My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 13

Well, the biggest reason for talking so much nonsense is that a high school boy and college girl are not used to dating.

"Speaking of which, Xiaohe and Senior Xiao Muzhen have been together for almost a year, right?" the older sister staring at the TV screen asked nonchalantly.

"Well, it's almost there."

"However, Xiaohe's name for Xiao Muyu-senior hasn't changed-don't you really feel embarrassed if you keep calling your girlfriend senior or something?"

"The power of habit is hard to change. Besides seniors-well, it can be called Xuecai."

——To be honest, there is still a sense of violation.

"Well, Xiaohe continued."

"——It’s better to call me senior. She doesn’t seem to care about this. When I first realized this problem and tried to force myself to change my mind, she smiled and said, “It’s nothing to call me senior for a lifetime. 'Like words."

"——Then Xiaohe really believed so!" My sister's distressed expression responded to me, "Do you believe whatever the girl says?"

"For people like Xiao Muzhen, it will hurt me to have reservations in my relationship-let me teach my brother a lesson to the older sister who has never been in love!"

Then miss-although she has become a miss but has never been in love, Miss Wu Gao turned her head.

"Ah, the strange pattern of dating between active-duty male high school students and active-duty female college students." She murmured bitterly.

Only this spit, I cannot refute it, because this kind of getting along is really strange.Not only between us, but also with external pressure.

Senior Xiao Muzhen, who entered Fengcheng University, became the focus of everyone's attention from the moment he enrolled.Just like the useless work she did in high school, Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai is a person who will unconsciously become the center even if she condenses her breath.Entering a school that is brand new to the predecessors means the invalidation of previous social relationships, but it also means the wanton unfolding of new social relationships.

This is what I called the difference between school and society. In a sense, a semi-social place like a university is worse than society.In addition to the same emphasis on realism and utilitarianism, compared with high school, boys in college have faded away from their youthfulness and a little less self-control.

So, of course, what kind of attitude they will show when they know that the boyfriend of their new idol girl is a high school student.

——Simply put, "Xiao Mu Shu, you have already arrived at university, there is no need to entangle with the kid in high school."

A further reasonable inference is that after being rejected, I put my anger on me, who in their view was completely inferior to me, and then pretended to occupy their goddess.

Thanks to these idiots who think they are social people but don’t look like social people at all, my popularity in Sotake Takao has also risen rapidly-everyone knows that Yubihama is also the boyfriend of the former Miss Sotake Takao Oguki Yusuna , Which also attracted the attention of a bunch of college students.

I can fully understand the superiority of these college idiots, but for such a situation, I will get tired of dealing with it for a long time!

"But He also felt that if I came forward to stop them, would they not do these things?" This is the conclusion she came to after serious consideration when she raised this issue with the senior on a previous date.

"No—because those people are idiots. People who are truly foresight must only show their good side in front of you, rather than provoking me."

"Ah, there seem to be a lot of people like this-do I need to filter out a list of Heye?"

"It's enough for high school students to deal with these idiots. It is the duty of college students to deal with smart people?"

"You really trust me-obviously just a high school student who is looked down upon by many people."

"There is no way, because only this high school student can see through the essence of someone during the Showa period!"

The change of name, the change of the way of getting along, the change of identity, or the questioning of others are not really important.From the day I determined my heart, I knew that as long as you give all of you to Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, she can respond to you with all of her.

This is the so-called, hopeless love between Yubihama Kazuya and Ogi Sauna.



"It's nothing, just a reminder, if you stay in a daze, you will be late for the appointment."

"Ah woo-"

——Well, in essence, I am really just a high school student. For example, I will fidget and even forget the departure time for Valentine's Day dates.

--------------------------------split line---------------- ---------------------

Valentine's Day dating is normal for couples, but it is a bit rare for me and Mr. Xiao Mu.February 14th is also the birthday of senior Xiao Muzhen. Between choosing to spend my birthday with everyone or to be alone with me, I think this is a difficult problem that I have to face every year.

Last year, everyone spent time together. This year, this period of time is exclusively owned by me.

I can show my disdain for college students many times. Only in front of my seniors, I cannot do this.Because, during the year of university, I witnessed the changes that happened to Senior Xiao Muzhen.The same pink jacket and pink scarf that she likes, coupled with small wooden snow vegetables from different periods, give people a completely different feeling.

A year ago, it was a more amiable, sister-next-door temperament, which made people intoxicated because of peace of mind.Now, that kind of maturity mixed with charm but without losing the original aura is the same that makes people feel inextricable, but it really gives me a sense of distance.

Although I am still very confident, perhaps deep in my heart, there is really a panic that I dare not admit.

And the worst part is that Yubihama will never be able to deceive Yukina. It used to be like this, and it is still like this now.

"It is said that during this period of time, and also spent more time in football?" Recklessly, such a question was raised.


"I have many sources of information. If you don't tell me, your sister will notify me whenever there is a rush!"

"This approach always makes me feel weird-shouldn't it be the younger sister telling her sister-in-law that such a setting is more appropriate for things like complaints?"

"Anyway, don't you always take care of your sister as a younger sister-besides, in terms of my relationship with her, this kind of communication may be more suitable!"

Only this has never changed. As long as she is willing, she can always use the most persuasive way to make me speechless.So if you continue to argue about your sister's issue, the dialogue will be dangerous.

"It's normal to play football again, isn't it? After all, I have abandoned the theory of being able to destroy me. There is no reason to give up my hobby, right-if you are worried about conflicts between club activities, it doesn't matter. There are not many activities, but I take both into consideration well-don't underestimate my ability!"

"I definitely won't underestimate your ability, but," Senior Xiao Muzhen's voice became softer, "I want to know, now, what is your idea of ​​football-you start playing again. It’s been a long time, but it’s a period of time to start practicing for yourself, right?"

"I don't have too many thoughts. I just feel that there has been a lot of time recently and I have nothing to do in my spare time."

"Really--it seems that I am putting you under pressure!"

When I lifted my head, what I saw was the little Mu Shu Xuecai that I was familiar with.After starting to date, although she is called senior, she rarely gets along with me in the same way as seniors. The gentle sister like Xiao Muzhen, whom I am used to, is gradually disappearing. Today’s date, I have been from the beginning. It feels strange.And now, I understand where this strangeness lies.

Really, she really still knows me too well!

"One year is not long, but it is actually not that easy. I have to withstand the test of those idiots in school, but I think there will be more critics in college, right? After all, it is still the idol-level boyfriend of Yukina Xiaomu, or a high school student, no matter what, there will be pressure? I want to get rid of this state, for me, for seniors, it is the same ."

It is impossible to advance to school in advance, but I still have my own unique opportunities.Seize the time to restore the peak state of playing football. If you can win a professional team contract, and even become a major player in the professional league, then the doubts about my age and the doubts about the senior Xiaomu Zhao will disappear. ?

This is indeed pressure, but this pressure is my own choice.

"Is this a sudden thought? Or is it a decision after long-term thinking?"

"Is it both? I have long-term thinking about this issue, and then I suddenly realized this opportunity for myself, which is generally the case."

"Hey, Kazuya, you know, I never interfere with the decision you make," Senior Xiao Muzhen measured his body, approached my ear, and said softly, "However, these next words , Can you listen slowly?"

"Of course, when I first sang that song, I liked Heya, but I don’t know how much I like Heya. It’s not so much that I made this decision because I like Heya, it’s better to say , I feel that I don’t have time, and I don’t want to lose peace. So, at that time, you feel that I have everything under control, but, in fact, I am very nervous. I think I might Some girls who like Heye are scared away. What should I do if I don’t like Heye, or if I don’t like Heye as much as I thought, what should I do? Because of At that time, I felt very bad. Think about it carefully, because He is also the only boy who knows all my secrets. Then he becomes dependent on He and loves him. Will this kind of love seem too cheap? "

"The relationship between us seems to have always been me taking the initiative and taking the lead. However, when it is critical, I am very hesitant, waiting indecisively, even thinking about giving up indecisively. You are the one who gave me this kind of confidence. At that time, when I didn’t know how to deal with those things, you saved me. You who have always been cared for by me and you who have been cared for by me are saved. It’s me. If I didn’t have enough confidence in my liking before, then at that time, I’ve been grateful, how lucky it is to like you.”