My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 5

"——Hey, spare me, Lord Minister!"

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The feeling of dumpling head (exclusively wish dumpling happy birthday)

Since childhood, Yuihama Yui has been a well-behaved child. Being well-behaved means that he will not make parents worry too much and will not be blamed by teachers too much.This is an advantage that makes everyone very satisfied with Yui.

However, many times, when your advantage as a child is "be well-behaved", it means that he has no other advantages for parents and teachers to praise."Be well-behaved", on the contrary, will become a bondage to a person himself, which is often the case.

Compared to another child of the Yuihama family who has a flamboyant personality, Yui looks a bit too ordinary. Fortunately, Yui's younger brother is too flamboyant, so flamboyant, rather than a parent. He is a typical good boy in the eyes of the teacher, but a boy who feels very depressed, but it is a pity to leave it alone.

Therefore, the "good-looking" Yui can still be a role model for Yubihama, at least in terms of being "good-looking".Of course, this is the only aspect that Yui can be proud of as Kazuki's sister.In other respects, Kazuo always stands proudly in front of his sister, playing the role of the older child of Yubihama's family.

Probably because the age difference between the two siblings is only one year, so since Yui has an impression of this situation, Kazu has naturally taken his place.Although Yui had tried hard to insist on her self-esteem as an "elder sister", slowly, she got used to this way of making a way for herself in front of her.And she just needs to be behind her younger brother and watch with peace of mind that the omnipotent occupies the Shichi Kazuya among the Yubihama's Shishi talents, and solves all problems brilliantly and for granted.

Of course, in the strict sense, Heya's "opening the road" is not actually to help Yui, but a kind of desire to show unique to less mature elementary school students.He also simply enjoys the process of solving problems in his own way, and simply enjoys the pleasure of dominating others.

However, Yubihama Kazuya who was in elementary school was not the next demon-level character who ran across Kiyizumi Middle School. He who simply enjoys victory and dominance will have something to lose. If the tyrant fails to fully utilize his personality charm and If violent means exclude others, then the undercurrent of resistance will definitely exist.

Although Yui doesn't understand this truth, she can still occasionally discover some clues from conversations with friends.

"Yui, your brother, did you offend senior seniors?"

"What's wrong, Xiaomei, is there anything wrong with Xiaohe?"

"Actually, I don't know, but Yui's younger brother has always been very high-profile, isn't it? High-profile children are easy to be hostile by senior seniors!" Yui's friend, Miha Ninya, has an unpredictable look Looking at Yui.

Afterwards, she looked around, made sure that no one was around, lowered her voice, and said to Yui: "I just told you about this. You know, our school's sports festival, seniors The senior will help the teacher organize the competition. I don't know what competition your brother will participate in, but they will definitely trip your brother when he participates in the competition."

"Do seniors hate Owa so much?" Yui asked with eyes wide open.

"If it were not because he was a member of the football club, he could not participate in the football skill competition. I think the most likely thing the seniors could do is to do their hands and feet in the football skill competition and make your brother fall in a field he is proud of. "Somersaults, they think so," Mipo said with a shrug, "Of course they won't do it now, but it will definitely be a shock to make a proud man like your brother suffer elsewhere. His self-confidence, right?"

"So I have to tell Xiaohe!" Yui nodded, and said, "Thank you Mipa."

"I also overheard this incident from a senior in the track and field club. I also told Yui on the face of being a good friend of Yui and I. If the matter is exposed, don't say it. I told you, understand?"

"No problem." Looking at the serious Miba, Yui nodded solemnly.

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"So, we have been wondering how the defiant boy Yubihama Kazuya noticed the actions of Kusagi-kun and the others? There shouldn't be anyone who would tell him these things, even if someone told him he They would definitely not care. Of course, Kazuki-kun didn’t notice your presence, right? To be honest, if Mipa hadn’t let go, we wouldn’t know that you were there." In the corner, a gloomy look The several senior girls with the face of Yui tightly blocked Yui.

Looking at the crowd, his friend Miha Shintani, whose eyes were a little evasive, Yui's original thoughts of arguing slowly dimmed.

"If something is exposed, don't say I told you, understand?"

Yui didn’t know if Mipa expected the current situation when she said this. From the crying eyes she was looking at herself now, Yui felt that this was also what Miami didn’t want to see. To the situation.

"If this is the case, I will abide by the agreement to show you!" Yui gritted her teeth secretly, and stubbornly looked at the seniors who surrounded her.

"I think what the seniors did is wrong. If you have opinions about Xiaohe, you should tell Xiaohe directly. You can't disturb Xiaohe in this way!"

"Tsk tusk, I was expecting an outstanding brother to make a mediocre sister unable to lift his head. Didn't expect that the bond between family members is stronger than this kind of vanity?"

"I never thought that Xiaohe was better than me and I would be jealous of him or something. On the contrary, it was Senior Hase and the others. They did this kind of thing to Xiaohe who had never offended them. In the end, Xiaohe would be counted. , Do they have nothing to complain about?"

"Yes, Kusagi-kun and the others seem to be really frightened by your brother," the senior girl who dyed her hair golden in the lead spit on the floor and said, "But, right It is because of this that I will not be reconciled. Such a proud Kakuno-kun was insulted by Yubihama Kazuya. Isn't all this the result of you and your brother reporting the news? Yuihama Yu Yi, you didn't need to take care of this, right?"

"Why is it not necessary? Owa is my younger brother, and the Hase-senpai really did something wrong!" Yui is a very stubborn person in the place he believes, although this kind of character is long-term his brother It was not very obvious under the cover of the light, but at this time, Yuihama Yui's unique belief in persevering to the end appeared exceptionally prominent.

"Yes," the senior girl in the lead said with a sudden smile, "We all know that it is not surprising that you did this, but I think this is because you don't know how to do these things. That’s the price to pay."

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If the price was only for Yui to bear the bullying of senior students, then Yui felt that it was not too difficult for her.However, after a period of time, when bad rumors reached her ears, Yui realized that it was more terrifying than physical bullying and mental torture.

"Did you know? Yubihama, um, Yuihama Yui is talking about, it seems to have done a terrible thing!"

"Yes, yes, I betrayed a friend or something, Ming Ming Mi Bo was kindly helping her, but she finally betrayed Mi Bo!"

"It is said to be for her brother? Although it is not unreasonable to do so, but for the sake of family members betrayed friends or something, it would be better for such a person not to regard her as a friend, right?"

"So, is Yubihama a younger brother?"

"Wow, where did you learn this word, it's disgusting!"

"Hey, but Yubihama is my younger brother, right?"

The facts are completely distorted, however, Yui is helpless in the face of such rumors.Her best friend, Shintani Miwa, did not speak at this time—it was clear that she only needed to explain a little to make such rumors disappear.

However, what made Yui very puzzled was that when the question was raised, Mipa only showed a very painful expression, and then expressed his reluctance to raise it.

Everyone regards Shintani Miha as a victim, although it is not clear what Yuihama Yui betrayed, but Yuihama Yui somehow became the victim.

Until Yui finally realized that Mipa had succumbed to the ideas of her predecessors, a large, isolated network aimed at herself surrounded herself in this way.

Then, she heard about the existence of a man in the school in any sense—Yuhihama Kazuya, who severely beat up several senior girls.

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When Yui saw the a little embarrassed Kazuya, Kazuya's head was already a little swollen. Obviously, his brother was good at many things, but fighting was not what he was good at.

"Sorry, Yui sister! I should have noticed early, I didn't protect you." However, when Kazami saw Yui, this was the first thing he said to Yui.

"Are you a fool?" Hearing Kazuki's words, Yui's prepared reprimand as an older sister suddenly became weak, and finally, rubbing her red eyes, Yui Some vented and roared.

"Sorry, because I really don't know how to solve this problem. I can only solve it from the source after thinking about it. I originally wanted to communicate with those senior sisters, but they are a bit too unreasonable. At other times, I might try to persuade them in other ways, but I was too emotional just now and didn't hold it back for a while." Heya scratched his head and said embarrassedly.

"Xiaohe is an idiot, an idiot! You clearly don't know the situation."

"I know it clearly, Yui sister, this is my fault in the final analysis. I only noticed the few people in Hase, but didn't take into account that my sister has your own social relations and social networks. So , This is my fault! I didn't protect Yui sister."

"These are not important! Although you have always been complained by many people before, at least you haven't done anything that violates school rules, right? Doing this now, teachers who like you can't help you, right?"

"Well, so far the biggest impact should be that I was expelled from the football team-so the club president is not me, and the supervising teacher doesn't like me so much. That's the question." He also showed a nonchalant expression. "It’s okay. In this club, I can’t improve too much. On the contrary, it’s more interesting to go to the club’s youth academy. For a specific group, it’s too late to go to middle school and regroup."

"But, that's football, your favorite football!" Yui asked incredulously, looking at Kazuya with a calm face.