My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 10

"Probably this is the case? I will pay attention to your finals. I think, by then, I should be able to know which player on the field is the lamb who has come to my fake priest to confess!"

"It's not fair!"

"It's nothing unfair-by the way, if you think it’s not good for me to do this, I’ll give you an extra suggestion. Never believe the fire made by girls on holiday dates. I think, now you still work hard. It’s better to find your girlfriend and apologize to her. If you really leave her here tonight, you have made a big mistake, understand?"

"You mean, Xiaochun might still be waiting for me to find her?" Xuecai felt that the boy showed a somewhat frightened attitude for the first time.

"Of course, you still don't know enough about girls!"

"Uh, then I understand," the boy hurriedly stood up from outside the door, "Thank you, Miss Pastor."

Xuecai heard the sound of the boy standing up in a panic and walking out, but after a while, she heard footsteps coming back to her side.

"What's wrong, is there any problem?"

"Well, it's nothing, I just think it would be better to say'Merry Christmas'?" She heard the boy's somewhat shy voice.

"No problem! Merry Christmas!"

"Well, Merry Christmas!"

This time, after the footsteps left, they never came back.

——I hope that the student No. 10 and all the things he is worried about, everything goes well, right?Xuecai lay lazily on the chair, squinting her eyes, thinking like a cat.

"If Xuecai is interested in that number ten." She remembered what Rena had said to herself a long time ago.

——But, in this case, it is worse than the unconsciousness before, right?So it is impossible, right?

"Xucai, you can already change a job-how is it, did you have any problems just now?" Rena's voice came.

"Well, there is no problem." She raised her head, looked at her friend, and said with a smile, "Actually, this job is quite interesting."

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I was forced by the group to write a fan, so I have to make a solemn protest to my book friends group. The fan is a very troublesome thing. If you accidentally have too many words, I will go for 6k or something. Is it troublesome?

In the exclusive episode of Xuecai, some of the more weird settings should be ignored for the first time. In fact, I originally wanted to write the feeling of sleepless in Seattle, but I finally corrected it-although I think some plots are still similar. .

Regarding the follow-up results of this episode, everyone knows that the conversation on Christmas Eve was very good, but the final result was not good, so the time for Xuecai to tell classmate Heye her name was further delayed.

In the end, it turns out that this classmate "Rena", who was inspired by my brain, is the culprit who made Yukina interested in Heya (laugh).


Event outside: Bonaparte confidence

Written in the front-first of all, to declare that the outside of the story has nothing to do with the text, it is a completely different world line.

Secondly, for the reasons for the writing outside of this episode, please refer to the ps in Chapter 37 of Volume 5 for details. After voting in the group and conducting a quiz lottery, it was written according to the wishes of the winner, Zi Huan Moyue.

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Wedding scene

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Female match debut

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Express your feelings and blessings

So, this is probably the case, the following text

---------------------------------Text line--------------- ----------------

I am not a person who is not good at dealing with public occasions. In fact, I enjoy the process of enjoying the sense of ritual in formal occasions-provided that the rhythm of this so-called formal occasion with a sense of ritual must be controlled by myself.

If you want to choose a public occasion in a person's life that is the least controlled by oneself, I think the wedding must be one of them-second only to the funeral.To be honest, the pain of being forced to perform other people's tasks at a wedding must be higher than that of a funeral.

So irritability is inevitable—especially when my sister is still on the sensational offensive at this time.

"Really, if it weren't for Xiaoxue, if it weren't for Xiaoxue, I wouldn't have handed over Xiaohe so easily-Xiaohe, don't you understand!"

This is the twentieth time Yui sister has repeated this sentence.

"Yeah, I understand, but there is no way, right? Because it is Xiaoxue, my sister can only reluctantly give up her love, so she handed over Xiaohe. Mom and dad don’t have the same sadness of her sister—it feels very sad. Ordinarily treat your son as getting married."

——Sister Yui will definitely say that next, so I helped her finish her words in advance.

"But Xiaohe is still small and very young. Before I got married or something, it is unacceptable to say--" The makeup on his face has been messed up by vague tears, although he has never drunk alcohol. But the performance is like a drunk sister who is complaining so much.

Before the wedding, I was accompanied by such a sister. Should I be happy or regretful.All energy must be spent on taking care of her.

"Be reasonable, don't blame me for this, old sister."

"I didn't say to blame Xiaohe, this is luck, Xiaoxue is better luck, and Xiaohe is not a real sibling, you can get married, and then I will be left by the same age."

——Uh, it feels like the old lady has made something very dangerous.

However, I have deeply felt the grievances of the sister who wants to get married. It's really fine. Old sister, you will meet your true love, just like Mr. Hiratsuka who married Hiratsuka just a few years ago. The age gap is not a problem, let alone old sister, you are still young, there are not so many bad habits.

Of course, these words can't be said in front of her sister, because it will probably completely make her feel that she is already a leftover girl-although she only said it in her early twenties.

"So, you don't understand Xiaohe, if it wasn't for Xiaoxue, or if it wasn't for Xiaoxue, how could I hand you over so easily?"

Well, I repeated this sentence for the twenty-first time. Even if I am the younger brother who loves Yui sister the most, should I go out to avoid the limelight at this time?

-----------------------------split line------------------- --------------

In fact, Yui sister is a very empathetic person, and I can probably understand the complicated psychology of her brother who has been with me and my best friend marrying her, so a symbolic complaint is inevitable—— It's just that repeating the same sentence all the time can be ambiguous.Of course, it was precisely because of my sister's understanding that I was able to slip out of the preparation room.It is estimated that after a while, after my sister finishes venting alone, she will be able to return to normal state, right?

Although, the newly married couple who is alone in the corridor will be a little strange.Fortunately, there are not many strangers who will appear here now.

——Although there will be people who embarrass me.