My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 4

"No, Yubihama, in terms of implementation probability, this plan will not hinder anyone." However, Yukoshita appeared to insist on this incident unexpectedly.

Well, if this is the case, I don't think I need to oppose her anymore. If it is the almighty queen Yukoshita, let her toss it herself, right?

"Well, okay, but if you want to do this in the name of the Ministry of Service, I think you still have to refer to the opinions of your sister and Biqigu?"

"Wait for them to come and persuade them?" Xuexia showed a contented expression, and the gaze looking at me was much softer than usual.

I remembered the gentle look of Xuexia at the beginning of today. It would be worthwhile to exchange a cat for a major change in her character.

"Yuhihama, is there anything special about feeding cats?"

"You can just buy cat food and feed it. If you have a leisurely mind, you can make a little more lunch and share it with it. It will be grateful."

"Well, it makes sense!"

Ah, is this still Yukino under Yukoshita?This style of painting, this gentle face, Kamra, I love you, not only because you are a cat, but because you are the hero who saved Yukino Yukoshita.

"Ah, you brought this child back!" At this moment, an abrupt voice came.

"Ms. Hiratsuka, please knock before entering!"

"Don't care about these details! But it turns out that you brought the child in. I thought it would be bad if it was placed at the door of the classroom and was followed by others." Mr. Hiratsuka routinely ignored Yukoshita's warning. , Walked towards us with a smile, "Well, it's good, looks very close, Aina will like it."

"Uh, if I understand correctly, this cat belongs to Hiratsuka-sensei?" I looked at Hiratsuka-sensei who took Kamra's hair for granted, and had an ominous premonition in my heart.

"Yes, it's going to be given to my cousin's daughter." Hiratsuka-sensei nodded.

"Well, all right!"

Now, do you see it?Sorrow, under the snow.I looked like Xuexia, showing a sympathetic expression.

"Hey, Yubihama, what is your expression? Sympathy? Do you have to sympathize with me? I know that my cousin’s daughter is old enough to play with cats, but I still don’t have a boyfriend, which is very sad. , But do you understand my efforts again?"

"No, I don't think so rudely."

——It seems that my sympathy for Xuexia was misunderstood by the teacher!

"That's good. Although you seemed to be very current in middle school, it's always a good thing to correct evil now." Mr. Hiratsuka nodded and said.

——I think your purpose for letting me come to the ministry is to restore me to a partially full state, right?What do you say now that I am "returning to the righteous" or something, really a man?

"Hey, but Yukoshita, what's wrong with you?" Following Hiratsuka-sensei's words, I looked at Yukoshita. Her face was very pale. Although there was no obvious sadness, she trembled and wanted The way she touched Kamla showed her shock and helplessness.

"All in all, I felt that it was inappropriate to bring the cat that I brought to the office as a playmate, so I decided to put it in the ministry. After I arrived at the ministry, I found that I didn't bring the key, so I went back and got one. Come, so I left the cat here. Now that I think about it, it’s really not cautious. If something goes wrong, it would be embarrassing, so thank you for taking care of it, Yukoshita.” Hiratsuka-sensei still looks carefree. , Said.

"No, no thanks!"

"No thanks" was trembling, Miss Yukoshita Yukino, I saw your heart shake!

"Well, anyway, I will go home with the microphone first, Xuexia, take good care of the club activities!"

"It's Kamra!" Xuexia said in a soft voice, even the last bit of hope he had given the cat was deprived of his name. It is really pitiful!

"Well, what did you hear clearly?"

"No, nothing." Xuexia shook his head.

"Well, anyway, I'll take Mi Dian-- eh, Mi Dian?" Just when Hiratsuka-sensei was about to leave, the cat named Mi Dian--or Kamra suddenly jumped out of the basket. Then, among everyone's surprised eyes, he jumped onto the legs under the snow.

"Just for a while, I'm so intimate with Yukoshita! This is really beyond my expectation. I don't think Yukoshita looks like such a person who is good at getting along with cats!" Hiratsuka-sensei raised his eyebrows , Said in surprise.


"whats the matter?"

"It's Kamra!" Xuexia's voice raised a little, and then he said forcefully, "I think it's better for this cat to be called Kamra, and this kid likes the name better."

"Uh, the name is still undecided anyway? Mi Dian is just a name I randomly named-what's wrong, Yuihama, can't it be a cute name?"

"No way!"

Do Hiratsuka-sensei have eyes behind his back? She can find my expression of reluctance?

"In short, if Yukoshita said that the name'Kamra' is suitable for this child, then use Kamra. Anyway, I don't mind." Hiratsuka-sensei said with a shrug.

"Well, Kamra is a good name." Xuexia nodded contentedly, then gently put Kamra back in the basket, waved his hand, and said, "Goodbye."

"Meow!" The cat seemed to be sensitive to Xuexia, and licked her palm.

That's right, put down your vigilance, and let people pet the hairy cat. Now under the snow, it looks like that.Before, she was just the insecure cat who was wary of everyone around her.

Yukinoshita stared at the door blankly until Hiratsuka-sensei left.

"Now, Minister, I don't mind keeping a cat anymore. If my sister and Biqigu approve, let's buy a cat as the mascot of the ministry? The name can also be Kamra."

"No," Xuexia shook his head, revealing a serene expression, "If you use the name Kamra on other people, the kid will be unhappy."

"Hey, I remember that you couldn't say a name at the beginning, so you chose this name casually. Why do you feel like'Kamla is a unique name in the world'?"

"By the way, Yubihama," however, Yukoshita ignored my complaints. "You said you are a cat pie, right?"

"Uh, indeed, I prefer cats to dogs."

"Well, if that's the case," Xuexia's eyes flashed with uncertain eyes, and then, a little bit twisted, but embarrassed-well, this kind of Xuexia is great, I am very satisfied, she trembled Weiwei asked, "Do you know where there is a cup with a cute cat pattern?"

"Uh, sorry, although I am a cat pie, I am not the kind of person who likes to have this pattern on the cup, so I don't know."


"Hey, I don't know if it was my illusion, but I feel that Minister Yukoshita, your attitude has become cold!"

——It is as if the cat is beginning to exude alertness to the surroundings again.

"Sorry, Biqigu, I have always felt this way. If you think I have other states, you would be very wrong!"

Sure enough, the cat that was relaxing and able to stroke its fur had disappeared.

"However, if you like a cup with a cat pattern, I can give you one. I am also a cat lover." A slight chuckle was drawn across Yuuki's face.

"Uh, don't let it go! If I use a cup with that pattern, I think I will be laughed at by others."

"Really? Then you can use this kind of cup as your black tea cup? Isn't it good to use it only in the club without being discovered by others?"

"Obviously pouring me tea is only a subsidiary of other people, is it really okay for you to say that-eh?" However, before I finished speaking, I was surprised to find that there was an extra cup in front of me that was already brewed. tea.

"When is this?"

"Although it is not appropriate to add another type of cup to a set of tea sets, although it is true that a guy with a bad face uses a cat-patterned cup without contrasting cuteness but a contrasting nausea, but since the same cat loves person--"