My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 19

"The previous confession was too decisive, so I want to do something that fits my style."


"What's the matter, isn't this OK?"

"It's not impossible," she finally raised her head with a big smile, "Yuhihama-senpai, you are actually a big fool too!"

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Speaking of not torture, it is not to be abused. Fanwai will not torture Xiaochun (satisfied face). It is close to the 6k chapter


Chapter 0: High Interruption Chapter-One

What is youth?This seems to be a question that every teenage girl in adolescence asks.In their answers, there will be people who praise the beauty of youth in a proper manner, and there will be people who reveal the sins of youth on a whim.But I’m sorry, I don’t want to use an adjective or noun to explain youth. For me, we might as well discuss the identity attached to the “youth” period of time, which is necessary for young people from 12 to 18 years old. Experienced identity-the identity of middle school students.After understanding the meaning of this identity, I might be able to understand the meaning of youth.

But what is the meaning of this identity, or what is the purpose of switching the dual education of secondary education and higher education in the past six years? What is the meaning of switching the two identities of junior high school students and high school students? What is it?

I think the most important thing is to use the three years of junior high school to make mistakes and realize them, and then use the three years of high school to correct such mistakes.Of course, almost no one would approve of my answer, because this is only my personal judgment, but there is a certainty of my answer in the psychological cognition of society, otherwise, the "second disease" and "second disease" and " What do these two concepts mean? Yes, the former means mistakes in junior high school, and the latter means a new face in high school.

Therefore, youth is a process of discovering mistakes and self-correcting, and two different identities of middle school students have already done a good job of scheduling time for us.

Therefore, no matter whether a person has cognition or not, since he became a high school student, it means that the ignorant perceptual age has gone away from him. The so-called indulgence of oneself in the name of youth should not exist since high school.

So, what did my junior high school tell me?

Is the sin of talent.

That’s right, talent is evil. Some people may be surprised. If it weren’t for those exceptionally talented people in the world to discover, create, and lead, how human civilization would be produced, how human society would progress and develop, I would How can I sit in this very comfortable room and talk about all these messy things.

But I must point out that your judgment is only based on results, because there is no evidence that without the discovery, creation, and leadership of talented people, human civilization cannot develop to the present level, because people are accustomed to Obey those talented people and get used to the progress brought about by talented people, because we acquiesce that talented people will lead to our progress, so we selectively ignore the destruction of human society brought by talented people .

Yes, when looking at history, the impact that talent can bring to human society is often twofold, and it is likely that talent will cause more destruction and destruction, so it does not exist, does not exist, so we Don't know, don't know, so we forget the destruction that can bring.Fortunately, in the corners of history, we can still find some truths in this respect, such as the darkness of the Middle Ages caused by the great Jesus Christ’s preaching, such as the collapse of the Han Empire caused by the great Wang Mang’s reforms, such as the great The weakness of France caused by Napoleon's conquest was only because their failure was finally covered by some other successes and cover-ups, so people ignored the reality of the destruction brought about by this talent.

So why can it be sin.That's because talent is the logic of human action. Having a certain aspect of talent will naturally appear more handy in doing certain things, and will naturally become the so-called strong in this field. If talented people are just as a group A member in practice exists as an individual, so naturally there is no problem.Because no matter how an individual uses his talents, whether his final result is success or destruction, its impact on society and history is still minimal.

But the problem is that humans obey the strong, so humans tend to obey talented people.Having talents and becoming a leader will inevitably bring about over-confidence in talents. Over-confidence is arrogance and arrogance. It will lead to insufficient self-judgment and will do things beyond one's own ability. If this person is a leader, then He will make decisions that surpass the collective ability, and the ultimate result will be the destruction of the collective.

Therefore, talent is the source of destruction. It seems that talent itself is not wrong, but when human beings use talent, it will lead to disillusionment, and talent becomes evil.

Of course, from this logical point of view, it is the arrogance and arrogance in human nature that lead to the evil of talents, but the problem is that no one can guarantee that after having talents, they will not appear arrogant and lack of judgment under the influence of talents. , So, neither can I.Because this is the most profound lesson that my country has taught me during the three years.Therefore, my approach is to try my best not to exert one's talents. Only by not exerting one's talents can we make ourselves self-examined. Only by keeping away from our talents can we avoid creating evil.This may be an evasive approach, but for humans, only this kind of prudence and rationality can bring long lasting.

I can’t stop others from creating evil, but I forgive them because they don’t know how terrible talents are, but I can’t guide them because I’m not God, but since I know this, I should at least avoid evil, at least I should do my best.

——Yuhihama Kazuya "High Interrupt Chapter One-The Source of Sin"


Chapter 1: No matter when, Yeshan Hayato will never fail

What if the name of the person who appears in the title of the first chapter of a novel is not the protagonist? What if the name of the person who appears in the title of the first chapter of a novel is not even the first supporting actor?That can only prove that the person who appears must have the protagonist's template, but this template is definitely not the template that the protagonist likes, and this person will definitely become a very important obstacle in the future of the protagonist.

Therefore, I believe that if I want to write an autobiographical novel, Hayato Hayama must appear in the title of the first chapter, because I don’t know how many times this is the first time he has come to my side, if not for him Every time I see a person, I have to explain his purpose of looking for me. I almost suspect that this handsome blond guy has a tendency to become gay. Well, even if the purpose is explained, I have a good reason for his attachment to me. I believe he may be a gay.

That being the case, the question is, what is the purpose of the second-year fellow Hashan Hayato looking for me as a first-year student?Oh, join his football department. Of course, I still don’t know if it’s his football department. In short, he seems to be the captain and core of the team, so there is nothing wrong with the football club called "Yashan Hayato". Right?The name of the football club of "Yashan Hayato" reminds me of a similar concept in junior high school. This concept gives me some bad memories.

Therefore, in order to avoid the recurrence of such bad memories, I wisely chose to refuse in advance. If the leader of a group is a talented person, then the group is destined to be destroyed in a short period of time.

But Senior Ye Shan seems to be a very persevering person. Even if I seriously refused his invitation twice before, I still persevered, even now I have joined the Light Music Club.Therefore, the current situation is that I have to deal with my Minister Takeya Iizuka, who is slowly coming over because of the inability to deal with Hayama Hayato, Minister, are you obviously a third-year student?Do a little bit of predecessor's majesty to get that second grade!

However, these words in my heart are useless, because Minister Iizuka's helpless expression has appeared in front of me: "Well, Kazuya, it is said that you play football well?"

Honestly speaking, the minister is actually a very skillful person. He never asks questions straightforwardly, but uses this kind of roundabout, sorry, this word is a derogatory term, so it should be a clever way to ask me this question. But I don't like this. I think the question should be clear and clear: "Minister, I don't understand your question very well, because I don't know what you mean by playing well?"

"Although I don't know what your second question means, but I think that playing well in my opinion means being able to play the main force in our school team, right?" Minister Iizuka made it. A frowning look, and then asked uncertainly, so Iizuka was not as good as his friend Haruki Kitahara in this respect. If it was Kitahara-senpai, he might have given me a clear answer directly. Let me not know what to do.

"Well, well, if the main player in the school team is playing well, then the level of the main player in my national junior team should be a good definition for you." So, let me give him a treat for him It should be a clearer answer.

"National Junior Team level?" Poor Minister Iizuka didn't seem to be able to withstand such a blow, and could not say a word for a long time.Okay, I saw Yeshan Hayato coming by behind him, eh, so do you have to come and convince me personally?Really, is it interesting to repeat the same dialogue several times?

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Hazan Hayato is one of the three people I knew before entering Soo Wu Gao (the knowledge here includes knowing and familiarity), except for my sister who doesn’t seem so smart. By the way, the other two are girls. From this we can see how rare he is as a boy.He was also the person who spoke on behalf of the old students when I enrolled in school. Coupled with his repeated harassment of me, if I was not familiar with him, then I could just find a piece of tofu and kill me.

If I want to put the label on Hazan Hayato’s head, then I can use the following words to describe my impression of him: blond hair, excellent grades, sports almighty, handsome, social king, in a sense, really A perfect protagonist template, but unfortunately, this kind of protagonist is not popular now, but the protagonists of the Cannian system and the Tucao system are popular now.

That’s why I changed from that weakened version of Ye Shan to what I am now, just to become the leading actor—just kidding!The protagonist or something, it means that he must have certain talents, and he will definitely give full play to his talents. Even the gentle waste will maximize the gentle talents, so do I want to become this kind of creature? ?No, absolutely not. I have come to my understanding. The most important thing about my debut in high school is to stop using my talents, but to do things that I am not good at, and to use my talents to lead others and influence others. This mistake is caused The result is backed by bloody evidence of our country's failure in the middle period!

"So, Yuihama-san, can I send you another invitation?" Ah, it's here. This expression is really familiar to me, because I was such a coaxing talented newcomer back then. So, knowing the insidiousness behind this smile, the only measure I can take at this time is naturally to refuse: "Sorry, Senior Ye Shan, I have already expressed my attitude to you before? I refuse!"

"Well, but I always feel that it is a pity not to join our football club based on Yubihama's ability? So, I hope that other members of our club also hope that you can join us and we will go to the whole country together. It’s been a long time since Chief Wu Gao has broken through the county qualifiers!" Ye Shan Falcon said sincerely.

Going to the whole country, isn't the current sports enthusiasm performed like this?A person with the protagonist template entered a weak sports school, and then proudly said "I don't want to do XX". At this time, his (her) base (Ji) friend appeared and proposed a goal to go to the whole country. Then they happily go to bitches all over the country. Of course, they may not be bitches in the country. Sorry, let me explain, at least they can happily pre-select bitches in the county.However, Can Nian is that I am not the protagonist of Tsundere, and Ye Shan is not a good friend of mine, so this story can only be cut in half before it starts.

"Senior Ye Shan, can I take the liberty to ask you a question?" Although I think a large part of my rejection of Ye Shan is because I don't want this book to fall into such a boring and kingly plot, but under the condemnation of my conscience, I still It should be a better way to refuse Yashan Hayato.

"Yes, Yuihama, I will answer whether it is about the football club or studying."

"Yeah, then I said, Senior Ye Shan, you carry the hope of many people? You don't want to let down the expectations of your juniors in your football club? Senior Ye Shan, you are not used to letting down others, right? "

"How do you say it? If you are referring to the matter of letting you into the club, I think it can be regarded as it. After all, everyone hopes that the main or even core-level players of a national youth team can join us!" Ye Shan revealed A hearty smile. I mentioned that I used to be a weakened version of Yeshan. The gap is here. I can't make such a smile that fascinates women. How can it be repaired!

Therefore, I want to completely suppress this smile: "But, Senior Ye Shan, have you ever thought about their expectations that you don't want to live up to, is it their true hope?"

"Real expectations?" Ye Shan showed a surprised expression, and then quickly reacted. "Of course, everyone in the team hopes to break through the county qualifiers and enter the country!"

"That's just your own hope! As the undoubted no.1 in the team, the absolute spiritual leader and technical leader, you want to enter the national competition, and your players obey you, so the football department expressed A desire to "want to enter the national competition"? But, have you considered whether, what is the real idea of ​​your players, those who want to enjoy the joy of football, do not necessarily have the so-called national goal! "

Of course, I still have a lot to say. Hayato Hayama, apart from this, you still don’t understand the evil of true talent. As the king of the football club, as the leader of the football club, as the leader of the football club, as the football club so far Talented people, your members will follow your footsteps spontaneously, and then take your wish as their wish, and treat this kind of surpassing your own potential as the ultimate goal. You may be only one step away from success. Far away, but the final result is still the kind of embarrassment that Napoleon had in the heavy snow in Moscow. That's right, that's it, Yubihama Kazuya!

"What you said makes sense. It is indeed my personal idea to enter the country, but I think that even so, it does not mean that other people have no such desire, and if you can enter the country, it means that you have won a lot on the field. Opponents, those who enjoy the joy of football, of course will not refuse the joy of victory, do they?" As expected, it is Hayama. From this point of view, it makes sense that he can persuade Minister Iizuka who is worried about lack of people. , His temporary reaction ability really doesn't know where it is higher than that of Director Iizuka.However, even if you can represent them so confidently, it doesn’t mean you can represent me:

"Well, we assume that your members have the same ideas as you, but sorry, I don't want to be a vassal of your dreams. For me, talent is still a sin. I don't want to use talent and join the football club. , It must mean using talents! I refuse this kind of thing!"

"Yuhihama, I was a little strange from the beginning. Why do you resent your ability so deeply? If you are worried that someone who is incapable like me will become a leader and let everyone down, as long as you join In the football department, you can definitely take my place. In this case, you can make everyone no longer disappointed, right?" Senior Ye Shan is still working hard, and the look of expectation from that handsome face is really a bit of a surprise. Sad, if his female fans—no doubt, Ye Shan must have a lot of female fans—would probably tear me to pieces if they were there.It can be seen that he really considered a lot in order to invite me, and even voluntarily gave up the so-called leadership position, but he still did not understand my worries.

"Senior Ye Shan," I looked at Ye Shan, who was a little anxious, and suddenly felt that my previous arrogant attitude towards him was not so reasonable. However, there are some things that you can’t really understand if you don’t experience it personally. "Senior, Have I said that? I hate talents, talents will only make people lost. The loss of one person is a person's problem, and the consequences of the loss of the collective led by the leader are even more unimaginable."

"So, I know this, but I didn't realize it. If it were you, if you were a person who fully understood this problem, the collective you led would definitely not Get lost!" Ye Shan gritted his teeth, as if to make the final struggle.

"No, it's because I think I realize this, so I don't understand." I don't know what my face looks like now, but I think it's frowning compared to Ye Shan's. The handsome face must be more distorted, "Because I have made such mistakes before, I cannot guarantee that I will not make such mistakes in the future, so I can only choose to give up the possibility of making mistakes fundamentally. ."

I suddenly remembered the story of the famous Diogenes scolding Alexander in a wooden barrel. To be honest, I don’t really like Diogenes and some of the cynicism concepts, but it does not prevent me from learning his attitude. So, I picked up the guitar, played it pretentiously, and said, "Sorry, senior, please don't hinder me from playing the guitar."

Then, he accidentally scratched his hand.

Oh, forgot to say, just as the talents I have can easily make me the top in a certain field, in fields other than these talents, I lack enough talents, just like the guitar, even if I work hard for a long time, I always Can't get started.

But I always feel that if I can succeed in these fields where there is no talent, then I will be one step closer to freedom and rationality.