My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 16

"You can't talk nonsense about this, but the relationship is complicated!" The student who broke the news sighed heavily and said in a serious manner.

At this time, Xiaomu Shu Xiaohong understood the meaning of those words.

"The reason Sugiura-san doesn't want to contact the seniors in the second grade is because he is afraid of meeting someone he likes?"

"Sa, I don't know either!"

——Of course I like it, but the problem is that even the possibility of like is deprived.

"But I can tell you one very important thing. Sugiura's feelings may never be conveyed."

——Even if it is delivered, the result is destined

"Moreover, it is difficult to have a good impression of the surname Xiao Muzhen!"

——How can you like the lover of the person you like?

So, the person you like, the object you like and the former boyfriend are the lovers of your sister, this is indeed a very complicated relationship!

Fortunately, in the whole story, Sugiura is not a completely negative image. In a sense, Yubihama-senpai's image is even worse.

However, over the past three years, Ogizuma Takahiro, who has also witnessed all this, will definitely refuse to admit that Yubihama is also a terrible person.

As for his sister, naturally, she will not be the wrong one.

So, who is wrong?

He suddenly saw the girl with double pony tails who stood up suddenly.

The expression was flat, she didn't want to argue, nor did she question those who said these things.

She just walked out of the classroom lightly.

Before the brain did not react, Xiaomu Shu Xiaohong stood up.

"Hey, Xiaohong, those who just said--" The friends around him cast uneasy eyes.

"Probably true."

——But, even if it is true, so what?

My feelings will not change.

If you don't like this surname because of your sister, then I hope you will like this surname because of me.

If you think Yubihama-senpai is a past that you can't give up, then I hope you think I am your present.

If you feel that your relationship can never be conveyed, then, at least, I must express my emotions clearly.

He stood up without hesitation and stopped the girl.

"Hey, Sugiura, can I have a word with you?"

"Xiao Muzhen, you will be terrible talking to me at this time!"

"Then, make me worse?" He grabbed the girl's shoulders, and said seriously, hard, without thinking, "Sugura, I like you!"

Regardless of the answer, I just don't want this relationship to become a relationship that can never be conveyed.

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1.0 In fact, in the game, I am super cute, Xiaochun and Xiaohong, who are the CPs. Anyway, I think Xiaohong must like Xiaochun. As a result, Xue Caixian casually gave him a CP of Yazi, which is unbearable, probably because The convention in galgame is that the protagonist does not have the role of strategy and can not be left to others, so it’s so bad. By the way, I remember that the protagonist of this pit was Xiaohong. If it develops like that, the ending is likely to be the Xiaochun line (laugh )

2.0 The ending is open-ended. Please fill in Xiaochun’s reply according to your own position. I agree with each (serious face)

3.0 I originally thought that Xiaochun in Fanwaili would not be abused, but why did it write that she became so miserable again?-Sure enough, the abused habit can't change the style of writing.


Volume 1: The Source of Sin


Xiaochun Exclusive Fan Wai: The First Taste

It has been four months since Sugiura Koharu became the manager of the football department of Qingquan Middle School. From being clumsy at the beginning to being familiar with the road at the end, he was boycotted by all the members at the beginning, and now I can occasionally joke with the players. Xiaochun’s progress is obvious. Of course, the efforts she has made for this are also obvious. Even if she is harmonious, she has to admire the perseverance and perseverance of this girl. From the beginning, she typically competed for strength to the present. Calm, her progress surprised He also a little.

Of course, this situation will also bring some additional problems.For example, weird rumors in the school.Although the accounting of the student union is not as important as the chairperson or vice chairperson, it is somewhat covered with the halo of the student union, especially when the student union members of Qingquan Middle School are carefully selected by previous ministers. A student union member also serves as the manager of the football department, and even mainly acts in the football department. Even if there is no criticism in the student union, it will cause others to have doubts.

Although the football department headed by Hihama Kazuya appeared from the beginning with an image that broke common sense, letting the student union's accountant be the full-time manager of the club would still lead to many bad misunderstandings.Rumors such as Yubihama Kazuya’s club have actually controlled the operation of this school, or that the new student council members have actually become Yuhihama Kazuya’s puppets.

Of course, He doesn't care about these boring rumors-in the case that other clubs in this school have not achieved good results, the outstanding performance of the football department is enough to make these rumors extraordinarily weak, as for other boring attacks. , He is used to it and can easily ignore it.At least, all the controversy is directed at him alone, and other members of the Qingquan Middle School football team are still popular targets in the school.

Of course, there is an exception here—that is, the person who caused these comments in the first place.

Although Sugiura Koharu said nothing about these rumors, Kazuya would still be a little worried that this would have a bad influence on the girl-after all, how much he has become a member of his own society, he wants to protect his own Members, this is justified.

The problem is that He is also in an awkward position on this matter. As a member of the cusp, he is not suitable to come out to clarify the problem face to face, and manipulating public opinion requires a relatively long process, and he lacks sufficient resources. The resources, which made him entangled.

"So, the boss asked me for this question for the first time?" Asano, the deputy head of the football department, looked at his captain and boss with a speechless expression.He and He also joined the football department at the same time and are also He's most loyal followers, so He is also relatively open when asking him questions, which will not affect his image in the hearts of others.

"Dare to talk more nonsense and practice ten more physical laps after training today."

"Well, boss, you abused your power!"

"I have always abused my power."

"Hey—" Asano scratched his head tangledly, "I just think— uh, I'm not going to say anything."

"If you don't say anything, you will get ten laps of physical fitness."

"That's too much--the boss shouldn't be so good, let me give you a suggestion first, if you think I can, I don't need to improve my physical fitness?"

"So you guy has an idea?"

"In fact, I think the boss of this idea should be easy to think of."

"If I could think of a solution, I would have used it. Do I need to ask you this way?"

"Uh, I really didn't expect it?" Asano looked at Kazunari with a puzzled look.

"So speak up!" Kazuya suddenly felt that his image before going on like this was about to collapse.

"Well, then I said it," Asano nodded and took a deep breath. "It's actually very simple. Boss, you and Sugiura confess, and then you can be together. The boss's girlfriend is the manager of the football club. Isn't it?"

"Ten circles—"

"——Listen to me, boss!" Asano Qing interrupted Kazunari sincerely, "Boss, you just don't want to think about this, right? But everyone in the team thinks that the boss and Manager Sugiura They are a perfect match!"