My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 6

"Yeah, but for Yui sister, this is nothing we can do, right? At that time, the thing was done on impulse, but when I was beaten like this, those senior sisters did not dare to spread Yui again. Isn’t your sister’s bad words? Uh, Yui sister, am I doing this wrong?” Kazunari’s words were very smooth at first, but slowly, watching Yui’s gloomy eyes, his voice was also slow. Slowly became lighter.After all, although he always claimed to be "I am the older child of the Hihama family", Kazuki still has a natural awe of Yui's younger brother and sister.

Therefore, when Yui's face obviously turned ugly and looked like he was about to get angry, Kazuki also gradually became a little nervous.This kind of tension, in the face of the aggressive attack of the senior school sister, or the teacher's reproach, and did not have it, but even in the face of the storm that Yui was about to brew, he was a little scared.

"Yeah, it's not wrong! It's a small and stylish approach!" However, in the end, Yui shook his head and said lightly.

"Well, that's good, but this incident has also sounded a wake-up call for me," Kazunari said with a sigh of relief looking at Yui who didn't try to lose her temper, and said, "All in all, In the future, while dealing with my own problems, I will also protect Yui sister in terms of interpersonal relationship! I was too careless before, so I controlled some people and avoided some risks. These things should be like this. Right!"

"En." Yui nodded gently, but her thoughts flew to another level.

"If I could better manage the relationship with the seniors at that time, then Xiaohe would not fight with the seniors because of this matter? If I could notice the big atmosphere in the environment earlier, then Can Xiaohe’s impulse be avoided? Maybe, I believe in Xiaohe too much! At least, if I can’t be Xiaohe’s helper, don’t let me become a burden to him!"

"From now on, Yuihama Yui has his own direction to do things!" Looking at Kaziya who nodded thoughtfully, Yui softly made up his mind.

However, watching Kazuya whose head was still swollen a lot, Yui's heart still had a strange distressed emotion.

"It's just a fight with a few girls, how come Xiao and you are so bad!"

"There are karate clubs among those seniors, and at first I didn't want to fight too hard. Later they became more and more quarrelsome, but finally they couldn't clean up." He also stuck his tongue out. Said.

"But Xiaohe who is swollen like this is unsightly! He looks very handsome!"

"Actually, I have a proposal! About a proposal to let me not be so embarrassed." Kazuya raised his head and said inexplicably.

"What proposal?"

"Sister, as long as you comb your hair into a ball head, it will be as weird as I am now, as if something protrudes from the back of the head, and then our sister and brother will look the same, haha!"

"Hey, Xiaohe, you can still joke at this time!"

"I'm serious, Yui sister!"

"Okazu is an idiot!" Yui yelled out angrily while looking at Kazuya with a hippy smile on his face.

Afterwards, she touched the back of her head lightly, and gestured a little bit about how she might comb her head. Yui gently said in a low voice, "But maybe try it, it's not bad!"

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The birthday of Tuanzi (although it was not on the 18th in Europe when I published this chapter in Cologne), and someone in the group happened to mention it, so let's just open a special event to wish my sister.After I finished writing, I thought about how other people spent their birthdays. Yukino’s birthday was not updated when preparing for the final exam. I couldn’t update Yukina’s birthday on the plane to Poland. As for Cai Yu and Xiaochun—well, the two of them simply didn't expect it.So in the future, everyone should remember to remind me in advance to write 23333 on the character’s birthday.

The extra inspiration for this chapter also comes from the tips in the group, a pit that I forgot to fill in the set, and the origin of the head of the dumpling-you are ashamed to say that you are not your brother.Then, the birth of Yuihama Kazuya, the great demon king of the junior high school, and Yui Yui who can see the atmosphere, actually all originated from the same incident. The same incident caused the two people to have completely different ways of handling problems and thinking about problems.Actually think about it, this feeling is really exciting!


The daily life of the football manager (the official unmanned author is very angry)

Most of the time, the commissions undertaken by the Ministry of Service are high-quality commissions. This is due to two aspects. One is that there are very few people who know this society. Relatively speaking, those who fish in troubled waters are still very few. Found here; another aspect is the strict control of the minister.In fact, when Yukoshita looked bored at the client with Bingbei’s usual expression, telling him from his eyes to body language, "Don’t you think you are wasting our time", the client also I gave up naturally.

However, even if this is the case, there will occasionally be some boring commissions that slip through the net. Generally, there are two reasons for this result: one is that the commissioner exerts sufficient power to ignore his face. After she refused, she still asked in various ways. Yukoshita occasionally took the trouble to agree to it. The other is generally the betrayal of the insiders-especially the betrayal of Yui sister, which is interesting for some sisters. And in the entrustment that Xuexia didn't feel meaningful, if her sister insisted on pleading, Xuexia would still agree to it spoilingly.

——I think Yuihama Yui should be the person who is best at dealing with Yukoshita in the world?

However, having explained so much, I still can't calm my current resentment-because these can't explain the reasons that made me engage in this boring job.

The job is very simple—observation is called observation. In fact, it is to monitor the color of the job as a manager of the football department, and the client can see clearly with his toes. Naturally, it is Miura who has always looked at Hayama Hayato. Yumiko is now - this can also explain why Yukoshita accepted this boring commission, because she really can't stand the old sister's softness.

So, probably because of revenge against Yubihama's family, the task of monitoring was handed over to me.

Although I think the reasons such as "Yuhihama, you and Isshiki are at the same table, I know her situation more clearly" and "You appear to be the most inconsistent when you appear on the side of the football field" are all very correct, but this still cannot be changed. I think there is a strong essence of conspiracy theory in this task.

However, I have no way to refute it—because the other three people in the Ministry of Service except me agree with this arrangement, Yuhihama Kazuya was gorgeously violently violent by democracy, and by the way, Higiya Hachiman’s statement on this matter is exceptional. Resolutely, I think this is because he realized that if it weren't for me to lie down with this shot, he might be the next one to suffer.

Of course, I can retaliate against other people.For example, he said carelessly: "Well, classmate Isshi, someone asked me to monitor your activities in the football club. Is there a problem?"

After saying this, she said something similar to "Do you want to peep into my daily life through this seemingly entrusted way, but actually you want to do this? I'm sorry I don't accept you This kind of attitude, so we still make it clear that you don’t want to do such disgusting things again, and then refuse.

Well, I think so, the wish is very beautiful, the reality-and very close, except for the last part.

Regarding my "Peeping Declaration", Yi Hueiyu answered:

"Do you want to peek into my daily life through this seemingly entrusted way of actually wanting to do it yourself? I'm sorry I don't accept your attitude, so we still pick things out clearly -" , The first half is the same, "You can just observe directly behind me, I allow you to do this, but next time I still hope you can express your wishes directly, I will seriously consider your request. "

Oh no, Isshiki classmate, I don't think there will be another one.

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So, it is very strange that a new member appeared in the activities of the football club of Zou Wu Gao.

Just like when I appeared on the football field before, the members of the football club still had a small commotion. However, looking at me wearing a school uniform and flat shoes, the members probably realized that I am not here to play today. Disappointment aside from the commotion is inevitable.

So, this raises a question, what exactly is Yubihama Kazuya here for?

It was Isshiki himself who solved this problem.

"The Student Union recently commissioned the Ministry of Service to conduct random checks on various club activities. The Football Department was the first club to be selected!"

"However, President Cheng Ye didn't seem to have mentioned this matter to me--" Ye Shan gently scratched his blond hair, and said in a troubled voice.

"Well, this spot check is a secret spot check, so of course I can't notify the minister in advance. Even if I know this situation, I have been hiding it from the senior? Senior will not blame me, right?" Yishi blinked with a sad face Said to Ye Shan.

Well, you can write it down in your notebook. Isshiki often uses the tenderness of his younger generations to soften Yeshan's attitude in club activities.

"Well, it's actually not a problem, so if you accept Yuhihama-san's task--"

"——Leave this to me. Senior Ye Shan should organize training as usual, right?"

"That's fine." Ye Shan shook his head and smiled bitterly, then looked at me again, sighed, and turned away.

I have anticipated the smug look of a certain girl.

"Hey, as soon as I arrived in the club, Little Caiyu helped and solved a big crisis! Will there be extra points?"

"Actually, based on your performance just now, I think you have already deducted points in my client's mind. Also, don't use the name'Little Caiyu' in front of me. If you are too cute, you will be in trouble. "

"So Kazuo must insist on not letting go of his role?"

"So, that's not a setting, it's a fact!"

Of course, this repeatedly emphasized fact doesn't seem to be applicable to Isse. This girl, who is the type who insists on one thing after she recognizes it, doesn't make much sense to explain it.

"Then, I will go to work. If you want to observe my work, please feel free." Turning and leaving like a butterfly dancing, said with a smile.

However, to be honest, I am really curious, as a manager of the football department, how does it work.

As the former head of the football department, I arranged for Xiaochun to be a complete managerial job. That is to say, her work is mainly on the non-soccer field, budget control, match liaison, logistical preparation-at the beginning she also Occasionally, I would appear on the court and hand water to everyone in training. However, after becoming my girlfriend, Xiaochun’s function completely disappeared. I, who are unwilling to let the manager give me special treatment, hardly Let Xiaochun appear on the football field.

Therefore, a classmate of Isshiki who always goes around everyone on the court, I am very curious about what she will do in the position of manager.

——Then I was disappointed.

In conclusion, it seems that Isshiki's classmate did nothing, except for preparing sports drinks for the members of the club at the beginning. In fact, some people volunteered to take on the work of moving drinks for her.Isshiki's role is more like a simple cheerleader. She just watches the training of the players on the court and applauds the wonderful shooting and skillful cooperation. That's it.