My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 11

"Heya, how can you stay here alone?" Without turning around, I could tell who the gentle voice came from.

"Well, Senior Xiao Muzhen, well, something happened to my sister."

If the older sister is only uncomfortable because of pure family emotions, then the seniors who have been admired, if they understand, express their feelings earlier, maybe everything will be different for the seniors, even now that they have made up their minds In response, he also seemed a little panicked.

Only Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai will be overwhelmed by Yubihama Kazuya. It was like this six years ago, and it will still be like this six years later.

"Sa, that's the case. After all, it's my brother who is getting married. Sadness is inevitable-especially the relationship between you brother and sister is very good." Senior sat down beside me, long The short skirt of the long purple dress dragged to the ground, rubbing against my leather shoes.

"My sister seems to be worried about the fact that her brother got married earlier than she did!"

"Ah, that's not right, after all, there is an older person here! Heya, do you need me to comfort your sister with a personal case?"

"Ahem, this is unnecessary, right?"

The unexpected jokes of the predecessors Xiao Muzhen can still accurately poke my embarrassment. In six years, a lot has changed. Only this point has not changed at all.

"Just now, I actually took a look at Xuexia secretly, and I have to say that she is really a very good girl-although He is also very good, but she is always dwarfed by her. A sense of violation."


"--It's a young man after all, isn't it?"

"Senior is only one year older than Xue Nai!"

"However, Kazuya's address to me has always been'senior', and for Xuexia, the names of'director' and'senior' have long been changed to direct names, right? Feelings of admiration , It takes a distance to have a sense of beauty. This is illusory, and the real emotion needs to gradually change in quality in the little details. I think, is the difference here?"

I almost immediately understood what Senior Xiao Muzhen said.

I have been taking care of my predecessor with her own tenderness, and she has seen my momentary confusion. Until the end, she will use her tenderness to teach me an important lesson.

"Um, Senior Xiao Muyan--" When I turned around, the purple dress had disappeared.

Some words just need to be heard.

------------------------------------split line------------ ---------------------

If the coincidence happened once, I would never mind the second time. Therefore, when Ichiyu, who was as bright and free as her whole person in an orange dress, appeared in front of me, my expression was almost nonexistent. What has changed.

However, when faced with this guy, he still habitually became a spit.

"The color of the clothes you are wearing is too bright, are you trying to make a difference?"

"Hey, don’t you understand? The purpose of the eye-catching color is to make it easier to grab flowers. Think about it, even if there is no bias in your heart, the bride will still subconsciously choose a conspicuous place when throwing flowers. , Doesn’t this mean that my chances of grabbing flowers have increased?"

"There are so many slots in your remarks that I can't vomit. First of all, you have to pay attention to one thing. As usual, the bride has to turn her back when throwing flowers—"


"Secondly, Yukino's character is unlikely to have much reaction to this kind of thing. At most, it will only be solved in a stylized way. According to this judgment, it will be more reliable if you are closer to her.


"Thirdly, why are you all thinking about getting married? In this era, women still regard marriage as their goal in life? Can you not materialize yourself this way!"

"Is this controversial? Who else wants to get married besides me?" Yishi blinked.

"Well, I met two before."

"There is no way, Kazuya, don't you know that one of the most exciting gestures of girls is that when they say their dreams, it's time to say bashfully,'Actually, my dream is to be a bride.' "

"Oh, where did the light novel setting from ten years ago come from, throw me back in the trash."

"Tsk tusk, it's been so long, can't you learn to be gentle with girls?"

"I've always been gentle to other people, but Isshiki you are too dangerous. A little gentler will easily be caught by you and attacked by flaws."

Isshiki's expression was rarely shaken.

"It would be better to catch a vulnerability attack rather than being completely uninterested to deal with it?"

A low voice came.

This guy, isn't it spoiled at this critical time-it will be difficult to handle.

"-But unfortunately, it is quite easy to catch your flaws. Although you always have a cold face and pretend to be sensible, you are really not good at dealing with girls' unexpected situations!" However, Isshiki's voice immediately returned to the chuckle and relaxation he had before.

"A color feather--"

"--However, in the face of girls' weakness, being gentle is always better than having no feelings!"

Well, the second time I will not be fooled.

With a cold face, when I waited for the second time Ichishi changed her face to show that she was teasing me, she just turned around.

"Also, Kazuya, to be honest, you are still too bad at grasping the true thoughts of girls!"

---------------------------------split line--------------- -----------------------

The reason why I don't like this kind of formal occasions at the discretion of others is because of this timeline that is not under my control.You can't judge when to do something by yourself, and follow the pedantic words of other people to complete your actions-and then wait patiently. It is better to play less international jokes.

When time is out of control, these previous unexpected situations will appear. Although the results seem to be good, it is impossible to say that people will not produce the slightest psychological disturbance.

"So, what is going on with such an expression of guilt when I secretly saw a bunch of ex-girlfriends?"

Ah, look, the accident happened again, isn't it, it's Yukino's turn, Yukino, right?

This joke is not funny at all.

However, this is the case. She, who shouldn't have met me here, is now appearing in front of me in a wedding dress.

Slightly Fendai's face is blushing, and her whole body is white as snow in the wedding dress, which outlines her beautiful body curve.The long, jet-black hair and the lace hood lightly put on the head show the gorgeousness of this black and white contrast to the extreme.

Although it is not unexpected, but when such Xuexia Xuena appears in front of me, my breathing will still be stagnated, just like the real snow fairy, holy and not tolerant of anyone's defilement.

"Although your only person who can be called an ex-girlfriend has been talking to me just now!" Smiling, Yukino carefully lifted the skirt and sat next to me.

However, the moment she sat down, the tremor at the base of her calf still betrayed her nervousness.

Well, what should I say at this time?

"Well, it's very appropriate and beautiful."

Isshiki was right. When the key point was to give praise to the person who was about to become his wife, I found that my language was so weak.

Obviously, the other party will not feel shy because of this clumsy compliment.

"If you can't express your feelings with exaggerated words, how about learning from your sister and expressing your feelings with exaggerated body language and tone?"