My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 7

-Can not see the functions of any manager at all.Of course, occasionally, when the football falls by her side, when she carefully pokes the ball with her leather shoes, and then lifts it up with her hand, the shyness of throwing it back to the players can make people smile, but this It doesn't seem to be what the manager should do, right?

However, the kind of thing that Miura was worried about using his position to facilitate access to Hayama did not seem to happen. As the minister, Hayama Hayato worked hard to organize training and competitions, and had no time to talk to Isshiki - and Isshiki did not seem to take the initiative to think. Look at the other person talking.In conclusion, there are definitely more opportunities to talk to Ye Shan, Miura in his class than Isshiki's classmates. This must be some good news, right?

——So, what exactly does Isshiki mean here?

"Is your main job in club activities here to watch football?" Finally, unable to restrain my curiosity, I walked to the side of the stadium and asked.

"Of course not. The manager is very busy. He has to be in charge of budgets, game arrangements and other things. I think you should know better than me to make peace?"

"Yes, because I know this, I don't understand the meaning of your presence on the side of the court? Why don't you do those things?"

"Isn’t that because Heya said you wanted to observe my situation in club activities, so I can only come to the playground. This is what I mean by conforming to Heya? I don’t usually come to the playground very often. "Isshiki raised his eyebrows, and said as if his mouth was pouting.

"Wait a minute, I remember that when you started as a club manager, you ran a lot on the court."

"Of course, as a manager, isn't it important to remember the names of the members? Isn't the thing to be done a few days ago this thing?" Yishi looked at me innocently.

"Well, according to my understanding, I still think you came here to chat with Ye Shan, so I said—"

"But you've seen it too. Senior Ye Shan is so serious and can't talk, so there is no way, right?"

"So, I reduced the number of times I came to the playground?"

"Of course!"

"But, don't think about coming several times, there is always a chance to talk to Ye Shan!"

"But if that's the case, don't you think it will be very troublesome. You obviously don't have a chance to talk, so you have to fight for the vainness of a few minutes or tens of seconds. It's very annoying!"

"This is not what a girl in love should say!"

——I think today's Isshiki seems a bit unexpected.Even, in a sense, her attitude towards Ye Shan has somewhat subverted my thinking.

"Well, is that right?"

"Don't you think there is no point in asking me this question? Observe your heart, girl!"

"Then you can understand that I temporarily diverted my attention to Senior Ye Shan, how about it?"

"Who was it transferred to?"

Yishi did not speak.

The alarm system of my body suddenly warned myself.

Afterwards, I saw that Isshiki stood up straight and moved closer to me. The nice smell and exhalation feeling when she was talking gently hit my face.

"Now, Kazuya, what if I said, this attention is transferred to you?"

Very good, fortunately I was prepared beforehand, otherwise I feel really going to indulge in this sweet feeling.

——No, even if I prepared beforehand, I think I almost indulged in it. I rarely blush in front of girls anymore. Okay, Yi Huyu, you win.

"That one--"

"——A boy who is moved by a simple tease like a girl is unreliable, because it means that when the boy is faced with other teases, he will not be able to hold it, so I am very disappointed in you. I will try to persist for a while and I will seriously consider putting the sentence just now into reality, but now I have no chance."

Hey, hey!Give me a boy who would be uninterested in the situation just now!That kind of boys are either gay or clumsy-headed, right?

Failure, too much failure, completely fooled by this guy. Obviously, she has been very cautiously guarded recently, but the feeling of being used unlimitedly after being caught with a handle is really too bad!

"So, for the time being, to give you a little impression in front of me, go back, Kazuya, why don't you teach me to play football? You know, every time I watch a football next to the stadium, I also envy the ability It’s the one who kicked the ball back with one kick—if you can do this, I’ll give you a little bit of impression.” So, when Isshiki made new demands to me like a okay person, I His heart is definitely exploding.

Of course, only from the results, if I can teach her to play and exert strength to restore a little bit of my frivolous image, I think I can still work hard.

"Then you give it a try. Let me see how you play now."

"Okay, no problem!" Yishi nodded and raised his leg-and then, I discovered something very important.

Now, a color feather, wearing a school uniform.

If it’s a school uniform, then raising your foot means—Of course, I’m a gentleman and won’t go to see it, but if anyone else sees it, I think Isshiki will still be very troubled.

"Stop, change your clothes before kicking." I tried to stop the opponent.

But it turned out that it was too late to do so. Isshiki had already thrown his calf out gorgeously, and then I heard a strange sound of shoes hitting the ball.

——And a soft "Oh" voice.

When playing football, no one seemed to be watching, so probably no one would notice some of Isshiki’s mysterious realms.

However, looking at Isshiki sitting on the ground without an image and covering his feet, I realized a more important issue.

Just now, when playing football, a color feather appeared to be passing leather shoes.

The first reaction of a person who can't kick a ball is to poke the ball with his toe, and in the case of exerting force, it may lead to the result.

"Well, Heya, leather shoes, it seems to be kicked! Also, the toes just now hurt a bit!" He grinned and tried to speak with a smile, which caused Isshiki's face to show a kind of neither crying nor crying. It's not a smile, but it also has a ruinous expression for her.

However, I can no longer laugh at her expression.

Uh, this is an accident, shouldn't it have anything to do with me?

"So, Kazuya, I think, shouldn't you evade your responsibility?"

——Yes, what are you thinking about? How can I think about evading my responsibility when facing a color feather in the state of a little devil?

"Well, Lord Isshiki is magnanimous, forget the problem that makes my toes hurt--but, correspondingly, the leather shoes problem?"

"I see."-I feel that Isshiki's leather shoes should be valuable. Although Yubihama's financial conditions are not bad, it is still a little harder for me to bear it?

I seem to see the wages of part-time jobs flying away in heaven.

"So, this weekend, Kazuya, you are responsible for choosing a new pair of leather shoes with me. This is a punishment!"


"What's wrong? Kazuki, do you mean to pay for me while buying new shoes with me? Alas, in this case, even I am a little embarrassed. After all, I was a little hasty about this matter. a mistake--"

"——I didn't say anything, my previous views, no objections, classmate Isshiki."

"So Kazu is also such an easy-going person?"

"No, no, I didn't say anything at first, did I?"

"Really? It feels like that too!"

"Right?" I sincerely thanked Isshiki for not having a good habit of recording with him.