My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 17

"I think you guys didn't have the guts to start with Sugiura, so I found a reason for myself!"

"No, I have a basis." Asano said seriously, "First, why do you allow Sugiura to be the manager of the team, boss, even if she did so badly at the beginning."

"It's interesting, let's see how far she can reach."

"Then why does the boss keep helping her from now on?"

"Ahem, it would be boring if you don't let her get started quickly."

"Well, after Sugiura is very comfortable with these things, why does the boss always go to inquire about the situation?"

"Ahem, that's a routine discussion between the president and the manager. Is there any problem?"

"no problem."

"That's good."

"But from everyone's point of view, this is how the boss pays particular attention to Sugiura-when have you ever valued any new member so much?"

"That's because the new staff doesn't have the kind of outstanding people who deserve my special attention."

"Oh, maybe Sugiura deserves special attention from the boss, a particularly outstanding person, right?"

Kazuya Yubihama feels terrible. Although Asano's words are somewhat teasing, it seems that he can't refute the opponent so easily.Especially when I thought that I would occasionally find Sugiura's class to discuss some issues with her-indeed, in his view at the time, it seemed to be no problem.

However, if I look back, there seems to be some problems somewhere.

"So..." Seeing Kazuya's thoughtful expression, Asano gave a grin of contentment, "If the boss is with Sugiura, everyone in the team will be at ease, although now everyone is not Will shoot at Sugiura, but you know that for a girl like Sugiura, there will always be someone who gets along with us every day—"

"--Well, thank you for your suggestion." Kazuya raised his eyebrows and interrupted Asano's words.

"Is it right?"

"Also, ten laps."


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Emotion is actually a very magical thing. When you don’t realize it, the relationship between men and women may be a relationship without any barriers. However, if someone breaks or is incited by someone, this emotion will immediately Deterioration occurs.

Although Kazuya did not think that Asano was right-but when he decided to observe his behavior from an objective perspective behind him, he felt that he did something to Koharu Sugiura-a little too close?

But is this just like it?

He can't solve this problem-and he also thinks that he can't fall in love. This is probably a family gift, because his sister, although very beautiful, although very current, although very good with everyone, it seems that so far He never had a boyfriend.The older sister who has more conditions than her own has never been in a relationship, and it is a bit too difficult for Yubihama Kazuya to judge this fluctuation of her emotions.

"Uh, Yubihama-senpai?" At the most critical moment, the most critical person appeared in front of him, which caught him by surprise.

"Uh, uh—" He also felt that this was the worst time his image had broken since he came to this school.

"—I said, Senior, you blocked my way." Sugiura Koharu looked at and glanced strangely. In her impression, Kazuya would not show such a flustered expression in this situation— This expression is like those boys who see girls they like.

——It’s not like this, right?She laughed at herself.

It was not the case, because soon, she saw that He also returned to normal: "Well, Sugiura, you came just right. Regarding the friendly match you agreed last time, there were some problems with the venue."

"Okay." She nodded and followed Heya.

"So, it's actually not a big problem, isn't it? It's just asking us to postpone the start of the game for 15 minutes and negotiate with the other party. 15 minutes shouldn't affect too much." After talking to the question, she nodded , And then, the eyebrows still bend a nice arc.

——It's just such a trivial matter, you don't have to say it to yourself solemnly.Could it be that at this time, Yubihama Kazuya still didn't trust himself?

She looked at Heya with a serious face, and felt that her judgment was correct.

If there is anything important-she suddenly had a bad feeling.

Recently, there seemed to be rumors about herself in the school, which also affected the image of the football department and Kazunari. She hadn't cared about it before, and she didn't think he would care about it. However, it seems that it is not the case now.

She knows that the easiest way to deal with this rumor is to expel herself from the position of manager-she stayed in some forced ways from the beginning, and did not do well in the work at the beginning, so He is true She wants to expel her, she seems unable to refute.

However, it is obviously when the work has improved!She lowered her head in frustration-she had already worked so hard to gain this person's approval, so should she leave here for this unexpected situation?

"Now, Sugiura, there seems to be some bad rumors about you recently!" Kazuya said, as she thought, it was really about that matter.

"Yeah." She nodded bitterly-thinking that everything could be solved by not paying attention, but she was still a little naive!

"So Sugiura has any trouble with this matter?"


——However, although I am not troubled, the next thing is that you are troubled, right?

"Is it really okay?"

"Really no problem."


"Uh, did you mean to ask me to say that there is a problem?" she replied somewhat helplessly.

"Ah, that's not what it meant." Kazuya turned his head and showed an awkward expression.

Xiaochun suddenly didn't understand what Heya meant. According to his character, he should tell himself decisively about his decision at this time, instead of hesitating like this-so hesitating?

She understood the idea of ​​Kazuna: Even the so-called tyrant Yubihama Kazuya has a gentle side. Just kicking himself away like a scapegoat, he must be very guilty of his ideals. This made him make up his mind, right?Thinking of the care that Kazuya gave to himself before, this is definitely not something that a person who is not gentle at all can do.Now, how to deal with himself, it makes him feel a little embarrassed!

Thinking about it this way, she suddenly felt a little happy - always felt that in Yubihama Kazuya's heart, she was not the kind of dispensable passerby character, and should still occupy a certain weight.

If this is the case, she feels that she should reciprocate Heye's concern.

"If Senior wants to fire me, I can understand Senior."

"If Sugiura is really troubled, you must tell me."

So the two said in unison—then, they looked at each other dumbfounded.



Xiaochun suddenly realized that she seemed to understand something wrong.

"Ahem," In the end, Kazuya reacted first, "Sugura, did you understand something wrong? I never thought of expelling you-it should be said that when you encounter this kind of problem Abandon you as an abandoned child. I won't consider such excessive things."

"Ha—" Xiaochun smiled awkwardly.

"However, this is indeed a very annoying problem, especially for you. As your minister, if you are really troubled, I will definitely try to solve it."