My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 12

"Well, this is too difficult, right?"

"Well, that's true, and, if you are that kind of person—"

Then he stopped meaningfully here.

No, the most important thing to do in the dialogue with Yukoshita Yukino, whether it is before or after the relationship, is to take the initiative. It is a taboo not to be disrupted by such a sudden appearance.

"Well, you ran out alone?"

"Well, my mother was a little troublesome, but I asked my sister a little bit. In the end, it was smooth in the end?"

"Your sister always feels that this step is also in her calculation!"

"It doesn't matter if it's in her calculations, but I feel that this will make me feel more at ease. This kind of situation out of my own control is really uncomfortable." Xue Nao's head lowered gently. A faint blush through the veil, there is a strange shy and cute feeling.

Although it is not that I have never seen her like this, every time this kind of performance is the highest enjoyment for me.

Of course, for Xuexia Xuena, this should be the limit, and there are other situations that may have the opposite effect.

"It's almost the same as my feelings. I also hate this situation so much that I was forced to escape from my sister's nagging."

"However, it seems that this also gives you a chance to have a private meeting with a bunch of ex-girlfriends?"

Uh, no, the topic doesn't seem to be completely changed?

"Ahem, just complaining with seniors and friends."

At this time, the most important thing is calmness.

"Well, I hope it's not just a complaint against my fiancée."

It seems that it is back to the time when we first met for tit-for-tat?However, if you want to play such a game, I can accompany you to the end!

"Of course not, it's just an expression of dissatisfaction that this ceremony cannot be carried out according to my own wishes."

"Where is the dissatisfaction?"

"Actually, I obviously have the opportunity to control everything by myself, so why should I stop and give this opportunity to the procrastinating clergy — in the final analysis, this is just a ceremony, and I do not believe in Christianity. Yeah!"

"So what are your thoughts?"

"If my fiancée is willing to cooperate with me." I gave her a meaningful smile.

——Then, it depends on your reaction, Miss Yukino Yukino, your stubbornness, don't disappear at this time!

I believe she can know that I have my own calculations in my heart. In the countless times of cooperation and confrontation with her before, we are all familiar with each other's deliberate eyes.

However, Xue Nao's stubbornness would only make her make the only choice.

"What if I am willing to cooperate with you?"

"So, no problem, miss," I took her right hand and kissed lightly, "Next, let's watch my performance!"

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This world does not like accidents in nature. It is the perception of most people to use some existing measures to complete tasks in a manner that is even more so on such solemn occasions as weddings.

However, no accident means being controlled, and this kind of life is a bit too boring.

So, let me make this ceremony interesting?

Holding Yukino's hand tightly, watching the guests watching the ceremony and the host of ceremonies in the venue began to panic, this was also an interesting phenomenon.

"I think, now your parents probably even have the heart to kill me?"

"I don't believe you didn't predict this."

"When you agreed to this proposal, I think you predicted it too?"

Xuexia's face blushed and did not speak.

"Then, let us'break into' the wedding scene now!"

If you hate restraint, then let the restraint be invalidated before it becomes restraint.

If you hate the rigid look of the wedding ceremony, then you don’t follow the set time from the beginning. If you hate the slowness of the emcee, you don’t need the emcee to have a conversation. If you don’t want to follow the formal steps, just break in freely. , Talk freely.

"Really, you are really crazy!" When everyone broke into the wedding scene with surprised eyes, Xueno didn't know if she was smiling or crying and said in a low voice to me.

"Don't you think this is an alternative marriage grab? Save you from a formal wedding, and then hold a wedding in our own way, the eldest lady should also experience the excitement, right?"

"Excitement is exciting, but it's not romantic enough!"

"No, no," I said, taking the ring from the dumbfounded emcee, and approaching her ear, "it's not like that."

"In the past, Bonaparte grabbed the crown from the pope's hands during the coronation of the emperor, and personally crowned himself and his wife. Now, although I can't put a crown on you, I can at least Get rid of these trivial rituals and put the ring on you personally. Do you think this is romantic?"

"Then, the true heart cannot be expressed if the emcee’s protection is immutable. I like Yukino Yukoshita, Yukoshita Yukino, who is now wearing a wedding dress, and the one who used to be confident in front of me in the classroom Yukoshita Yukino, who also likes Yukoshita Yukino who asks me for help when she lacks her own confidence. I like your serious side, appreciate your hard work, and tolerate your weak side, and like living You, then accept everything about you. I don’t think these words can be described as pale, "No matter whether you live or die, insist on loving her."

"Finally, do you want to know how I feel after talking to other people before meeting you?"

"There is a lot of talk!"

"So, this is the last sentence." I didn't care about the stunned gazes of the people around me. I focused all my attention on the girl who was holding my hand. "The feeling is that I made it. The most correct choice."

Facing the blue pupils, I covered her thin cherry-colored lips with my lips.

It was not carried out under the slow management of the master of ceremonies, this is our oath kiss.

Then, I heard her slight response: "I think, so do I."

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Valentine's Day and Yukina's Birthday Extra: The Story of a Goddess and a Knight

In novels—whether it is light novels or traditional novels, I like to set the love story of the youth department in school—especially in middle school. I don’t know if anyone has considered it.Of course, I think most people do not need to think carefully to get the result: the feelings of student days are more pure and more in line with the romanticism that people desire for literary works.Of course, it is not that the works of the Department of Reality will not be popular. It should be said that for the series of works for students or for adults who miss their school days, the term society itself is a secret word.

The feelings of the student days can be combined freely and become more sincere-but only until the student years, no one will tell you how to deal with the relationship when one of them graduates, or after both sides graduate.Or, according to the cruel mentality of many of us, we break up after graduation and then go to reality. This is the ideal feeling.

——This is just the self-satisfaction of "realists" who think they are rational and do not see reality clearly.If you understand love as mutual support and mutual support in life, I can hardly imagine these people will really make such a rash decision.