My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 18


"So, Sugiura, I will ask you again, really-are you troubled by this matter?" Kazuya showed a serious expression.

And at that moment, Sugiura Koharu made a decision that she felt was the most risky in her life so far, and the decision that made her feel most worthwhile-although she didn't know why she said that, maybe it was because she found it interesting , Maybe it was the moment when He didn't give up on herself, she suddenly felt a little heart-shaped.

She said: "Well, if I really feel troubled, what will seniors do?"

"Um-the answer is different!" Kazuki's eyes narrowed.

"Uh, if the answer is different, will Senior be bothered?"

"No, I am not qualified to bother--"

"——Yuhihama-senpai is really a person who is very responsible to everyone in the club!"

"Nevertheless, it's still quite a headache." She looked at and rubbed her hair in embarrassment, "This happened to happen to what I was least good at."

"Well, in that case—" Xiaochun felt that he could stop the game.

However, Kazuya spoke before she stopped the conversation.

"—Of course, that guy Asano just made a terrible proposal. The guys probably think the interpersonal relationship in this club is too boring, so they want to have some fun, so they asked me to confess something to you—of course I also admit that this is a better solution to the problem, but I don’t know what I think. It’s actually difficult for Sugiura to do it. In short, this group of guys is probably not too big to watch the excitement. ——"

Heya was talking endlessly, while Xiaochun blushed and was stunned.

So, is this a confession?

No, it doesn't look like it. According to Kazuki's character, he really regards this method more as a problem-solving model.

However, he shouldn't be so cruel to this degree-I just boasted that he is a gentle person, if he really only regards this plan as a solution to the problem, then those are too ruthless?

More importantly, if this is really a confession, how should she respond?

Obviously, after so long together, she doesn't hate Yubihama Kazuya anymore-but not hating it does not mean liking it.However, if he said that he didn't like it, what was the slight joy in his heart when he didn't give up just now?

Xiaochun became a little confused.

——Well, the most important thing is probably to confirm the thoughts of seniors.She thought a little arrogantly.

"Um, Senior," she interrupted Kazuya who was continuing to make a long discussion, and asked carefully, "So, can Senior give me a clear question? Just now, is that a confession?"

Then, she was stunned when she saw Heya-the other party probably didn't expect that she would respond to him so straightforwardly.

Of course, even she herself did not expect it.So, what kind of answer does she expect from seniors?If it is, then you need to make a decision by yourself. If it is not, you don't need to decide by yourself, but I always feel a little sad.

Finally, when she saw that Yubihama also gritted his teeth.

"Sugura, I have to tell you, I think in terms of relationships, I have a family inherited lack of talent—"

"——Sorry, senior, I don’t need these tirades of yours, I just need you to give me a clear question." Xiaochun felt that she was absolutely crazy, so she forced Yubihama Kazuya, this is what she feels like. Things you will never do in your life.

Senior is definitely going to explode, she thought.

"Okay, just take it for the time being?" Finally, Yubihama also squeezed such a sentence from his mouth with a distorted expression.

"Uh—" So, it was her turn to lose calm.

"Of course, I can understand. If Sugiura rejects me, in the name of learning too busy and careless about love," Kazunari still said something embarrassed, "I mean, if you Telling me this, I am also very satisfied, at least those guys in the team who have some thoughts about you with excessive hormone secretion can stop their fantasies. This is very important to stabilize the military's mind—"

"——I think it should be fine!"

"—After all, the national competition is coming soon, and our goal this year is—Uh, what are you talking about?"

"Sorry, senior, I can't associate with you."

"Uh, if it doesn't work, I can understand it, as I said at the beginning-but Sugiura, what you said at the beginning is OK?"

"Why didn't the predecessor hear me at first? I said too quickly at the beginning and made a mistake, so can I change my words?"

"This situation does not exist, okay? How can anyone make a mistake at this time?"

"No one didn't hear it at first, right?"

"So I heard it?"

"Isn't it bad to pretend not to hear? Senior, are you still the kind of shy person?"

"This question is very complicated, as to whether I am shy—"

"--Now, Yubihama-senpai," she interrupted Kazunari again, "Senior should listen carefully this time! My answer, this time, I won't be wrong."


"Although I'm not quite sure whether I like Senpai or not," she took a breath, lowered her head, and said quickly and dullly, "But, I don't dislike being with Yubihama-senpai!"

The long silence attacked the two.

Xiaochun suddenly felt a little worried - judging from Kazuya's performance just now, he seems to have made his own thoughts clear. Is the conclusion he made a bit too vague?

Well, it won't happen---Senior Yubihama still doesn't understand this sentence.

——But, what if you really don’t understand?She raised her head quietly.

Her eyes matched those of Heya.

There was no excitement in the other's eyes.

Isn't something wrong?

"Well, if that's the case—" She saw Kazuo and turned around.

——Not so?She raised her hand somewhat weepingly.

"——Today's training is cancelled!" Then, she heard and said so.

She didn't understand what he meant for a while.

"Today is a vacation for everyone, let's go on a date."

"Eh eh eh eh?"

"Is there a problem?"

"Yes, there is no problem."

"Well, that's fine." Kazuya nodded in relief, and then looked at her, "Does the sentence just now fit my style?"