My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 15

"Well—" Xiaomu Shu Xiaohong held his forehead helplessly. Although he was the lover of his sister who was three years older than him, Yuihama Kazuya was actually just a boy who was one year older than him, so the relationship between the two This mode of getting along can't be regarded as abnormal.

"Okay, okay, no kidding, then, who is the girl who made our Xiaohong classmate love Dou Chukai—— I have to find the boy who may be related to her based on her name?"

"So, I'm not the girl I like. In short, it must not be that level," Xiaohong defended diligently. "Senior may have heard of her, right? Sugiura Koharu from Class A of the first year—"

"Huh?" He also showed an unexpected expression.

"By the way, I remember that Sugiura-san and Yubihama-senpai seem to have graduated from high school, so Senpai might be more aware of it?"

"Sa, ah, probably, of course I know her." Kazuya said with a wry smile.

"Well, yes, I also think that Sugiura-san should be regarded as the more well-known type. Has Yuihama-senpai heard any rumors?"

"Aha, are there rumors about Sugiura? I think that girl is not the type of person who knows this type of rumors!"

"That's what I said!"

"However, Takahiro--" Kazuya blinked, his tone becoming serious.


"Do you think Sugiura has a favorite in the second grade?"

"Sa, I am not very clear. Her statement, I think, should be at least the kind of person who values ​​it?"

"A person who values ​​it very much!" Kazuya made a wry smile imperceptibly.

"So, I was thinking, do you have any clues for Yuihama-senpai?"

"I may not have a clue, but I can tell you something very important," Kazuna turned his head, "Sugura's feelings may never be conveyed."

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It was a long time later that Ogisaki Takahiro understood the meaning of what Yubihama Kazuya said to him.

Although he felt that if he was sharp enough, he should have noticed it when he was talking to Heya.

"Sugura-san refused the tenth man's confession, right?" After carefully deepening the relationship between the two, Xiaohong at this time should have no problem making these jokes with Xiaochun.

"I don't know and don't care."

"Have you ever considered creating a record for the most frequent rejections of boys by General Wu Gao in high school?"

"Think about—" Xiaochun shook the ponytail on the back of his head ably, and then stared at Xiaohong.

"Uh, you're not thinking about taking me as one of the countless cannon fodder you refused to achieve this goal?"

"Oh, of course not. I just realized that Xiao Muyan should be quite clear about how many boys your sister has rejected. Maybe you can get more accurate numbers from you."

"Aha, I never asked the number of boys my sister rejected in my class, and considering that the older sister fell in love in her senior year in high school, she would have been in a whole year less than you! If you insist on three years If you do this, it should be no problem to surpass the old sister. Wait a moment—" Until then, Xiaohong realized the problem, "Sugura, do you know my sister?"

Although he didn't deliberately conceal the fact that he is Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai's younger brother, Xiaohong's special identity is definitely not a hot topic that everyone knows, so when Xiaochun took the initiative to mention Xuecai, his heart couldn't help but tremble.

——Perhaps, this girl knows herself better than she thought.

"After all, the surname Xiao Muzhen is too conspicuous."


"Moreover, it's hard to have a good impression of this surname!" Sugiura Koharu smiled bitterly, "but it's not against you, you are a good person, Xiao Mu Shu."

"Of course it's not aimed at your sister—" She added, as if to avoid misunderstandings.

"Hey, why on earth do you hate this surname?"

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Being assigned to a class with the same person for three consecutive years, and serving as the monitor together for three consecutive years-such a coincidence, even if there is no relationship before, will be inflamed.

What's more, Xiaomu Shu Xiaohong and Sugiura Xiaoharu seem to be a good match-the same excellent, the same popular, there is an unexpected tacit understanding at work, and even the teacher will tease them when they see them.

In the face of these ridicules, Xiaohong generally can only scratch his head in embarrassment, while Xiaochun will seriously deny these ridicules, making the ambiguous Xiaohong very embarrassed.

Sugiura Koharu doesn't need to be afraid to go anywhere in the school because the person she cares about has already graduated.

Xiaohong has also almost given up the idea of ​​confession-the more he understands Sugiura, the more he feels that he is actually powerless.

The most is to confess when you graduate, then refuse, accept the jokes made by your sister and Yubihama-senpai, and then the seniors will organize a bunch of friends for a happy single party and so on.

He originally planned it this way.

Until those rumors appear.

"Sugura always rejects people because she has someone she likes!"

"Hey, isn't the person Sugiura likes Kokisuke?"

"Xiao Mu has no play, Sugiura has denied it many times."

"Who do you like?"

"According to some historical data, including the revelations of Sugiura's junior high school students-in fact, Sugiura's junior high school students know a lot about this, but they haven't dared to say it."


"Sugura, I fell in love when I was in middle school."

"Hey, what love of country, Gee, it should not be the kind of girl's performance very bitch do? That her high school distant, behaved so pure?"

"So, here is the problem. Her boyfriend from middle school came to our school in the end, and he was one level higher than us. This should be a large part of the reason Sugiura came to Sogo Takeshi."

"But why didn't those classmates speak up earlier?"

"Nonsense, how dare they, that senior Yuihama, the chairman of the student union, and the captain of the previous football team have a very good relationship. They dare to spread the scandal of that guy. Who dares to guess the result-like when Sugiura Junior High After experiencing this incident, in the end the instigator was ruined by Yubihama-senpai!"

"So, after graduation, Sugiura has lost his backing, so I dare to say it, is that right?"

"That's right, but Sugiura is actually quite pitiful. The senior has been refusing to accept other people's confession for the liking, but after all, it is not better than that senior's girlfriend. This is also no way. After all, that The girlfriend of Senior Yubihama, but Sauna Ogi!"

"Eh, Xiao Muzhu's sister?"


"The reason why Oguki approached Sugiura?"