all, have you changed the topic?"

"Ah, by the way, although you have decided to go to Sou Wu Gao, no one knows why Yui sister is going there, right? Going to Qingquan High School is more suitable in every sense, right?"

Kazuki’s ability to change the subject has always been poor, but apparently Yui’s ability to notice the other party’s malice is even worse, so when Kazui asked, Yui answered seriously: “Yes, Oto , Do you know Strasbourg?"

"French cities, there should be no Ligue 1 teams."

"Hey, who caused you to get everything involved in football?" Yui showed a helpless expression. "Besides football, do you have any other ideas about this city?"

"There is no other impression. The impression is that it is closer to Germany? So what does this place have to do with my sister going to Zongwu Gao?"

"Xiaohe, if you are so innocent, you won't find a girlfriend. My sister won't help you at that time." Although Yui's words sound cruel, looking at her expression, she seems to think about it. It's not something particularly sad.

"Well, let's talk about it at that time?" Kazuya looked at Yui with a smug expression and lowered his head with some guilty conscience.

However, Yui did not notice this abnormality of her brother. She just continued: "Strasbourg, don't you think these European cities are very beautiful? This is a famous tourist destination. The city!"

"Even if you say that, it is unlikely that our family will go to Europe for vacation or something? Although this is a cruel fact, we still have to admit the status quo!"

"Yeah," Yui nodded, showing a mysterious smile, "but if it's free, I don't think Mom and Dad have any excuses to stop me?"

"—No, no, no, I think there should still be many reasons to stop you, the most basic is that you are a girl and go to Europe alone. By the way, you can’t speak French and English is very poor. Huh?" Heya looked at Yui who was immersed in his fantasy, frowning with a headache. He knew that although his sister often looked unreliable, but most of the time it was still reassuring. Yes-but Yui sister is a girl after all, she is a girl, it seems that there should be such unrealistic fantasy or something.

"Those are the problems that will be solved at that time! At least the economic problems have been solved, it would be nice to have a play in the past!" Yui seemed to be indifferent to the problems raised by Kazuya.

"So, does this have anything to do with Zou Wu Gao? Don't tell Zou Wu Gao that his school trip will go to Strasbourg. This is no longer the standard of the noble school, is it the standard of the Miss School? "

"Xiaohe, I have heard that there will be a lottery every year at Sou Takega's Academy Festival." Yui blinked and said.

"——Then you want to say that the prize of this raffle is to send you a trip to Strasbourg?" He also squinted his eyes and replied. From the perspective of believing in this illusory possibility, it is still It really fits Yui's style!

"What? You know that Xiaohe?" Yui showed a disappointed expression, seeming to be regretful because he couldn't shock Kazuya with this news, but soon she became excited again. "But now that you know, then of course you understand why I want to go to Zongwu Gao, right? If you get the prize, you can go for free? It won't cause too much pressure on the family, right? "

"No, no, I think it's more stressful in a sense." He also shook his head and smiled bitterly.

However, Yui, who was immersed in her excitement, didn't care about his words anymore: "Well, but there is a chance of three years. If I go there for the first time, I will leave it to Xiaohe for the second time. , But it’s not necessarily. Maybe it will change place in a few years—"

"——Now, old sister, I just saw there seem to be a few seniors wearing Zong Wu Gao’s school uniforms. You can ask about their lottery experience, and then see if your idea is reliable or not. "He Ye shook his head, sighed and said, "Although I know it is too late to change my wish, but to be honest, if you told me this strange reason earlier, I would definitely stop you. of."

"You still have to be confident in being a human! What's the matter with Xiao He's expression that feels like this is completely impossible!" Yui slumped, and finally realized Kazuya's dismissive expression. Said sadly.

"For the kind of small probability events that you can't control, it's better not to pray for that kind of thing. I'll go to my teammates first, I haven't said the tactics in the second half yet!" He also waved his hand, showing a noncommittal. Emoji.

"Xiaohe, you idiot who has no dreams! I really won't find a girlfriend in the future!" Yui trumpeted his hands and shouted in his own loudest voice, which also caused a distant sympathy. It was a chuckle from the players and cheerleaders of Qingquan Middle School.

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"Now, I heard it! What the hell did you say that made your sister so angry?" Sugiura Koharu covered her mouth, watching the people who looked like the seniors of Sou Wu Gao aggressively approaching. Yui said, "Also, how leisurely are you? During the intermission, you don’t think about tactical response. First chat with your sister and then chat with me. You are really not afraid of Ping Hai in the second half. What a trick."

"What can they do?" He said dismissively, "To be honest, passing the county pre-selection is already within my expectation. The level of Pinghai Middle School is not at the national level. Relaxing a little is to be more cautious in the subsequent games."

"Is this really okay? The other side won't give up so easily?" Xiaochun looked at Heye's eyes seriously and asked.

"All the preparations have been prepared before the game. From the beginning of this game, the result is doomed," He Ye shook his head, showing a confident expression, and said, "I think I might as well tell you. My sister’s poor but cute ideas just now are more interesting!"

"Is that so?" There was a flash of worry in Xiaochun's eyes, but she finally nodded and followed Kazunari's words. "So what did Yubihama-san say?"

"Do you know Strasbourg?"

"You know!" Xiaochun showed a look of expectation, "Isn't it a city in eastern France? It is said to be a very beautiful city, if I have a chance, I always want to see it!"

"That's why you girls!" There was also a somewhat dreamy color in the eyes looking at Xiaochun, and Kazuya had to shook his head helplessly, although both Xiaochun and Yui had their personalities and ways of doing things. It's a big difference, but since it's a girl, she still has the same idea on some issues.

"I'm beginning to understand the words Yubihama-senpai just yelled." Looking at Kazuya with a reluctant expression on his face, Xiaochun also pouted a little and said, "How can boys be so innocent at this time? Maybe it was Yuihama-senpai who expressed his desire to go to Strasbourg and was laughed at by you? Are you a fool?"

"I'm not that stupid yet!" Looking at Xiaochun's angry expression, Kazuya also realized that his disdainful expressions are indeed a bit bad. "Sister Yui wants to go to Strasbourg. , Of course I can’t laugh at her, but her idea of ​​realizing this thing is really too difficult, you know?"

"How to achieve it?"

"Sotake Taka’s academy festival also has a lottery, and the special prize of the event is said to be a trip to Strasbourg, and then Yui sister put her wish on this special prize-this is why she does not want to go directly The reason why Qingquan is attached to Zong Wu Gao, to be honest, I think she is too casual. Fortunately, she did not tell her parents about this, otherwise I can't imagine my parents' expressions now. !"

"Eh, but I think this is a very romantic thing?" To Kazuki's surprise, Xiaochun did not agree with his idea. On the contrary, she said with a very envious expression.

"Huh, romantic?"

"Yeah, because I have a desire, I gave up the safe and stable path to higher education, and chose the last very difficult path to higher education. At the same time, this wish may just be an unfulfilled and empty wish, but Even if this is the case, try again-if Yuihama-senpai really succeeded in drawing the special prize, then her sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is unimaginable, right?"

"So, the key issue is that she can't get the draw, right?" Kazuya looked at Koharu who was also immersed in the fantasy, and explained with some effort, "And let's not say whether she won or not, based on Yui's results, It’s very difficult to get into Zongwu Gao. Before thinking about that kind of beautiful ending, why not think about more realistic endings?"

"If girls are as boring as you, then they are not girls!" Xiaochun curled her lips, looked at Heya, and said sympathetically.

"But this is not the time to think about being boring and interesting! If Sister Yui fails to pass the exam, Qingquan University High School will not be able to choose!"

"So, actually, Yuihama-senpai values ​​your help very much, right?" Koharu said seriously, "Although you always say Yuihama-senpai is unreliable, I feel that she is still very serious, and she has the same instinct as a girl. , Tell me so."

"Really?" Looking at Xiaochun's serious look, He also raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"Trust me, at least I think Yui-senpai has to consider more than you imagined!"

"Uh, since you said that." Kazuna realized that he did not understand girls' thinking very much like Yui and Xiaochun said, but he nodded and accepted his girlfriend's persuasion.

"So, Kazuya, you still have to cheer and help your sister!" Xiaochun smiled and said, "And, in fact, I also like to take that award. For that award, let's go to Strasbourg together!"

"You don't have to be so consistent with Yui sister?" Kazuya subconsciously wanted to complain, but looking at his girlfriend's sparkling eyes, he swallowed these words, and then What came was an uncontrollable nod: "Well, no problem, let's go to Strasbourg!"

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In the second half of the plot written on the second day in Fort, the more I write about this kind of national black history, the more I feel that I am setting flags for various people, especially Xiaochun, who really has the setting of ex-girlfriend , It is really easy and pleasant to abuse.


Wuyifanwai: She and her cat

The Ministry of Service is a very magical place. The magic of this place is that the first priority of all members of the community in this community is not to complete the tasks required by the community-this is also a matter of course, after all, the so-called "delegation" , It’s not that easy to happen. Even though the situation is much better now than when I first joined the club, after all, Sou Wu Gao is a school with high deviation values, not a gathering place for problem children. More people enjoy , In other words, experience the daily life of high school students, and are unwilling to be involved in all kinds of incidents.