My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 9

——So this country is abnormal, and Christianity is abnormal. I was only dragged by Rena to work temporarily. How could I be able to answer your complicated question?

An emotion of anger and excitement arose in Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai's heart-and this emotion, because of the restraint she has been working hard before, has not existed for a long time, even a few months ago, she was in Miss Wu Gao It has never been so obvious when it was attacked by rumors in the election.

And in front of the boy's unsatisfactory words, she found that she seemed a little unable to restrain her sanity.

"Do you have any comments, I will explain to the bishop of our church." Xuecai said with a hum, and the name of the other party has also become the "you" who usually responds to guests when working in the flower shop, which generally means As a result, Xuecai can no longer integrate into her current role, and she needs to face this boy with another identity to stabilize her emotions.

"Well, but I don't believe in religion, so I don't have any comments on your arrangement, but I think it's fun." Then she heard the boy's joking tone.

——Then what is the point of digging a hole for me!

"Ha, ha ha, ha ha." Xuecai let out a meaningless laugh.

"But, at least here, the priest lady can listen to me, is that right?" But soon, the boy's voice became serious.

"Well, no matter what guilt is in my heart, I can say it!" Xuecai also noticed this change in the boys, calmed her dissatisfaction, and said softly.

"Ms. Pastor has encountered a situation where there are so many upsetting things, and they all come together?"

"I think everyone will encounter this situation, right? It's just a matter of degree, so is your situation particularly troublesome?"

"Well, it's roughly like this."

The boy’s voice did not become too depressed, Xuecai could feel that the other side was not at a loss for the current situation, but as he said, there were too many upsetting things, all brought together, and ultimately affected his mood.

Xuecai patiently listened to the boy on the opposite side telling a story that seemed to her to be legendary.

Entered the school with the goal of letting his school football department dominate the country. From the beginning of entering the school, he drove away his predecessors and established his own absolute rule. Then, step by step, he built his own independent kingdom in the school step by step. Ground, mercilessly, proceeded according to his goal, among which there was a girlfriend who supported him, and then he had come to the last step.

"So, in the end, only the finals are left! I originally thought that according to my personality, I shouldn't know what nervousness is, but at this time, I became nervous! It is precisely because it is the finals, everyone There have also been more thoughts, and there are also some carelessness in the training-I am used to using the dominant position to oppress. At least, in terms of psychological counseling and relieve tension for everyone, I don’t seem to be an expert. !"

"I quarreled several times with my girlfriend because of this! Including tonight, I even quarreled with my girlfriend on Christmas Eve, which shouldn't be true!" Xue Cai jokingly agreed.

"Ms. Pastor, I think your job shouldn't be to guide me? It's not to make trouble, right?"

"Ah, sorry, sorry, the way you just spoke reminded me of my brother!"

"Ms. Pastor also has a brother?"

"Uh, this shouldn't violate Protestant regulations?" Xuecai asked cautiously.

"No, it’s nothing, I just think it’s a coincidence, because I also have a sister—even though I am a sister, I still take care of her more. Of course I can be sure that you are not my sister. My sister’s voice is still It can be distinguished."

"That's natural. If you are my brother, I can tell your voice. Oh, and also, Xiaohong doesn't play football and doesn't have a girlfriend."

"Aha, there are not so many coincidences in the world!"

"Yes, if there are so many coincidences, they are not called coincidences."

"So, Madam Pastor, what is your answer to my question?"

"As for the answer, I think you should have it?" Xuecai smiled and said, "You found the answer from the beginning. You came here, not so much looking for a solution to a problem, it's better to say Would you like to complain about the troubles you encountered? And, after overcoming so many difficulties before, can you really accept the solutions provided by others?"

"Really-I can see through it all!" The boy was stunned, then said with a wry smile.

"So, isn't it good for someone like you to solve problems courageously, from the beginning, work hard in your own way?"

——And people like you who can solve problems and can not avoid problems, in fact, I am very envious!

"Ms. Pastor, don’t you think that my previous approach was a bit too much? Me and Xiaochun—well, my girlfriend, who have been arguing about this issue a lot recently. Although I believe my approach is fine, since she said so ——I mean, if an absolutely objective and neutral person can analyze this matter, I think the impact on me should be greater."

"Do you want to know, my answer to your question?"

"Well, that's it."

"Sorry, this is a secret!" At the boy who couldn't see him, Xue Cai blinked playfully.

"Hey, are you still doing confession work? I can protest!"

"But no matter what kind of answer I give you now, it will have a bad effect on you? If I agree with your girlfriend's judgment, it will affect the way you solve the problem next, and if I If you disagree with her judgment, it will have an impact on the relationship between the two of you. Don’t you think, facing so many problems, the most important thing now is to solve the problems at your own pace, not to other people. Looking for an answer?"

"That's why you didn't tell me, did you?"

"But, if you can win the final in the national competition, come here to find me again, I will give you the answer!"

"Win the championship?"

"What's wrong? Don't you have confidence in yourself?"

"It's not without confidence, but I always feel a bit silly to make an agreement with a stranger who has never met!"

"Don't you think it's silly to come here with a pure desire to pour your depressed emotions on to other people's confession? What's more, maybe we haven't met each other, but strangers!"

"Did the pastor lady really meet me?"

"No, I don't think there should be any-but we shouldn't rule out this possibility, should we? This world, when it should become smaller, is much smaller than we thought!"

Xuecai felt that the boy's breathing seemed to be stagnant on the opposite side, and then she heard his pleasant answer.

"No problem, this agreement, I have made this agreement with you-Pastor, if the final champion of the National High School Student Competition in January is Qingquan Middle School, then I will come back and listen to you tell me your answer. ."

"Qingquan Middle School? Okay, I remembered it." Xuecai smiled and nodded-then, she remembered the number ten player she had ever seen.

——Perhaps, when the world becomes smaller, it will really become much smaller!

"So, in the end it seems to be discussing with you in a non-doctrinal way!"

"It's nothing, it's just that these things don't feel suitable to talk to my sister, so I thought of finding someone who can definitely chat with me. Thank you, Ms. Pastor. Of course Ms. Pastor may be fine?"

"Uh, do you hear it?"

"Miss Pastor's voice is very good, it should be the best voice I have ever heard. Singing must be very good?" The boy said with a smile.

"I do like to go to karaoke alone-wait a minute, can the priest go to karaoke?" Xuecai asked nervously.

"Isn't it tiring to maintain this status to this day? It was revealed from the beginning! Let non-professionals play such professional roles, what are the churches in this country doing?"

"Huh, huh?" Xuecai curled her lips, "Then you pointed it out earlier, because I have been paying attention to my identity, your child is a bit bad in character!"

"But it's true that the one who looks at Miss Pastor is actually full of loopholes but thinking about not letting herself show up is fun!"

"That's why it's bad personality!"

"So, since it's not a pastor, can I find out your name?"

"In terms of name--" Xuecai hesitated for a while, and then said softly, "I will tell you this question when you see me next time, right?"

"So, this is one more reason for me to win the championship!"