My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 8

"But, at least accompany me to go shopping. Is this confirmed?"

"It's no problem." I vowed to agree to the other party's request.

Then, I saw the inscrutable smile that belonged to the unique color feather.

Wait a minute. Actually, at the beginning, I even wanted to refuse to go out with her, right?

"Heya, are you going to repent? I just said that I am not a person who repents!"

"...I see." The trap I stepped into can only be solved by myself.

"That's good. I have to consider buying a pair of football boots on the weekend. They are more suitable for girls. Do you know that?"

"Wait a minute, what's the situation with football shoes?"

"Hey, did I just say that? You want Kazuki to teach me to play football. Did you forget?"


Well, I did not forget.

However, looking at Isshiki's soaring expression, I have a feeling: It seems, indeed, compared to when Ye Shan spoke, she should be happier now?

——I think I still think too much, probably, she is just enjoying the sense of victory that has been playing tricks on me after a long time?

Of course, if I can make her so excited after a long time to make fun of it, it doesn't seem to be a big deal to relax my vigilance occasionally.

I thought so suddenly.

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In fact, before I watched Chunwu’s OVA2 last night, I was swiped by various news in the book friends group and in the comment area of ​​station b. Then, I also probably expected this OVA’s shit feeding direction-but After I watched that OVA, I still found that I had a low level of shameless screenwriter, especially when Xiao Caiyu was about to cry in the end-turning the sugar in Vol. 10.5 of Duhang alive into medicine, screenwriter you* ***La!

In the Chunwu Station Party, I have no preference, but from the perspective of personal character, I still like Yishi the most. Therefore, the author who was so angry by this OVA coded this 5k color when he was physically disabled. Yufanwai-we don't care what the ending will be, but in the exclusive scene, it is natural to give the heroine a sense of home victory, right?Since OVA is talking nonsense, then I will put a chapter of candy by myself!


Christmas extra: Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai's Christmas work (candy on Christmas Eve)

"I think there is a problem with this country becoming like this now." Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai said helplessly while looking at the priest's clothes on her body.

"Well, Xuecai, don't you think about the shrine maidens now that there are many part-time workers? So is it not normal for pastors in Christian churches to recruit people? Isn’t it normal to understand the problem and keep pace with the times? Well!" Next to Xuecai, she looked at her friend Rena with an excited expression and looked at her excitedly, "Sure enough, what kind of clothes are suitable for Xuecai. Sure enough, the question is actually looking at her face. Is that true?"

"Don't make fun of me, right? I made an appointment with you. I can't use these things to trouble me anymore. This is the last time. The last time, understand? It was the same before. I invited over, but never notified me before. This is very troublesome for me, understand?"

"Understood, understand, but Xuecai, don’t you think it’s a waste to make good use of your appearance? This is one of the biggest capitals of a woman. You have to be honest about your true level. Have enough expectations, understand?"

"That's why I hope everyone will pay more attention to some of my other aspects!" Looking at Rena, who apparently didn't take her warning to heart, Xuecai lowered her head and sighed, as she is one of the few in Zongwu Gao. A person who can speak well and can be regarded as one of her friends, when she chooses Rena, she has been very careful not to let the situation in high school happen again. However, Rena herself has no such self-consciousness. She always adheres to it. With the view that "Yu Cai should make the most of its appearance".This makes Xuecai very troubled, but she is not good at rejecting each other.

If this continues, there will be problems again, right?She groaned softly in her heart.After the third grade is divided into classes, shouldn't it be appropriate to alienate her?

"But, in the final analysis, a priest is different from a witch. Isn't it true that a priest can only be held by someone with certain qualifications after studying theology?"

"So the church just asks you, a guest pastor, to be a counselor in the confession room, and there is only such a day, so don't care about this at all?"

"But, if you really want to do this, what is the use of wearing this suit? What is the use of showing one's external appearance as you said? You don't need to show your face to solve psychological problems or something?"

"Ah, it seems reasonable-I have to talk to the church to see if I can change your position for Xuecai!" Rena nodded suddenly, and then folded her hands together, "But, please, at least for now, go to confess. Stay in the room for a while? Believe me, you will be liberated right away."

"So, how come there is such a random church!"

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Complaining and complaining. According to Xuecai’s character, even though she finally came here with a kidnapping, since it is a job, she still has the consciousness to do it well—though, as this pastor who listens to repentance, It is still too demanding for her.

"I don’t know the terms of Christianity, so just treat it as a job of listening and psychological counseling?" While leaning against the window of the confessional a little bored, Xue Cai played with the tips of her hair, thinking Thinking so.

Of course, during the time when Rena changed jobs for herself, it would be best if no one came over.

——However, such things are generally counterproductive.

Soon, the knock on the door rang.

"Ahem, stray lamb, please come in!" Xuecai said pretentiously, imitating the posture of the imaginary pastor.

——No, I'm embarrassed enough to say this!She thought so desperately.

"Excuse me, is this a confession room?" It was the voice of a young boy who was speaking, but Xuecai breathed a sigh of relief. If it is a middle-aged person or an elderly person, I will help them as a young girl to solve their troubles. It would seem a bit nondescript, but if she is a young man, she still has a certain sense of solving each other's problems.

——After all, the troubles of boys are not all the troubles of his younger brother Xiaohong?

"Well, this is the confessional." Then, she lowered her voice and tried to say in the tone of an older woman.

"Uh, female voice?" The boy asked with some confusion.

"Well, yes, today I am the pastor in the confessional."

"Well, okay, it's nothing anyway," Xue Cai suddenly had an ominous premonition listening to the boy's lazy voice.

"If you are a woman, then it means you are a pastor?" To Xuecai's expectation, the boys didn't seem to be eager to express their psychological problems, but instead communicated with her like a chat.

"Priest? Yes, yes." She was taken aback by this question, and recalling that Rena seemed to have told herself that she was wearing a "priest" suit, Xuecai dared to give the other party an answer with certainty.

"If you want to deny this problem, then I would find it difficult to deal with it. After all, the decree of Catholic priests does not allow women to act! Although this issue has been controversial in recent years, it is still a fact at least so far. "The boy said lightly, just like telling a story.

"Ah, um, it's like this. But I'm sorry, I'm a Protestant pastor, so I don't know much about Catholicism. So, what do you want to come here to confess?" Xuecai rubbed herself In her face, trying to refresh herself, she took the initiative to ask—because she found that the current leadership of the conversation was completely controlled by the guy opposite.

"Ah, speaking of it, this is a confession room or a confession room, right?" However, the boy did not follow the rhythm of Xuecai's dialogue.

"Well, I said it just now!"

"That's a bit troublesome? So can you please tell me, is this church a Catholic church or a Protestant church?"

"Uh, I am a Protestant pastor, so what kind of church can this church be if it is not a Protestant church?"

"But I remember that the confessional is a unique place in the Catholic church! Moreover, the priest is usually not responsible for listening to confession in the confessional. This job is the job of a Catholic priest!" Xuecai could clearly hear the boy opposite. The sound of teasing.

Only then did she realize that the other party had actually dug a pit for herself, and every word she said buried herself deeper in this pit.

——This boy, it feels like he didn't come here for confession, but he wanted to come and find fault!

"Well, it's actually to keep pace with the times, so I think our church is also making some innovations—"

"—No, no, no, the existence and innovation of the confession room are two different things. This involves the fundamental doctrines of Protestantism and Catholicism. I don't think I need to explain this doctrine to the priest lady, right?"

"Of course not." Xuecai replied dullly.

"So this church seems to be anti-doctrinal!"