My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 14

"So, Kazuna, please keep this in mind. I can’t tell whether Xiaomu Shu Xuecai is your goddess or not, but for Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, since we were together, Yuihama Kazuna has been It's the knight who saved me. So, Mr. Knight, don't force yourself because you don't feel worthy of me. This problem has never been a problem."

What am I afraid of?

I was afraid of the distance between my seniors after university, but what I was really afraid of, Xiaomu Shuxuecai knew better than me.

Too indulged in the experience of being supported by her as her younger generation, and was still unable to extricate herself. After the change of identity, she was always worried that the relationship between the two had not changed fundamentally, so she was nervous and did not know it.

Love doesn't need to prove anything, nor does it need a match or an unmatched match. I have been chanting pure affection, but I have become intimidated!

Although Senior Xiao Muzhen did not want me to call her my goddess, but now, I am still saved by you, am I?

However, this time of salvation is not to make the knight and the goddess distance, but to let the knight understand his inner salvation.

"If this is the case, I think I understand."

"So, don't force it, it's okay!"

"Well, it's because I don't want to force it, so next, can I make a request?"


"In the future, the term'senior', I think, I don't need it anymore."

The title may not really matter. Retaining the title of "predecessor" may be a good way to continue to keep the relationship between the two people normal-but this is also a cowardly, unconfident me, and a means to escape.

Love does not need proof, but my change needs proof.

"If you think it's okay, too."

"Well, it's okay now, because the knight will be willing to express his true feelings to the goddess who has been looking up carefully."

"Are the previous feelings deceptive?"

"That's not true, but now, it may be more enthusiastic. Happy Valentine's Day, and happy birthday, Setsuna!"

Then, I took the initiative to cover her lips, yes, from mine, the first time calling each other's name, more passionately, kiss.

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The sequel to Fanwai: The Undeliverable Love

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During the entrance examination, he chose this school without hesitation. For him, it was a perfect choice. His sister had just graduated from this school, and his sister’s lover was still studying here. Familiar with everything about this school, for him, coming to Zou Wu Gao is like just fulfilling a promise made a long time ago.

However, on the first day of school, Xiao Mu Shu Xiaohong rejected his sister's suggestion to accompany him to school. Of course, the invitation from Yoshihama Kazuya to familiarize him with the campus was also rejected.He somewhat childishly wanted to pretend to be a freshman who didn’t know anything about this school, and then came forward when others were still ignorant of everything about the school. Of course, this was not because Xiaohong wanted to gain other People’s goodwill, he just thinks that doing something amazing will be fun.

Of course, even if he didn’t have such an idea, this approach made him a trusted object of his classmates. Xiao Mu Shu Xiaohong became the male monitor of Class A in the new year, and the female monitor was a single named Xiaochun Sugiura. A ponytail girl.

Xiaohong likes his elder sister-of course, in the sense of relatives, but this basically means that as long as he has the opportunity, he will naturally compare the girls around him with his sister Xiaomu Shu Xuecai, so unfortunately, Since childhood, he has basically never met a girl comparable to his sister.

However, Sugiura may be an exception.

Sugiura Koharu is a nearly perfect girl, with exquisite facial features and dark capable long hair, she is definitely a beautiful girl above the standard.Of course, if this is the case, Sugiura will not be able to surpass her sister, but coupled with the temperament that is obviously more mature than his peers, and the ability to solve problems steadily, it may not be necessarily.

Sugiura is a very popular existence among boys and girls. Soon after enrolling in school, some good people think that Sugiura Koharu of Class A will become a strong competitor for the former Miss So Takayuki Yui.

——By the way, that Yuihama Yui is the sister of his sister's lover. This is really a complicated relationship.

Xiaohong is not the kind of person who will simply follow everyone's sights and simply focus on cute girls. However, because they are both monitors, there are many opportunities for them to communicate and work together.

It is precisely because of this that Xiaomu Shu Xiaohong can easily find out the problem with Sugiura Koharu.

Sugiura Koharu, who has a serious but lively character, also has her own restricted area-she will not be close to the corridor of the second grade, and she avoids contact with anyone or anything related to the second grade.

When I once again asked myself to help her with her work, Xiaohong asked half-jokingly: "The reason Sugiura-san wants not to contact the seniors in the second grade is because he is afraid of meeting someone he likes?"

Takahiro Ogi will never forget the expression that Sugiura Koharu showed at that time.

It's not sad or angry, it's just a simple, cold and exhausted "Sa, I don't know either!"

If you didn’t ask that question, what would the situation be like — Xiaomu Shu Xiaohong felt that he would never know this. The first time he saw his colleague’s eyes, he started the last game of nothing. adventure.

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"Senior Yubihama should understand the second grade classmates, right?"

"To tell you the truth, I'm not a person who is good at communication!" He also looked at Xiaohong who had come to find him with a rare surprise, and replied helplessly.

"Well, actually, I just want to inquire about someone with Senior."

"Can I give it a try?"

"However, I don't know the boy's name either."

"Hey, Xiaohong, I always think you are a very reliable boy—"

"——I can't help it, senior, I only know that it is a boy."

"Ahhhhhhhh, I see, the girl I like and the boy I like, such a routine, hey!"

"This, I don't like it yet, I just care a little, such an excellent girl—"

"Is it great to have your sister?"

"Hi, I know I am not as good as Yubihama-senpai, so the girl I care about definitely doesn't need to be better than my sister, right?"

"Well, is this admitting to care?"

"Hey, senior, I will report this to my sister—"

"No, no, I think your sister will still be more interested in the girls Xiaohong likes."