My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 3

Therefore, the daily behavior of the members of this society is to read with a hardcover library book—the novelty of those books makes us like people who are more inclined to go to the library to borrow books or buy medieval editions can’t help complaining about this big It’s great for a young lady to have luxury opportunities; a person holding a mobile phone and chatting with people non-stop-if I hadn’t seen my sister’s typing speed with my own eyes, I’d really hardly imagine that there is still a mobile phone in the world that can be used to type. A person who is more fluent than a computer keyboard; a person is often in a daze, and occasionally reads a book-but the number of dazes makes me worry that if I don’t exist in this department, his eyes are always very sad, will he be caught by the other two The individual was sent to the police with the charge of "molesting girls with his eyes".

Oh, is there one last person?What is that person doing, I don’t think we need to care about these details, right?

The people in the ministry are all weird. Of course, the weirdest one is our Lord Yukinoshita. Apart from all kinds of strange characters and some abnormal omnipotence, what I am most curious about is actually a small thing.That is--

"Minister, if there is no one else today, can I ask you? Why are my sister, Biqigu, and I all late due to various reasons and absences, but you can come every time I walk into this department Is it time to make tea and read a book leisurely?"

Yes, there are no other people in the ministry today, only me and Yukoshita, Yui sister and Higiya, who happened to be on duty together, so they had to come here later-by the way, this is also true I learned from the all-knowing and almighty Xuexia, who obviously sent an e-mail to Xuexia but did not give me a notice. In this matter, I am very sorry for Yui sister’s contempt for me-I have Jiyou. Forgot your brother?

"Actually, it was not the first time I arrived at the department. It's just that you are the one who visited the department almost every time, so you didn't realize this." Yukoshita put his teacup When he reached his mouth, he took a sip and replied gracefully.

Although Yukoshita started to make tea for me not long ago, from today’s performance, making tea for me seems to be an accessory product attached to the action of making tea for Yui sister or Biqigu, because now She didn't seem to want to make tea for me.

"Although Yubihama, the name you always use for Yui sister, always feels awkward to use on me, but if you don’t care about these details, I don’t think it can be done. I serve from the first grade corridor. Ministry classrooms are farther away than the second-grade corridors to serve the Ministry classrooms. Your statement seems to mean that I am very procrastinated in doing things. I want to protest."

"Ah, I didn't say that. If you understand this way, then I am very sorry." Under the snow today, the whole person is filled with a peaceful atmosphere, even the act of sipping tea. It's much more elegant than usual. Without that kind of arrogant armor, this guy seems to have the feeling of letting go of his vigilance for petting cats.

Therefore, I think I need to ask her about the basket next to the seat under the snow that I noticed since I entered the classroom.

"Although this question is presumptuous, but Minister, what is the thing that seems to be constantly squirming in the basket beside you that is covered by cloth?"

"Sorry, Yubihama, I don't quite understand what you mean. This basket is very stable. There is nothing'crawling' in it!" Yukoshita's eyebrows trembled quickly, and this did not escape. Pass my eyes.

However, if you don't want to say anything, then what I have to do is very simple.

"Wait a minute, Yubihama, that's—" Yukoshita rarely became panicked when I dashed forward and was about to lift the cloth covering the basket.

"Meow--" As if to melt all the laziness of the whole spring into my own call, there was a sound that is not common here in the classroom of the Ministry of Service.

"Uh—" I stared at the white cat that looked like a cub in a daze. Well, the hair is quite compliant and seems to be able to be petted. Although I have no experience in petting cats, I can pet Sabre. Experience, ahaha!

"——Don’t touch Kamra!" Xuexia's voice was louder than usual. Then, a good smell passed by my side. When I reacted, Xuexiaxue no. The basket with the cat has been taken away from me.

Hey, am I being treated as a man-eating monster?For the time being, I am also a "cat" pie!A cat is a much cuter animal than a dog. Even Sabre can be treated kindly. To yours, um, "Kamra" must be more friendly, okay?

However, why does the name Kamra always feel familiar?

"I'm not very good at naming animals, and then I thought of the Kamakura from Biqigu's family, so I called this child'Kamra'." It seems that I realized my remnant of this name, Xuezhi Xia's face flushed a little and explained.

Is it the cat from the Qigu family?You should have only seen it once, right?Just remember the name?How much do you love cats!

"I don't mind what you call your cat, but Minister, are you sure there is nothing wrong with bringing the cat to the club classroom?"

"This is not my cat. Cats are not allowed in the apartment I live in." Xuexia's voice became softer, and he looked annoyed and embarrassed and said, "This cat is the one I came to the classroom. When I found it at the door of the classroom, it looked like no one wanted it, so I brought it in."

"Hey, hey, since it’s not your cat, don’t give it a name and protect it behind you like a master—I’ll stress it again. In the two parties of cats and dogs, I am a cat party, I am There will be no harm to that cat!"

"I'm not worried that you will hurt Kamra on your own initiative. I'm worried that Kamra will feel scared when he feels the atmosphere in you. Cats are most sensitive to negative emotions such as hostility and malice. It looks at you now. At that time Mao was a little erect, do you know?"

Why do you, who have never raised an animal, want to publish such a conclusion that seems reasonable but in fact nonsense? Even if the cat is really scared, it must be treated like a master by you, a stranger. And feel scared, that's it.

Of course, there is no need to say what is routine, vomiting, and arguing with Xuexia.

"However, Minister, this cat was placed in the service department? It was also placed in this basket, which means that someone must have put it here deliberately. If someone takes it, there are usually only two. In one case, the missing kitten was found but the owner could not be found, so let the Ministry of Service look for it; in the other case, someone did not want the cat, so I wanted the Ministry of Service to help find a new one. Master, right?"

"En, that's right." Xuexia nodded, and then gently picked up the cat that she had become Kamra from the basket, hugged it in her arms, and said, "I think the latter The situation is more likely, because if it’s the former situation, generally speaking, it will be sent directly to places like lost animal care centers, isn’t it?"

"Even in the latter case, losing the animal care facility is generally the best choice-but your analysis makes sense, so let's leave this cat to those professionals?"

"No, this is a commission to the Ministry of Service, we have to follow." Xuexia categorically refused.

"Let’s not mention that you pointed out that the Ministry of Service will not accept all the commissions. Now that the commissioner hasn’t shown up, it’s our own guess that the commission is not valid, right?"

"No, as long as Kamra appears here, the commission has been established. In addition, the minister, I, decides whether to accept the commission, and Bihama, you need to obey the minister's instructions at this time."

At this time, I have used my ministerial status so skillfully, but seeing this guy and this cat so close, I think she wants to keep it by her side, right?

"Just a reminder, Minister, did you say it yourself? You can't keep cats in your apartment!"

"Woo-" It seemed that I was poking into a painful spot. Xuexia's body groaned softly, but then she regained her composure, "Well, I know, of course I do."

"So you gave up your plan to raise this cat? If you really don't want to give it to others, can you still give it to Biqigu? It would be nice to let this Kamla and that Kamakura get along well. of?"

"No," Yukoshita quickly rejected my proposal. "Biqigu is too kind to Kamakura. Kamra will be like a latecomer when he passes by, and he will definitely be bullied."

"Although I think your concerns are very nonsensical, but since you said so, my family can't do it! If you raise a cat and a dog together, I don't know when Sabre scared Kamra away."

"Yeah, so I never considered Yubihama's family from the beginning." Yukoshita put on a natural expression.

Wow, so frustrated!

"So the conclusion is that everyone in the club is powerless, so it can only be given to the animal care center, right?"

"No!" Xuexia's answer was very powerful, and this time it was unreasonable and powerful. Don't you claim that you are always correct?Give me a little bit "correct" at this time!

"Or, we all go to the class and ask other students if they can adopt it?"



"I don’t have a good relationship with my classmates, so I can’t ask. If it’s Yubihama and your classmates, and I’m not familiar with them, then I can’t visit Kamra often, right?" Yukoshita confidently Said, so is it okay not to have Kamra's master consciousness?Then you have a bad relationship with your classmates, this sentence is really full of grooves!

But by the way, Xuexia became a little unreasonable when it came to cats. Although the style of painting is a bit weird, it is unexpectedly much cuter than the usual cold-faced girl, so you can show this side more. Is it good?

"So what does Minister Yukoshita mean?"

"Raised in the club classroom."

"Huh?" I can hardly imagine that Xuexia, who is full of common sense, would say such a sentence that does not conform to common sense.

"Uh, to be precise, it was not raised in a club classroom." I can't remember how many times Xuexia's flustered expression was today. In short, if there are technical statistics, I think Xuexia's expression today The number of times of turning red or becoming anxious is more than the total number I have seen before, "I mean, mainly you can raise it in school, build a small house for it, and then feed it regularly. Of course, in Before you build that kind of hut, let it stay in the club classroom for a day or two. This is what "keep in the club classroom" means."

"No, no, I don't think the point is here—"

"In the case of the hut, I think there is actually an open space next to the tennis court. Statistics show that the angle of the tennis ball can avoid the risk of the wooden hut being hit by the tennis ball to the greatest extent, so I said—" Xuexia ignored me. Protest, thinking hard like a child.

"——Minister, Minister Yukinoshita!"

"What's wrong, Yubihama?"

"Your plan is too big in every way, isn't it?"

——Of course, I missed the sentence "I can't imagine this is your plan."

"However, if I want Kamra to stay, I think this is the most feasible way. This is the conclusion I reached after careful consideration of various options."

"So even if you think of so many options, you should be able to clearly know that these options are actually not feasible?"